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  • Title: Poser
  • Author: Sue Wyshynski
  • ISBN: 9780802720634
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Poser By Sue Wyshynski MEAN GIRLS MEETS BLUE CRUSH Tallulah Jones makes a huge splash at her new high school when the popular It Girl invites her to go surfing The only problem Tallulah can t surf After a humiliating near death experience, her little lie backfires completely and the in crowd labels her a poser Only a miracle can save her from outcast hell one that arrives in the form of a fMEAN GIRLS MEETS BLUE CRUSH Tallulah Jones makes a huge splash at her new high school when the popular It Girl invites her to go surfing The only problem Tallulah can t surf After a humiliating near death experience, her little lie backfires completely and the in crowd labels her a poser Only a miracle can save her from outcast hell one that arrives in the form of a frizzy haired, nearsighted, completely unhip surfing phenom who takes Tallulah under her wing and teaches her to surf When an enticing phone call tempts Tallulah to risk her new best friend s trust, Tallulah must prove once and for all that she s no poser she s the real deal as a surfer and, importantly, as a friend Full of authentic surfing situations from an author who s caught a wave or two, readers will be hooked by the surf, sun, and teen drama.
    Sue Wyshynski
    Sue Wyshynski s writing style has been described as immersive, emotional, and action packed According to Sue, Writers must do than write they must try to speak to the hearts of the world Sue wants to connect with you suewyshynskifacebook authorsuewyshynskisuewyshynski

    Poser By Sue Wyshynski


    Eliora Vespera
    scholarberry After today, I d speak up Be totally honest Even if it was the most awkward, embarrassing thing ever Unless, of course, it was some life or death situation My Rating 10 10Poser is fun from the beginning and all the way to the end Wyshynski definitely grab any reader who would read past the first page Definitely a beach read and a good book to reread for surfers and non surfers DIn High School, teenagers tries hard to fit in In Poser, Tallulah Jones first day was great she had the ri [...]

    Liss Martz
    This really was a quick read Just started yesterday in the night, and finished it today And today isn t even night yet Tallulah, her named shined surf Cool name At first, she was really annoying, lying didn t matter to her the consequences of it But when they all found out she lied, everyone calls her a Poser She wanted to be accepted, that s where she sees in Katie her salvation But when she hangs out time with her, she realizes she really likes her, not because she s helping her to be cool by [...]

    Would you lie to fit in with the popular crowd That s what Tallulah does After Tallulah becomes the poser of her school after lying about being able to surf, Tallulah meets a frizzy redhead girl who holds the key to surfing With a hot guy on the line and her reputation Tallulah attempts to surf I thought this book was a great and I loved it It definitely puts you in a summer mood and I d definitely recommend it to people.

    Donna Lyn
    read in one nighta page turner, but a total downer as far as all the bullying and meannesse girls really that mean and if so, do we really care that much about impressing them it took a life threatening experience to put it all in perspective great humour throughout the book lightened things up and made me laugh out loud fun, frustrating summer read D

    It was a really cute story Liked how it talked about surfing alot which is always something i ve wanted to do but couldn t lol.

    Megan Shultz
    this is like my 4th time reading this book, but my thoughts have not changed it is absolutely amazing I ve decided that if I could marry any book, it would be this one.

    As the new kid on the block, Tallulah Jones desperately wants to fit in with the popular crowd But when she lies about being an expert surfer to Jenna, the most popular girl in school, she is caught out and officially labeled a poser Outcast and humiliated, Tallulah finds a friend in Katie, a smart, nearsighted, fashion challenged individual who also happens to be an amazing surfer She takes Tallulah under her wing and teaches her to surf.But it takes than great surfing tricks to cement a frien [...]

    Jennifer Wardrip
    Reviewed by Kira M for TeensReadTooNew to California, Tallulah Jones gets noticed her first day of school by the popular crowd because she is wearing surfer clothes They unfortunately, however, also assume that she knows how to surf.Tallulah lies and ends up having a dangerous fall while surfing with them Hurt by her lies and the fact that she ruins the most popular girl s brother s expensive new surfboard, she gets labeled as a poser When her father s work brings her into contact with a social [...]

    Scott Rogers
    Great read I m an over 40 man and not only did I thoroughly enjoy this book but so did my fifteen year old daughter How often does a teenage girl love a book that her father loves Neither one of us is really a surfer but the issues dealt with, in this book are universal My daughter sees the same issues in her friends at school and I certainly see them in my co workers A very smart and often funny book.

    I m going to borrow Poser from Noosa Libary as soon as it comes in I read the blurb on good reads and it sounds really great I m into that sort of book I like funny kinder books And Books about Teenagers

    Stephanie A.
    There s something you have to love about books that shamelessly own their fluff tastic, dumbed down determination to appeal to teens without choosing the perspective of a rich popular slutty main character.

    B. Bart
    Learned about life from this book

    I hope Poser is a good book.I have read the blurb and it seems really funny so I hope it is.

    Savannah Kennedy
    Poser is a nonfiction book, Readers who like Drama and a strong story would enjoy this book This book is about a Cali girl moving up North with her family In this book you can read about her failed attempts and her achievements between her love life, Friendships and surfing up in the cold waters Also some background for her in her past back in Cali Personally the part i like about this book is her failed attempts i think its relate able and realistic to people personally because we all fail some [...]

    Diane Ferbrache
    Talullah is new in school She just moved from central Florida to the California coast When one of the popular girls asks her if she surfs, Talullah says of course and tells a story of surfing during a hurricane In reality, her first and only surfing experience resulted in a broken arm Of course, her lie is discovered, it seals her status as a poser , and she becomes the brunt of a series of jokes and pranks Every time she tries to recover her reputation, something backfires and things only get w [...]

    I have not read many surfing related books I can say surfing is extremely hard and I have no talent for it Poser was a fun book but it also had a hidden message underneath It showed you to be yourself The lingo was spot on and it showed exactly how exclusive the surf world is Tallulah was a annoying brat until she finally figured it out When she started acting like a real person Tallulah shined I also thought the bullying in this book was excessive and with no real punishment My mouth hung open [...]

    The Library Lady
    This gets a 3 not a 4 because though it is enjoyable it has a plot that is too predictable and has a denouement that just steps over the lines of belief.It also gets a 3 because of the crappy misuse of sub characters Just when you think that an interesting, significant character is being added, Wyshynski abruptly removes that character from the plot As in the Russian lady at the convenience store, the school secretary and the nice guy in Tallulah s class, the one that she probably SHOULD get inv [...]

    After coming up with the brilliant idea to pick the most cheesy books the library had and swap, my roommate picked Poser.I will be honest, it was easily one of the most poorly written books I ve read Then again, I didn t expect any Jane Austen from Poser As a YA, though, it was kind of a fun read Very quick and funny although sometimes I laughed at how bad the dialogue was Characters were extremely flat and the overall book just lacked something Maybe it was too much girl drama and label droppin [...]

    I loved this book and I know I enjoyed this because after my Lightning Point binge I m obsessed with surfing This could also be from a lack of surfing where I live While I can see why people would rate this lower because of certain plot points, I found this book just be fun and lighthearted and filled with surfing I loved how it was written by someone who surfs having first hand knowledge So if you read this don t take it seriously Read it for fun.

    To be honest this book made me want to vomit It was SO cheesy and everything was SO exaggerated that it took away from anything else in the book NO ONE is actually that mean and as a high schooler I would definitely say that if someone actually lied about that, nobody would care for than five minutes let alone weeks.

    I enjoyed this story and the fact that it didn t just focus on sweet teen romance and girls being boy crazy It focused on surfing, bullying and the moral lesson of gaining true friends isn t a popularity contest but earning their respect and trust It could be read easily by a tween or teen A great summer read

    this was so cheesy from the get go, i didnt even get past the first few chapters.

    I enjoy reading books from a local author, all the mentioned scenarios in the Seattle area were spot on and gave me a chuckle.

    Lisa Bender

    The protagonist is shallow and not well developed The story follows what may seem like typical high school dealings centered around surfing.

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