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  • Title: The Road to Damietta
  • Author: Scott O'Dell
  • ISBN: 9780618494934
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Paperback

  • The Road to Damietta By Scott O'Dell Rich in the atmosphere of thirteenth century Italy, The Road to Damietta offers through Ricca di Montanaro s eyes a new perspective on the man who became the famous Saint Francis of Assisi, the guileless, joyous man who praised the oneness of nature and sought to bring the world into harmony Lord, make me an instrument of Thy peace, he said Where there is hatred, letRich in the atmosphere of thirteenth century Italy, The Road to Damietta offers through Ricca di Montanaro s eyes a new perspective on the man who became the famous Saint Francis of Assisi, the guileless, joyous man who praised the oneness of nature and sought to bring the world into harmony Lord, make me an instrument of Thy peace, he said Where there is hatred, let me sow love, where there is injury, pardon where there is doubt, faith where there is darkness, light where there is sadness, joy.
    Scott O'Dell
    Scott O Dell May 23, 1898 October 16, 1989 was an American children s author who wrote 26 novels for youngsters, along with three adult novels and four nonfiction books He was most famously the author of the children s novel Island of the Blue Dolphins 1960 , which won the 1961 Newbery Medal as well as a number of other awards Other award winning books by O Dell include The King s Fifth 1966 , Black Star, Bright Dawn 1988 , The Black Pearl 1967 , and Sing Down the Moon 1970 which were all also Newbery Honor award books O Dell wrote primarily historical fiction Many of his children s novels are about historical California and Mexico.

    The Road to Damietta By Scott O'Dell


    I think I was eleven or twelve when I read THE ROAD TO DAMIETTA for the first time I was in the middle of a serious Scott O Dell binge and had just moved back to the States after living in Italy for a few years So it had the added attraction of taking place in that country I loved at a time when I was having a fair bit of trouble transitioning back to the American culture and pace of living I d already burned through Sarah Bishop, Island of the Blue Dolphins, The Serpent Never Sleeps, The Spanis [...]

    This was one of O Dell s best Simultaneously highly original and historically insightful a difficult feat.

    Completely new and refreshing subject matter from the last book I read, but that tends to be the case Having only been a distant observer of the folklore and life of St Francis of Assisi, I look forward learning and experiencing it from a woman s narrative Neat book Ricca s love for Francis can be inspiring at times, but at other times the plot became very unbelievable and I couldn t really follow her emotions I was genuinely surprised at the amount of freedom of choice she had, being a teenage [...]

    Oh dear Oh dear oh dear Oh Poor Ricca Oh poor little rich girl Ricca And I mean that sincerely Poor girl, she s in love with a living saint and those types of stories never end well Someone who has heard The Call is not going to notice if someone is in love with them.We follow the story of Saint Francis of Assisi from the outsider perspective of a young noblewoman girl, really whose had everything she s ever wanted handed to her on a silver plate and is perplexed than anything else that she has [...]

    Jose Phin
    This book is one of the great book I admired for long I was about 11 in grade 5 when I read this book I was in an age when I started getting interested in books and read them all day long actually night long And I found this book in my school s library and was fascinated by the book cover which is different from this cover shown in good reads and I read the summary and my favorite saint, Saint Clare was mentioned But it was labelled grade 10 on the first page of the book, so I tried asking the l [...]

    Martina Villarreal
    For those readers who were surprised at the cover not being so innocent, its good to remember that Scott O Dell himself did not think of himself as a writer of children s books When I was in college doing research on this author for my children s literature class, my research actually said that he thought of himself as a writer of novels which children just happen to read I think this is a distinct difference worth remembering After all, how many books for children mention orgies Ricca says I sa [...]

    Katherine Basto
    I love Scott O Dell but this was not one of my favorite books by this prolific author The positives are that his writing is lush, satisfying to the senses and filled with lots of appropriate details of the time that St Francis of Assisi lived.The story revolves around a young, aristocratic girl who becomes a copyist, writing out the scriptures on vellum She becomes obsessed with the young Francis and follows him throughout the book This is all well and good but it seems unlikely and at times for [...]

    Trixie Fontaine
    Outstanding I m so glad I ran across this book that I d never HEARD of before and wouldn t have bought if it weren t for vaguely recalling how hard Island of the Blue Dolphins rocked I m not someone who s into reading about saints or the crusades or Italy or any of that it s just a frank, well researched story of a girl s infatuation that doesn t resemble any other cliched overtold version of same Pulls in so many provocative issues but in a simply told, objective way but most of all is just a p [...]

    Rick Edwards
    My daughter and I enjoyed reading this together It offers an utterly contrarian portrait of Francis of Assisi, narrated by Ricca di Montanaro, a young woman of Assisi Ricca carries the torch for Francis Bernardone from before his religious conversion She nurses her unrequited love and continues to pursue him through many challenges, perhaps saving his life in Egypt during the fifth crusade where he walks through enemy lines to propose peace to the Muslim commander The story is well told, and bor [...]

    Maya Rock
    Good book Shades of Gone With the Wind Rich teenage girl who is a good illuminator in medieval or Renaissance Europe is in love with St Francis of Assisi, before he is a saint, follows him around, realizes she should really be in love with her hot Muslim tutor who knows the stars But it s too late.

    Okay where do I start alright with our main character it s safe to say i did not like her She was foolish and irresponsible chasing after Francis I felt bad for him because she was chasing after him There were times where i enjoyed it and times were I didn t it did show how the new Crusade affected Italy and how Francis of Assis got his start and how his life transpired.

    Wellis was kind of a strange book Girl is in love with wild boy Wild boy turns into a monk Girl won t give it up Girl never gets anywhere with boy Girl ends up learning that the world doesn t revolve around her So it has a good moral, but it s definitely not one that I d give a shout out for.

    This was a pretty good tale about Saint Francis of Assisi, and of Ricca the young woman who became enamoured of him from their child hood days up until his death.The Ricca professed her love for Francis the he professed his love for Christ

    I remember this book getting me interested in historic fiction as a young girl 5th 6th grade or so The suggestive cover is strange to see, since the book is about a trip taken by St Francis of Assisi Perhaps there is an aspect of the book that was lost on me.

    Another one of my O Dell favorites an insightful, unique view of St Francis of Assisi Although O Dell is a young adult author, this story is is filled with mature themes, and I ve enjoyed re reading this book several times as an adult.

    The book was written to portray St Francis of Asissi through the eyes of the heroine, who was consumed by a kind of love for him I did not consider the book, and the actions, views and motives expressed to be edifying at all If you want to read about St Francis, look for another book.

    Ricca falls in love with Francis and follows him almost everywhere he goes, a novel way to learn about the personality and faith of St Frances as he lives out his faith in the world in which he lives.

    Beautiful Every girl should read it It talks about this italian girls life, the boy she loves, her adventure to an entire different country just for her love.

    a really good book I couldn t put it down.

    I read this book forever ago, but I remember loving it so much

    good historical fiction fantastic, actually I learned a lot, just because I don t know my world history so well but it was a very enjoyable read

    Wish I hadn t wasted the time.

    Rachel Noffke
    Well written, but I couldn t identify with the main character She just didn t get it If it had been written from Clare s point of view I would have liked it .

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