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  • Title: The Ghost of Milagro Creek
  • Author: Melanie Sumner
  • ISBN: 9781565129177
  • Page: 459
  • Format: Paperback

  • The Ghost of Milagro Creek By Melanie Sumner The story of Ignacia Vigil Romero, a full Jacarilla Apache, and the two boys, Mister and Tom s, she raised to adulthood unfolds in a barrio of Taos, New Mexico a mixed community of Native Americans, Hispanics, and whites Now deceased, Ignacia, a curandera a medicine woman, though some say a witch begins this tale of star crossed lovers.Mister and Tom s, best friends untilThe story of Ignacia Vigil Romero, a full Jacarilla Apache, and the two boys, Mister and Tom s, she raised to adulthood unfolds in a barrio of Taos, New Mexico a mixed community of Native Americans, Hispanics, and whites Now deceased, Ignacia, a curandera a medicine woman, though some say a witch begins this tale of star crossed lovers.Mister and Tom s, best friends until their late teens, both fall for Rocky, a gringa of some mystery, a girl Tom s takes for himself But in a moment of despair, a pledge between the young men leads to murder When Ignacia falls silent, police reports, witness statements, and caseworker interviews draw an electrifying portrait of a troubled community and of the vulnerable players in this mounting tragedy Set in a terrain that becomes a character in its own right, The Ghost of Milagro Creek brilliantly illuminates this hidden corner of American society.
    Melanie Sumner
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    The Ghost of Milagro Creek By Melanie Sumner


    Every now and then, a stealth book comes along one that surprises you, captures you in its grip, and doesn t let go until you turn the last page.The Ghost of Milagro Creek is such a book.I expected this book to be something else entirely a light mystery about two blood brothers who vied for the same gringo girl in the Cain and Abel tradition In reality, the book is lyrical, poignant, and from time to time, electrifying It depicts the life of the Taos barrio colorfully and in my mind authenticall [...]

    Jacob Martin
    Melanie Sumner s second novel is like a beautiful river on a summer day it shines, gathers the light of the sun, reflects the sky and the trees arching over, but the heart of the thing what soothes and moves, what takes hold and releases lies deep below the surface Swimming through its pages, which contain passages of great lyric beauty whole paragraphs read like poems brings an immediate pleasure, but it s not until one emerges that he knows he has been changed by his being immersed changed and [...]

    Heather Yavaliollah
    Not my cup of tea, the writing style is stream of consciousness I found it a bit unrealistic making it hard for me to relate to the characters.

    Kind of a weird read Enjoyed the Spanish phrases and the interesting characters but the story is all jumbled up.

    Totally not as bad as I thought it would be But some of the font choices are really unfortunate.

    Kim Garlinghouse
    Ghost is charming, funny, edgy, irreverent and a deeply moral book When I say moral, I don t mean that Sumner tries to impart a neat and tidy lesson She offers no lesson, no solution, no prescription Rather, she offers a main character, Ignacia Romero, also known as Abuela, who practices a deep and heart centered spirituality, one that acknowledges that we human beings, despite our sophistication and technological prowess, are children of the earth And as powerful as we have become, we are still [...]

    Thomas Cook
    In Melanie Sumner s superlative The Ghost of Milagro Creek, Ignacia Romero, a Jicarilla Apache, is a curandera, a healer of corporal and spiritual ailments She resides in a barrio of Taos, New Mexico And she is dead In fact, her ghost, reminiscent of the narrator in the acclaimed novel, The Lovely Bones, tells the first part of a story of life in the barrio, where Native Americans, Mexican Americans and Caucasians intermingle The tale, though, belongs to her grandson, Mister, and to his best fri [...]

    Sally Kilpatrick
    This is what literature is all about rich characters, complex plot, inviting setting I would find myself sneaking a few sentences at traffic lights, and I did have to thumb through a few pages back when I finished to check on a few things I could have easily turned around and re read this one, and I don t, as a rule, re read books.My only caveat, as with many literary books, is that the ending wasn t as clean cut as I would have liked On the other hand, the part with the priest sideswiped me I w [...]

    Andrea Love
    This book is rich in symbolism and spirituality, and the author has pulled from universal themes, as well as Native American cosmology The overriding message of this book is death, but not simply the negative connotation that society has given to the concept of death The author presents death as part of a duality, as being an opportunity as well as a setback In this sense, death can be a release from the physical realm, a chance for spiritual rebirth, an opportunity to begin a new life The chara [...]

    The southwest setting, with its interesting blend of cultures, was this novel s strong point The elderly main character, Abuela, raises her grandson, sharing her wisdom and the folk lore of the Jicarilla Apache The author develops Abuela into a marvelous narrator, but I felt that the lesser characters were shallow I didn t feel drawn into the story, largely because I felt rather apathetic about many of the characters In addition, the frequent shifting from past to present and even future became [...]

    This one was a bit different and suspenseful Reminded me a little bit of Alice Walker s book that has a dead person s spirit as the narrator can t think of the title If you want to learn a little bit about Taos, New Mexico, this would be a good introduction I love all of references to Indians and Mexicans their culture, language, and food There is a mix between Christianity and clairvoyance some would call it witchcraft Happy ending for some and not for others This is worth reading a second time [...]

    Jeanette"Astute Crabbist"
    The writing is decent enough The Southwestern lore and superstitions are interesting and sometimes humorous I enjoyed some of the fun language usage As for the story, it s just too scattered and patchy For me, a book with too many plots is essentially plotless, and therefore pointless Further, I didn t like any of the characters They annoyed me I also found it confusing to keep track of the characters as things bounced around among the various plots and perspectives.

    An engaging book The story is told primarily by the dead aunt This book is a combination anthropological study and spiritual refection on the consequences of a boyhood pact between two Apache youths in their barrio community in New Mexico I enjoyed the way this Georgia author developed her characters and provided insight from their perspectives Interesting and unique read for anyone who likes reading about different cultures I will be looking for books written by Melanie Sumner.

    From my book review blogRundpinne Deeply emotional, heart wrenching and beautiful, The Ghosts of Milagro Creek is a spectacular work of literary fiction and one I would highly recommend The full review ishere.

    There are some books where the author s descriptions and creation of the setting is so strong and comes through so clearly, that it outshines the story in my memory This was one of those novels it seems, as it s been so long since I read it that all I truly remember is a strong sense of place In reading the description of the book, it seems that I am not alone in this.

    Two friends on a reservation who vow to die together One doesn t pull the trigger the other is on the run because he killed his best friend The characters of the grandmother her male companion are pretty well written quite funny.

    C. Adam Volle
    I can t bring myself to recommend work by people I know if I don t believe it s good I m too afraid of judgment so believe me when I write that this is excellent work, never mind the author being a former professor of mine.

    Excellent I will read this book again, which is the highest compliment I can give to a book The language is beautiful and from start to finish there is a lot of story I hate to leave it but with 188 books purchased and waiting to be read I ll move on for the time being.

    Set near Taos NM Made me homesick for NM, very nicely done.

    T J
    This started out an interesting book but failed to hold up to tale it had started.
    OkDidn t like the ending Leaves too many open questions about the characters I thought the mix of christian and pagan beliefs interesting Just didn t care for ending.

    Disapponted I never got to know the characters Very convoluted.

    Pretty darn good read with some nice evocations of the southwestern desert.

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