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  • Title: The Gift of Numbers
  • Author: Yōko Ogawa
  • ISBN: 9780312425975
  • Page: 311
  • Format: Paperback

  • The Gift of Numbers By Yōko Ogawa Winner of the Yomiuri Literature PrizeWinner of the Honya Taisho The Booksellers Prize Winner of the Sugaku Shuppan Sho from the Japanese Academy of Mathematics A Japan Foundation Selection A publishing phenomenon in Japan and a heartwarming story that will change the way we all see math, baseball, memory, and each other She is a housekeeper by trade, a single mom by chWinner of the Yomiuri Literature PrizeWinner of the Honya Taisho The Booksellers Prize Winner of the Sugaku Shuppan Sho from the Japanese Academy of Mathematics A Japan Foundation Selection A publishing phenomenon in Japan and a heartwarming story that will change the way we all see math, baseball, memory, and each other She is a housekeeper by trade, a single mom by choice, shy, brilliant, and starting a new tour of duty in the home of an aging professor He is the professor, a mathematical genius, capable of limitless kindness and intuitive affection, but the victim of a mysterious accident that has rendered him unable to remember anything for longer than eighty minutes Root, the housekeeper s ten year old son, combines his mother s sympathy with a sensitive curiosity all his own Over the course of a few months in 1992, these three develop a profoundly affecting friendship, based on a shared love of mathematics and baseball, that will change each of their lives permanently Chosen as the most popular book in Japan by readers and booksellers alike, The Gift of Numbers is Yoko Ogawa s first novel to be published in English, and in the U.S.
    Yōko Ogawa
    Y ko Ogawa was born in Okayama, Okayama Prefecture, graduated from Waseda University, and lives in Ashiya Since 1988, she has published than twenty works of fiction and nonfiction Her novel The Professor and his Beloved Equation has been made into a movie In 2006 she co authored An Introduction to the World s Most Elegant Mathematics with Masahiko Fujiwara, a mathematician, as a dialogue on the extraordinary beauty of numbers.A film in French, L Annulaire The Ringfinger , directed by Diane Bertrand, starring Olga Kurylenko and Marc Barb , was released in France in June 2005 and subsequently made the rounds of the international film festivals the film, some of which is filmed in the Hamburg docks, is based in part on Ogawa s Kusuriyubi no hy hon , translated into French as L Annulaire by Rose Marie Makino Fayolle who has translated numerous works by Ogawa, as well as works by Akira Yoshimura and by Ranpo Edogawa, into French.Kenzabur e has said, Y ko Ogawa is able to give expression to the most subtle workings of human psychology in prose that is gentle yet penetrating The subtlety in part lies in the fact that Ogawa s characters often seem not to know why they are doing what they are doing She works by accumulation of detail, a technique that is perhaps successful in her shorter works the slow pace of development in the longer works requires something of a deus ex machina to end them The reader is presented with an acute description of what the protagonists, mostly but not always female, observe and feel and their somewhat alienated self observations, some of which is a reflection of Japanese society and especially women s roles within in it The tone of her works varies, across the works and sometimes within the longer works, from the surreal, through the grotesque and the sometimes grotesquely humorous, to the psychologically ambiguous and even disturbing.

    The Gift of Numbers By Yōko Ogawa


    The Housekeeper and the Professor was recommended to me by my friend Diane because she knows that I love baseball This March, Japan is participating in the World Baseball Classic so I found this slim novel to be a timely read Yoko Ogawa has been a leading Japanese novelist for twenty years In this touching story, she creates a family out of a housekeeper, her ten year old son, and the math professor whose cottage they were asked to tend to The Professor is a math genius, but seventeen years prio [...]

    Life by the NumbersNumbers are everywhere Real, Natural, Imaginary, Perfect, Amicable, Abundant, Deficient, Triangular, Prime including both Mersenne and Pernicious as well as Twins to name a few And they re all here in The Housekeeper and the Professor, which Ms Ogawa wrote in 2007 The Professor is of mathematics and has amnesia the housekeeper is devoted and has a son This melange constitutes the cast of a charming story of mathematics and love, subjects with a connection that is less than obv [...]

    On originally reading a description of this novel I wondered if it was really for me Did I want to read about a Professor with a memory span of 80 minutes and the Housekeeper who assists him I m so glad I decided to read it and I m happy to have my own copy This story of memory, math, building a pseudo family where no relationship has existed before is full of love and compassion The emotions are mostly expressed in mathematical theorems, cooking and random touch, but it is palpable throughout t [...]

    The Professor loved prime numbers than anything in the world To me, they were just numbers says the new housekeeper What s your shoe size This was the Professor s first question, once I had announced myself as the new housekeeper No bow, no greeting The professor had been involved in a motor vehicle accident, and now his memory is only of the last eighty minutes Every morning the housekeeper introduces herself Every morning He would ask my shoe size or telephone number, or perhaps my zip code, [...]

    A wonderful, heart warming story about unlikely friendshipsd mathd baseball I decided to grab this one for my Japanese reading challenge for 2018 and it was the perfect story to begin reading It s heavy into math, which I must say, I m a bit rusty on I was at one time fascinated by numbers, going to the highest level of math courses in college, and working for my college math professor But thenI just lost interest in numbers as along came computers Nerd The story is of the friendship of the hous [...]

    The Housekeeper and the Professoris a charming and enjoyable novella about eponymous Professor of mathematics who due to accident years earlier suffers from peculiar form of amnesia and while he remembers everything from the past his current memory lasts only eighty minutes, and as a reminder of this fact he has fitting note pinned to his suit In fact Professor has plenty notes on him that rustle when he walks It is a story about his housekeeper, young single mother and her son named by Professo [...]

    Amicable numbers pair of keyrings Nerd Romance mathsgear products amic Not that kind of love story, but a sad, sweet story about an unlikely friendship between a brilliant mathematician, his housekeeper and her son There is love just no romance The Professor is 64 years old He suffered a brain injury at age 47 He has an 80 minute retention for new memories ever since his accident He covers his suit in notes to remember new information He loves math, numbers, children and his favorite baseball te [...]

    An enjoyable Japanese novel that scatters numbers, and facts about the brain, though it s primarily about friendship It feels light, but prompts profound questions.The sitThe eponymous housekeeper is a young single mother herself the only child of a single mother with a ten year old son She becomes daily housekeeper to a former maths professor whose head injury in 1975 means he only remembers the most recent 80 minutes, plus things before 1975, nearly 20 years before the story is set 1992.Number [...]

    With only 192 pages, it is a breeze A delightful pause A little gem of fantasmagoric proportions An ode to maths And a Dennis The Menace moment in nostalgia The Dennis The Menace moment view spoiler I feel a bit of remorse about that one Not enough though, sad to say It was the end of tenth grade The last day in math class Our Hitleresque teacher, with her wooden ruler with the metal strip on the one side, enjoyed a sadistic pleasure in wrapping us over our knuckles with the metal side if we did [...]

    Saleh MoonWalker
    Onvan The Housekeeper and the Professor Nevisande Y ko Ogawa ISBN 312427808 ISBN13 9780312427801 Dar 192 Safhe Saal e Chap 2003

    Jenny (Reading Envy)
    Everyone and their mother read this last year for Women in Translation month August 2016 , and I remember finding my own copy at the annual literacy book sale I set it aside for WIT month this year and was happy to pull it back out.The housekeeper is a single parent, trying to make enough to live on, and the professor is a mathematician with a failing memory The story is about connection and care but also MATH and anyone who knows me knows I m a sucker for math The professor can t remember past [...]

    Petra X
    This is a beautifully written, elegant little book about an old man, a maths professor, his housekeeper and her young son The professor s memory post 1975 is only 80 minutes long, so everything is fresh and new to him all the time, including the news his memory is only 80 minutes long The housekeeper has her own problems but finds fulfillment in the relationship, ever renewed, between her son and the professor and her growing love for mathematics It is a mark of the author s writing that the fou [...]

    A highly polished, smooth, shining surface of a novel that was exquisitely crafted from start to finish The voice was so understated and matter of fact that I would have had little trouble believing that this was an actual account of a real housekeeper remembering her experiences There were very few authorial flourishes and all of them were appropriately put into the mouth of the strange, afflicted Professor, a math genius whose short term memory only lasts 80 minutes.A premise like that can be [...]

    3.5 StarThe Housekeeper The Professor by Yoko Ogawa is a heart warming story about a housekeeper, a professor and the housekeeper s ten year old son but also and most importantly a story about what it means to live in the present, and about friendships, family and respect and a little Math thrown in for good measure He is a brilliant maths professor who lives with only eighty minutes of short term memory She is a sensitive and astute young housekeeper who is entrusted to take care of him The pre [...]

    This is a quietly wonderful book When I was reading it I really liked it Now that some time has passed I still think of it, and any book that I still remember months after reading is a book that deserves 5 stars Although there is some advanced math in the story the author doesn t expect the reader to understand all of it The numbers and math are used to show the magic of numbers and how math brings an unlikely group of people together to form meaningful relationships This is a character driven [...]


    I m not sure on which page I fell in love with the wrinkled, snowy haired Professor in his rumpled suit with the scrap paper reminders pinned all over it the most important one being the note that reads My memory lasts only eighty minutes I just know that about 50 pages from the end of the story, I found myself digging in my heels, wanting to linger over every last word The Housekeeper and the Professor is a gently written, beautiful musing on the nature of friendship and familial love And it s [...]

    This was a delightful story about a single mother, who was also a professional housekeeper and her 10 year old son Root, befriending her new employer, a retired math professor, who due to a tragic accident is left with the ability to only retain information for eighty minutes, before it vanishes from his memory This was such a uplifting book about the strong bond of friendship and how beautifully the housekeeper, the professor and Root all truly became better versions of themselves from this new [...]

    It gets depressing when all you read is about tragedy, conflict, injustice, loss or regret Then a feel good book comes along like a breath of fresh air This is a charming, bittersweet story, and unexpectedly so I was initially drawn in by the plot, the Professor, who after a traffic accident is unable to retain any new memories longer than 80 minutes While this quirky device supports the entire story, it is not the star There were numerous explanations of mathematical puzzles and facts and figur [...]

    This slim book hit all the right notes for me I love stories about found family , in this case a brilliant mathematician with an 80 minute memory from a decades ago accident, a housekeeper hired to clean and cook for him and her 10 year old son I love stories about baseball and it was so fun getting a glimpse of what baseball in Japan is like, especially right at the start of our baseball season and right after we had played Japan in the World Baseball Classic And baseball helped bring these thr [...]

    3.5After our first full day visiting Japan in 2011, I saw a baseball game on TV had to be a replay because it was December the Yakult Swallows versus the Hanshin Tigers I recognized Matt Murton of the Tigers who d briefly played for the Chicago Cubs and the name of the 40 year old Miyamoto Two evenings later, in Nara, we got caught up in a small parade on the main street and as it ended, a young man straddling a bicycle caught up with us to ask if we were Americans and, next, if we knew American [...]

    How can I possibly put this book into my own words I can t begin to imagine I could capture or convey to any of you, how this book made me feel It took me two days to read and I wish I could have taken time to read it but I simply couldn t put it down The pages seemed to turn themselves and I didn t really feel like I was reading at all.This book moved me It is a small ripple that travels a long way across calm waters It is nothing ground shaking, nothing that makes you tumble and dive but some [...]

    This book is truly original, not your normal run of the mill I highly recommend it What is it about It is about friendship and the beauty of numbers and baseball And Where should I start I will start with the numbers This is sort of the easiest to expalin This book made me see and feel the beauty of math, of the laws that govern numbers The world is so complicated We understand nothing Everything is always changing, but then you learn of a mathematical formula that is constant, that is always t [...]

    Imagine going to work and having to introduce yourself afresh to your employer every day Will it drive you crazy if the first question you had to answer at the door each day is What s your shoe size A housekeeper, a single mother with a 10 year old son, finds herself at the cottage of a 64 year old Math professor who has had nine housekeepers before her She expects a difficult client, but what she least expects is an affection that develops into a strong friendship.The Professor suffered a traum [...]

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    Audiobook performed by Cassandra Campbell.5 and a A housekeeper is sent by her agency to the home of a problematic client A blue star is stamped on the client s card each time a housekeeper has to be replaced, and the Professor s card already has nine stars But she prides herself on her professionalism The Professor lives in a small cottage next to a larger mansion occupied by his brother s widow A few years before he suffered a brain injury in an automobile accident and as a result his memory i [...]

    Maria Xanthoudaki
    , , , .diavazontasvivlia


    3.5 5.

    Diane Barnes
    The poetry of mathematics and the beauty of baseball are two phrases I would never have uttered before reading this book A math equation makes my eyes glaze over, and I think baseball is the second most boring sport to watch Golf is 1 But like all great literature, this novel caused something inside me to shift and change.The four characters in this tale are nameless, known only by their titles of Professor, Housekeeper, Sister in law, and Root, the housekeeper s 10 year old son, so nicknamed by [...]

    This was such a charming and heart warming read there was so much beauty in the writing, on the surface simple yet at the same time filled with hidden meanings and complexities, just like the intricate lace the housekeeper imagines, with awe, that the mathematician professor is able to glimpse I liked how, in keeping with the professor having to be reintroduced to the housekeeper and her son throughout her special time with him, the reader too was kept in the dark about the names of the characte [...]

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      Yōko Ogawa