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  • Title: Of Saints and Shadows
  • Author: Christopher Golden
  • ISBN: 9780441019052
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

  • Of Saints and Shadows By Christopher Golden SAINTS n Highly virtuous people, dedicated to holy pursuits Like Father Mulkerrin, a man devoted to the total elimination of a hidden race of beingsSHADOWS n Creatures of the night, who defy the mortal laws of life and death Like Peter Octavian, a vampire on an epic crusade to save his people from mass destructionThe war between the humans and vampires has beSAINTS n Highly virtuous people, dedicated to holy pursuits Like Father Mulkerrin, a man devoted to the total elimination of a hidden race of beingsSHADOWS n Creatures of the night, who defy the mortal laws of life and death Like Peter Octavian, a vampire on an epic crusade to save his people from mass destructionThe war between the humans and vampires has begun a worldwide battle that will separate the true saints from the sinners.Of Saints and Shadows is a brilliantly original saga that takes you into the secret world of vampires and a secret society sworn to destroy them Sweeping, sensuous and shocking, it is a powerfull vision of immortality that will hold you in its spellr.
    Christopher Golden
    Christopher Golden is the award winning, bestselling author of such novels as The Myth Hunters, Wildwood Road, The Boys Are Back in Town, The Ferryman, Strangewood, Of Saints and Shadows, and with Tim Lebbon Mind the Gap Golden co wrote the lavishly illustrated novel Balti, or, The Steadfast Tin Soldier and the Vampire with Mike Mignola, which they are currently scripting as a feature film for New Regency.He has also written books for teens and young adults, including the thriller series Body of Evidence, honored by the New York Public Library and chosen as one of YALSA s Best Books for Young Readers Upcoming teen novels include Poison Ink for Delacorte, Soulless for MTV Books, and The Secret Journeys of Jack London, a collaboration with Tim Lebbon.With Thomas E Sniegoski, he is the co author of the dark fantasy series The Menagerie as well as the young readers fantasy series OutCast and the comic book miniseries Talent, both of which were recently acquired by Universal Pictures Golden and Sniegoski also wrote the upcoming comic book miniseries The Sisterhood, currently in development as a feature film.Working with actress writer director Amber Benson, he co created and co wrote Ghosts of Albion, an original animated supernatural drama for BBC online, from which they created the book series of the same name ghostsofalbion As an editor, Golden s work has included the Hellboy novel series, a trio of Hellboy short story anthologies, and co editing duties on British Invasion, from Cemetery Dance His non fiction work includes collaborative efforts such as The Stephen King Universe, Buffy the Vampire Slayer The Watcher s Guide, and the upcoming Neil Gaiman Companion His other writing has included video games, numerous comic books, and short stories.Golden was born and raised in Massachusetts, where he still lives with his family His original novels have been published in fourteen languages in countries around the world.

    Of Saints and Shadows By Christopher Golden


    Book one of The Shadow Saga This one sort of skirts the line between Urban Fantasy and Horror, yet somehow comes off kind of like a romance novel in writing style though while there is some sex there is comparatively little compared to most of the sexy urban fantasy stuff that seems to be floating about I think my biggest issue with it is the level of introspection of the characters It feels like every other page is someone magically plumbing the depths of their soul to learn the truth about the [...]

    Nic Echo
    About the Book The Church is not what it seems Lying within its folds is a sect of sorcerers and priests whose sole purpose is to rid the world of The Defiant Ones, or what would be commonly seen as vampires Peter Octavian is one of these vampires, but unlike the others of his kind, he is able to walk in sunlight and touch religious items The reason for this isn t because he was born to be special or anything like that No, he simply disbelieves that crosses and sunlight will not hurt him therefo [...]

    Of Saints and Shadows had a really interesting synopsis, with vampires battling a centuries old hidden group within the Catholic Church There s a mysterious ancient book, some grisly murders, a few dodgy priests and a lot of conspiracies It sounded right up my street And I did like the plot I found it interesting and imaginative The lead character Peter figures out that vampires not being able to go out in sunlight is simply not true They were taught to believe this in a massive cover up by the [...]

    This is not your typical vampire romance not even close It is absorbing, complex, and really un put down able Many POVs, some you want to keep following and some you want to wash your mind of I can see why some reviewers did not like it the religious themes and references were uncomfortable and the Bad Guys were certain they had God on their side All in all a well written roller coaster ride which I found thoroughly enjoyable.

    Book One in the Shadow Saga is a brilliant epic that takes you into the secret world of vampires and a secret society sworn to destroy them.Sweeping, sensuous, and shocking, it is a powerful vision of immortality that will hold you in its spellr.I love that Golden is brave enough to cross several topics that some would consider sensitive material for some readers but its handled in a humane way which is interesting because most the characters involved were supernatural beings.I liked the whole [...]

    As a women studies scholar I am disturbed by the trend in popular fiction of making monsters into romantic characters It suggests that if you are worthy enough, if you are good and compliant enough you can make a monster into a lover It is a dangerous idea One of the reasons that I keep coming back to Christoper Golden s vampire stories is because he never crosses that line He might skirt it on occasion but he never lets you forget that his vampires are monsters They will kill you and rip you ap [...]

    Michele bookloverforever
    I enjoyed this novel A complicated anti hero a vampire with a will of iron and a strong sense of ethics, admirable female characters, complicated plot involving evil sorcerer priests persecuting vampires and controling demons out to commit genocide against the vampire race Bad vampires fighting for their lives and trying to evolve in the end self sacrifice of hero at the end.

    If you read this book and really enjoy it, do yourself a favor and DO NOT read the sequels They will only ruin the intrigue and adventure of this book by comparison not in quality of writing which is still good but in what happens to every character you grow to like in this book.

    I read this book, actually the entire series, years ago but am not really sure what happened to the books themselves I think I sold them to a used bookstore the last time I moved I wasn t all that careful about what books I got rid of them, so I ve been having to repurchase a lot of books as I find them When I saw this reissue mentioned on both Book Chick City and SFF Chat, I knew I had to get it again.The story is pretty simple, and I m gong to try and keep what I know about the rest of the ser [...]

    Now, THAT S what I m talking about Goodbye to such dark fantasy themes such as Peter Pan and a severely twisted rendition of Winnie the Pooh It seems Mr Golden has put away his boyhood playthings and materialized with a whole new set of toys Watch out my dear readers, Papa s got a brand new bag and opening it could be fatal The plot was refreshingly original and captivating Taking into account all that has been written on vampires from the dawn of the written word, Golden puts it right up to you [...]

    I was so happy to see Christopher Golden s Shadow Saga getting re released in new editions with an emphasis on urban fantasy, and a new volume on the way This is my favorite vampire novel, right alongside with The Vampire Lestat These two are my favorites for the same reason they are very original, and have dynamic, charismatic vampire protagonists Plus, I like when vampires are not all evil it s fun when their motives are just as murky as a human s Peter Octavian is a private investigator, and [...]

    Peter Octavian is a PI in Boston He is also a vampire who is trying to live as much as a human as possible He is separated for the vampire community but when a series of obviously supernatural killings come to his attention, he is determined to find the cause Soon it is up to him to rescue a demonic book from an evil branch of the Catholic church, destroy the magicians who control it, and stop a vampire apocalypse Whew I enjoyed this book even though it was bloodier than I usually like The blood [...]

    Claire Flower
    I have really mixed feelings about this book It took quite a while to really draw me but contained a lot of genres I usually enjoy I liked the main character and even the romance that took place didn t seem too fanciful as with a lot of other vampire novels I liked the historical elements and the involvement of the church Not wanting to give spoilers but I thought the explainations for they myths around vampires, well thought out.However the last few pages and especially the epilogue just didn t [...]

    Not bad Not bad at all.A far cry from the overly cliched vampire novels that seem to pop up all over the supernatural horror genre There are some very wel rounded characters and also some that nearly make your skin crawl with their wickedness Fabulous creative ideas regarding the mythology of the Defiant Ones and their powers that stem directly from moves made by the Catholic Church The biggest complaint that I found with the novel was that it took a long while to Get To The Point Once I hit the [...]

    Another fine read by Christopher Golden A thrill ride into the secrets of the Vatican and the society hidden within The shady priests involved with murder and mayhem, in their search and destruction of vampires known as the Defiant Ones Delving into history of this group and the Vaticans obscure society of sorcerers, bent on retrieving an historical The Book of Shadows Containing super spells to inflict upon the Defiant Ones This is the first of a series in The Shadow Saga Highly recommended sto [...]

    The story of Peter Octavian starts out well enough a Boston private detective who happens to be a vampire looks into the case of a missing woman quickly learning that her disappearance is linked to a series of strange murders These murders somehow lead to a secret magical sect in the Church, a feud between vampire clans, an impending war among supernatural beings, and the most unrealistic love story ever The novel suffers from not knowing what it wants to be an urban fantasy, a romance, erotica, [...]

    Alex Telander
    Back in the 90 s, very pre Twilight, when there was really only Anne Rice s Vampire Chronicles to contend with, as well as a really bad movie called Buffy the Vampire Slayer, bestselling author Christopher Golden Dead Ringers, Snowblind penned a series of vampire novels known as The Shadow Saga that brings a whole new world, feel and sense to the vampire story Featuring the vampire hero Peter Octavian, they are now being re released Also some of these vampires can go about in daylight, and no, t [...]

    I enjoyed Tin Men by christopher golden so I thought I d seek out of his books This guy is maybe the most prolific author I ve ever run across Seriously, look at all the books he s written over 500 works on GoodReads He s very skilled and I really enjoy the way he describes even the most mundane things a guy getting up, getting coffee, heading to work, etc.Unfortunately, I didn t like the vibe of this book.Golden takes great strides to paint the vamps as heroes we should be rooting for all the [...]

    Eric Smith
    I enjoyed this book for the most part its a different and interesting look at Vampires that isn t quite like anything I have seen before and incorporates with it a very dark and corrupted faction of the Catholic church and an interesting look at human and church history that goes in a bit of an unusual way I did have a problem with the main villain and his followers just in so much as he was a bit too much of the mustache twirling serial killer style of villain for my personal taste I don t have [...]

    Chrystal Roe
    WowExcellent story This book is filled with excitement and adventure It is the Vatican versus the vampires Who are truly the evil ones

    C.J. Edmunds
    With True Blood author Charlaine Harris and Otherworld author, Kelley Armstrong both endorsing the novel, there was really some expectation for this novel to be good And it really is and kicks butt.I got introduced to the writing style of Christopher Golden when he penned the Gatekeeper trilogy for the Buffy The Vampire slayer tv tie in books and I felt then that he was able to capture the essence of Joss Whedon s characters and give us an adventure that most Buffy fans can dream of replaying it [...]

    I actually thought this was a pretty good book.I think that having so many characters was actually good for the novel Though many of them were gone or dead by the end of the novel, I thought it provided me the chance to see the plot from all sorts of opinions and sides of the war Even the chance of seeing the events from very minor or everyday people was beneficial to the novel because it gave me the chance to see what sort of opinion they might hold about the other characters.There weren t any [...]

    A. Hunt
    Audiobook ReviewNarrated by John LeeThere s nothing better than liking a monster Peter Octavian is a creature of the night, but he s one of the good guys Peter is a Defiant One , a vampire, but he s so much than that He s an investigator, and he s on a case for a friend, to find a missing young lady Of Saints and Shadows, by Christopher Golden, goes not only into a crime drama, but how vampires go against the church When a book is stolen from the Vatican, a mission is set into place The mission [...]

    Reread this book for the umpteenth time I can never get tired of it The description of the monsters that appear in this are enough to make you imagine exactly what they look like, in vivid imagery The scenes in which some of the murders took place, honestly, I learned this time around reading, ARE my favorite parts Where others think there s just too much sex there are only a handful of scenes And frankly, aren t as detailed as let s see50 Shades of course they wouldn t be arousing If you want s [...]

    Of Saints and Shadows Shadow Saga 1 By Christopher GoldenThis will truly be a mixed review because I am still uncertain how I feel about this book To be perfectly honest there were parts that I greatly enjoyed and large portions where I could not even bring myself to finish a page I struggled with this book for about a month, reading several others in place of this one Of Saints and Shadows centers around a vampire named Octavian Octavian is a bit of a rebel among his vampire colleagues, having [...]

    There is a lot of interesting material in this book and I am curious to see where the series goes and what happens with some of the characters It had that spark to make me want to read but there s a gratuitous amount of sex Not just your normal romp in the sack either, this is depraved shit going on At least half of the sex scenes are rape too I just don t get it There s so much going for the series and some of the characters that I just don t get why so much sex was thrown in the book If you r [...]

    c1994 FWFTB shadows, vampires, purge, Octavian, Venice I am not sure whether I agree with the description of sensual for this book despite this being in many of the formal reviews It was, indeed, an original take on the Vampire myth but I am not sure whether it is startingly original as said by Charlaine Harris This edition contained the following on the cove The Epic Vampire Series The Shadow Saga hmm not too sure about that either Clearly it is the first in a set of books but epic When I had f [...]

    Christopher Payne
    A secret sect of the Catholic Church, armed with an ancient book of the undead called The Gospel of Shadows, has been slowly destroying vampires for centuries Now the book has been stolen, and the sect races to retrieve it before their purpose is discovered a final purge of all vampires As the line between saints and shadows grows ominously faint, private eye Peter Octavian is drawn into the search And he ll do anything to find the book for Peter Octavian is also a vampire Ostracized by his kind [...]

    Anne Barwell
    3.5 I debated whether to rate this one 3 or 4 It s an interesting take on vampires, and I am curious as to what happens next and the true identity of one of the characters, but there were a couple of things that niggled as I read Firstly the author kept referring to the main character as both Peter and Octavian in the narrative, sometimes using both in the same sentence, which really speed bumped the flow.And secondly one of the main female characters gave me a very strong Mary Sue vibe on sever [...]

    Marian Willeke
    Despite my fear of another teen series, I discovered this was simply due to the re marketing campaign The content was very enjoyable with a much deeper twist than I had anticipated The Catholic Church s role in this book was quite sinister and appealing with it s sorcery component Vampires, priests and arcane magick are combined with fresh mindsets towards how the rules work within such worlds makes for a very interesting plot It took awhile to get there a long while, in my opinion , but the sno [...]

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