UNLIMITED KINDLE ä Life Class - by Scarlet Blackwell #2020

  • Title: Life Class
  • Author: Scarlet Blackwell
  • ISBN: 9781605049700
  • Page: 287
  • Format: ebook

  • Life Class By Scarlet Blackwell Opportunity knocks once in a lifetime Harley Hayes is always looking for a new challenge to stretch his artistic vision The subject of his first foray into nudes is a vision, indeed Ryan Morgan With each sitting, Harley finds it harder to ignore the fact he s falling head over heels for the straight arrow model.Their first kiss confirms that Ryan feels the heat, too f Opportunity knocks once in a lifetime Harley Hayes is always looking for a new challenge to stretch his artistic vision The subject of his first foray into nudes is a vision, indeed Ryan Morgan With each sitting, Harley finds it harder to ignore the fact he s falling head over heels for the straight arrow model.Their first kiss confirms that Ryan feels the heat, too for about five seconds Then he pushes Harley away and bolts.Ryan is less than proud of some of the things he s done to survive his hand to mouth existence Including model for a gay magazine and accept money from his female clients in exchange for extra favors The memory of Harley s kiss still rattles the foundation of his sexuality even now, six months later.When they run into each other at a gallery opening, nothing has changed The sparks flare brighter than ever, driving Harley to make an offer he desperately hopes Ryan won t refuse And Ryan is just desperate enough to say yesWarning Contains scenes of m m intimacy hot sex on a kitchen table and a man with a body to die for.
    Scarlet Blackwell
    Scarlet writes erotic romance.Scarlet would rather stick pins in her eyes than go on Facebook but now sees the necessary evil of it Please join her there for useless writing related ramblings and hot men musings and ease her in gently Bah.

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    Ryan is an incredibly beautiful young man to look at but inside he s filled with anger and confusion resulting in some bad choices and circumstances that lead him to doing whatever is necessary to get by He does what he has too, but it doesn t mean he likes it Ryan says he s straight.Harley is an artist who sees not only Ryan s outer beauty but the potential that is hidden within him as well Harley says he s bi but in a queer phase at the moment.Together they are an explosion waiting to happen T [...]

    Well that was explosive Talk about in denial Or it could have been fear Maybe just enjoyed being a jackass all his life and with all the angst having built up to a climaxing peak, didn t know where it once began and where it would end With that thought in mind I m speaking opening about Ryan That was until Harley walked into his life Another GR reader reviewer, Lisa as a matter of fact hope she didn t mind my mentioning her snickering wrote a review that was impressive enough that I couldn t res [...]

    Six months ago, Ryan Morgan a down on his luck life class model, posed for Harley Hayes And they had a kiss A hot one Except that Ryan was straight and he had his experience of being paid for sex as well and he didn t need this complication So he opted to walk out Until they meet again at a gallery opening and like nothing changed The heat is still there Harley still wants Ryan and Ryan, this time, thinks that maybe he should just give in.WOW this one is so messy and complicated that I can t hel [...]

    I liked reading this even if I think it ends a bit abruptly The characters are flawed, complicated, hurtful, scared, and all over the place On the one hand I think this novella could have really developed into something great but it still fits its length rather well The ending just comes about kind of abruptly and suddenly But this is a good story that shows how a scared character can redeem rather crappy behavior Ryan Morgan is struggling to make ends meet After leaving home, he s been living h [...]

    Ridiculous is the word that comes to mind I am absolutely unconvinced of Harley s love for Ryan There are barely any scenes of them getting to know each other as individuals rather than sex objects.I AM completely convinced they are secretly both immature teenaged boys with extremely out of control libidos for each other Despite the MAJOR unresolved issues Ryan has, the end was trite and dismissive, as if the author just shrugged her shoulders and said, Meh, I m sure they ll make it It could hav [...]

    Angsty story with good buildup but a disappointing conclusionWarning This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS Rating 6 10PROS The tentative back and forth nature of the men s relationship when they first start seeing each other is tender and a nice change from the all or nothing seduction often portrayed in m m romances Harley struggles mightily with his desire for Ryan, and I loved that Harley makes himself suffer for so long before doing anything about it I like reading abo [...]

    Ryan Morgan is down on his luck With his gorgeous looks and physique, Ryan has worked as an artist s model in the past, but when that turned into selling himself for some cash on the side, he had enough But now that his rent is past due and he has been skipping meals, an offer by artist Harley Hayes to model comes at the perfect time He knows that Harley is straight, but unlike the other female artists he s modeled for that are hobbyists, Harley is the real deal Harley is admittedly attracted t [...]

    Sadly I didn t like this book.The six months ago part was good, but the present time part became a hot mess, imo Ryan became an unrepentant asshole and I couldn t care for him, despite all his financial plight and I just didn t get why Harley would still want him, while all Ryan s been doing was walking all over him repeatedly, so I stopped liking Harley as well Oh and I became real pissed with how Harley acted towards Nathan, his manager and lover for that six months First he cheated on him wit [...]

    This book had the potential to be great It was still very good, but there was enough of a backstory to be a much longer, detailed novel Ryan was a total douche, but I still felt for him I just wish there was More background, about what Ryan was going to do, of how they were going to work Just On the plus side, the sex was fabulous Definately worth the short amount of time it takes to read it.

    Elisa Rolle
    The cover is really good, and indeed, if the one character on it is Ryan, it has also some meaning, since this is the story of a young man whose only livelihood is his body But Ryan has not the meek behaviour of someone who is aware of his limits, on the contrary, he has a lively character, inflammable, and he is often ready to burst, even when it means that he will not eat or pay the rent for the following month Ryan s story is quite typical, an average intelligent boy who always associated wit [...]

    Ryan earns his living by posing as an artist for models and often doing extra things on the side for the woman who hire him So he s relieved when his next commission comes from a male artist What he doesn t expect is the chemistry that ignites between him and Harley, a successful artist When Harley kisses him he explodes and leaves Harley s studio Contact between the two ends until Ryan sees Harley at an art gallery where Ryan s portrait is the highlight of the show.Now that Harley and Ryan are [...]

    I enjoy the way Scarlet Blackwell writes a book This is the second one I have picked up and both books have had compelling and complicated characters that rang true I can feel her characters and get emotionally attached to them They aren t perfect They don t make the right decisions all the time In this book Ryan, a straight painter s model gigolo struggles so hard to understand himself without really trying to understand himself I know so many men and boys that try to shortcut their emotions li [...]

    I m kinda surprised that I liked that a lot, for two reasons it was too melodramatic for my taste, and one of the main characters was not very likeable Still, as someone who knows what it s like not to know how you re going to pay the next month s rent and preserve your dignity and sanity as a person at the same time, I could empathise with Ryan to some level Having money might not make a person happy, but the lack of it definitely makes them unhappy and bitter, just like what s happened with Ry [...]

    Two and half stars The writing style is somewhat awkward with a detached tone at odds with what is essentially an erotic novella There are lots of typos The actual page count is around 80 Neither of the main characters is likable Ryan, the straight model can t hold a regular job due to anger issues and has been forced to prostitute himself under the guise of modeling Harley the successful, bisexual artist is smitten with Ryan and will do anything to get him into bed including offer him large sum [...]

    The book started as 5 stars read I liked straight guy and gay guy scenario, their mutual chemistry and how they tried to resist it, and last but not least, fair amount of angst and guilt The story was well paced and the flashes from the past worked really well However when it came to the present day and how the relationship would proceed from here, I got tired of the protagonists endlessly hurting each other and then making out Sex seemed like their only way of communication The book demoted the [...]

    I had a really hard time reading this book First of all, the GFY trope lacked credibility Apart from Harley s good looks, there was nothing else that really stood out about him The following quote from the first chapter only confirmed my opinion Harley knew it had been said that than one straight man had turned gay on first sight of him He couldn t walk into a room without every person there staring at him Is that enough to turn someone gay In my opinion, no Therefore I really can t see why som [...]

    I admired the slight complexity the characters have brought into the plot It wasn t a typical artist who lusted over his nude model The conflict of the model being straight and a semi rent boy who feels sorry for himself and an artist with a compassionate heart, and thinks there is to the model than what he lets on, then that conflict ultimately destroying what relationship they ve got at the moment, kinda made me kept reading I mean, being it a romance novel, I know I m supposed to expect the [...]

    synopsis ryan is down to his last few dollars when he sees harley again ryan has posed for artists and taken money for providing extra services to those artists when he posed for harley a few months ago, they kissed and ryan ran away, because he s definitely straight but he was friends with harley, so when harley asks him to come over again, on the understanding that ryan will be having sex with him, ryan agrees he does the deed and runs away again.what i liked the premise and the precis the pre [...]

    Very good, but with a disappointing ending I m generally a big fan of Scarlet Blackwell s writing, even though her authorial voice is so very British not a problem when a story is actually set in Britain, but it s a little jarring when it s supposed to be the U.S She s not afraid to write characters that behave in unlikeable ways, though, which is so refreshing The tension between Ryan and Harley in this story is delicious, but the ending is way too abrupt Given the hurt and violence between the [...]

    Tami (synchro from BL)
    Ok read and rather short The love story moves along like in typical, bad romance novels, where the guy falls in love with the girl, just because she is beautiful Same here.When the beautiful but simple one asks, what the other one loves about him, he simply resonds that there is a lot to love about him That might be the case, but obviously he couldn t name even one thing besides his beauty.The writing overall was not too bad, but I prefer it to read about the actual falling in love and getting t [...]

    Monica Vidal
    I d give it 3.5 actually It could have made to a 4 but the abrupt ending kinda disappointed me I felt like there should have been Aside from that, I liked it It started a little meh, but then it picked up and I couldn t put it down I feel like Scarlet has a gift for writing asshole characters, because omg Ryan had a few asshole moments that I wanted to stab him Jesus fuck Sighs But there s also something Scarlet is very good at SEX SCENES You guys, seriously Hot stuff, I am telling you All in a [...]

    I liked this story, but I felt like Harley gave in to Ryan too easily I know Ryan was wishy washy on his feelings and being gay, and what he said to Harley after Harley allowed him to stay with him once Ryan was evicted was really rude and obnoxious And then when Harley kept telling him no, but Ryan kept pushing I almost wonder if he did all of that just so he d have a place to stay rather than because of his feelings for Harley I don t think Ryan had truly figured it all out then, and it just m [...]

    It took me a long time to read this book I didn t like Ryan very well and wanted to smack Harley upside the head for being so terribly obsessed Life Class is a short story, but I confess, there were long breaks between reading the next part Almost a year later, I finish.The writing is good and the premise is interesting I just had a problem with the way Ryan rejected and hurt Harley constantly, and Harley still horndog panting after him regardless.

    This was my first book by Scarlet Blackwell and it shall not be my last I enjoyed the writing style and found the plot moved along nicely The premise was interesting and the MCs were well drawn and developed I did feel that the issue of Ryan s attraction to Harley was resolved much too easily for a straight 30 something with some homophobic tendencies.Ohd I loved the cover

    I always like anything by Scarlet Blackwell This was no exception This was a gay for you story involving an artist, Harley and his model, Ryan It s a very nice quick summer read A sweet little romance with a little bit of agnst on Ryan s part since he never considered being with a man until Harley I give it 4 stars just because it was short.

    God where to start I do love a GFY book Poor Ryan was just dealt a really shitty life and he d do almost anything to surive but he never intended to fall for Harley I loved their story and just felt so sad for Harley, it must have been so hard for him loving a straight guy and never being able to have him I m so glad that changed for him Loved the ending Great book.

    4 Another hot as hell book I enjoyed the twoing and froing, the heat between them was palpable Lost a mark for the cheating aspect but suprisingly enough I didn t hate it and then gained it back cos they were hot What can I say Fucking yum cover too stars.

    Nerine Petros
    3.5 stars.

    Edina Rose
    Hot romance.

    I liked the story and the characters, but I felt like it ended too soon.

    • UNLIMITED KINDLE ä Life Class - by Scarlet Blackwell
      Scarlet Blackwell