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  • Title: Nietzsche, se créer liberté
  • Author: Michel Onfray Maximilien Le Roy
  • ISBN: 9782803626502
  • Page: 171
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Nietzsche, se créer liberté By Michel Onfray Maximilien Le Roy Apr s avoir donn un grand coup de pied dans le dogmatisme intellectuel fran ais, le philosophe Michel Onfray offre un nouvel outil tous les esprits curieux et d sireux de s initier la libre pens e, avec cette biographie b dessin e de Friedrich Nietzche, l un de ses ma tres penser Au fil de ces 120 planches, superbement illustr es du trait sensible de Maximilien LerApr s avoir donn un grand coup de pied dans le dogmatisme intellectuel fran ais, le philosophe Michel Onfray offre un nouvel outil tous les esprits curieux et d sireux de s initier la libre pens e, avec cette biographie b dessin e de Friedrich Nietzche, l un de ses ma tres penser Au fil de ces 120 planches, superbement illustr es du trait sensible de Maximilien Leroy, le lecteur d couvre la vie d un homme absorb par sa recherche d un absolu, tourn vers l homme et sa qu te de bonheur La vie d un penseur pr t payer le prix de sa pens e r volutionnaire et sans concessions.
    Michel Onfray Maximilien Le Roy
    Michel Onfray is a French philosopher Born to a family of Norman farmers, he graduated with a Ph.D in philosophy He taught this subject to senior students at a technical high school in Caen between 1983 and 2002, before establishing what he and his supporters call the Universit populaire de Caen, proclaiming its foundation on a free of charge basis, and the manifesto written by Onfray in 2004 La communaut philosophique However, the title Popular University is misleading, although attractive, as this University provides no services other than the occasional delivery of lectures there is no register of students, no examination or assessment, and no diplomas After all, ordinary French University lectures are open to all, free of charge Nor is the content of the Universit populaire de Caen radical in French terms, it is in its way, a throwback to less democratic traditions of learning Both in his writing and his lecturing, Onfray s approach is hierarchical, and elitist He prefers to say though that his university is committed to deliver high level knowledge to the masses, as opposed to the common approach of vulgarizing philosophic concepts through easy to read books such as Philosophy for Well being.Onfray writes obscurely that there is no philosophy without psychoanalysis Perhaps paradoxically, he proclaims himself as an adamant atheist something novel in France than elsewhere indeed his book, Atheist Manifesto , was briefly in the bestsellers list in France and he considers religion to be indefensible He instead regards himself as being part of the tradition of individualist anarchism, a tradition that he claims is at work throughout the entire history of philosophy and that he is seeking to revive amidst modern schools of philosophy that he feels are cynical and epicurean His writings celebrate hedonism, reason and atheism.He endorsed the French Revolutionary Communist League and its candidate for the French presidency, Olivier Besancenot in the 2002 election, although this is somewhat at odds with the libertarian socialism he advocates in his writings citation needed In 2007, he endorsed Jos Bov but eventually voted for Olivier Besancenot , and conducted an interview with the future French President, who he declared was an ideological enemy Nicolas Sarkozy for Philosophie Magazine.Onfray himself attributes the birth of a philosophic communities such as the universit populaire to the results of the French presidential election, 2002.

    Nietzsche, se créer liberté By Michel Onfray Maximilien Le Roy



    Je n aurais pas lu un livre sur Friedrich Nietzsche, il est comme un mythe qui semble inabordable La curiosit , la popularit de Michel Onfray et la couverture m diatique dont a b n fici ce livre m ont amen emprunter Nietzsche se cr er libert la biblioth que D mystifier sans tomber dans la vulgarisation, rendre ces l ments pens e et biographie accessibles au plus grand nombre D cid ment, la bande dessin e est encore bien mal consid r e eu gard son apport.Michel Onfray et Maximilien Le Roy ont r a [...]

    Joan Sebastián Araujo Arenas
    Como una mera introducci n a la vida de Nietzsche, est muy bien Me hubiera gustado que fuese un poco m s extensa, dado que contar toda una vida utilizando el c mic como el medio para hacerlo, puede hacer incluso que la existencia de un octogenario s lo estoy poniendo un ejemplo completamente detallada mes a mes de cada uno de sus a os, nos parezca algo completamente accesible, a n cuando su historia requiriese 3000 p ginas Lo mismo no se podr a decir de una novela cualquiera con la misma cantida [...]

    Es extra o, no estoy del todo segura c mo me siento despu s de haberlo le do Primero que todo, no soy conocedora de Nietzsche Aprend de l en el colegio y en el bachillerato, siempre me pareci interesante y me gustaron los textos aislados que me hicieron leer de l No comparto del todos sus pensamientos, pero s me parecen interesantes.Pens que esta novela gr fica me ayudar a a adentrarme de forma muy general a su vida y lo hizo, de cierta forma Puede sonar tonto, pero es muy visual Muchas cosas no [...]

    Very moody biography with nice artwork NOT a very clear intro to his life or work I ll blame a small part of this on my French which isn t great, but I think some preliminary background is necessary for this to make sense on than an impressionistic level.

    Une tr s belle BD, aux dessins mouvants et vocateurs Mais pour appr cier cet album dans son enti ret , il faut avoir lu un peu sur la vie de Nietzsche et conna tre sa philosophie, du moins dans ses grandes lignes.

    An elliptical narrative telling a bit of Nietzsche s life with some questionable small details, sure, but so what Beautiful drawings and a quite competent summary of some of his key moments If you want to know his work, then read his work This is just a feast for the eyes, my friends.

    This is a real gem for every Nietzsche lover A fantastic way to approach to Nietzsche s philosophy and also to his life Beautiful hard cover edition Money well spent

    Princess Carolyn
    Iba a hacer una cr tica detallada del c mic, pero es mejor no perder mi tiempo, s lo dir que 1 El autor deber a aprender a hacer di logos2 Al autor le vendr a genial entender a Nietzsche


    Adhemar Filho
    good invention

    Wonderful imagery, especially of scenery Story feels fragmented and incomplete would make sense if you ve already read about Nietzsche s life.

    Friedrich Nietzsche geh rt zu Deutschlands bekanntesten Dichtern und Philosophen Er f hrte ein eher kurzes, aber bewegtes Leben, welches am Ende von schwerer Krankheit gezeichnet war Mit Nietzsches Ausspruch Gott ist tot durfte ich mich schon zu meiner Schulzeit auseinander setzen Doch wer war diese bedeutende Pers nlichkeit wirklich Und was waren die Kernaussagen seiner Philosophie All diese Fragen werden in der Graphic Novel Nietzsche aufgegriffen und n her beleuchtet Wir begleiten Nietzsche v [...]

    Taneli Viitahuhta
    This book started as film manuscript, and after reading it I m feeling that it maybe got lost when it turned to graphic novel My main criticism is that the storytelling lacks movement The narrative moves forward through chain of barely related episodes, people change from situation to situation and the depicted scenes offer little to explain why they are brought up in the first place Frames freeze the action, which there is not much of, in an predictable way What is this for a book Biograbhy No, [...]

    Una peque a decepci n La noche del domingo 26 de junio, con los resultados electorales en caliente, y sin sue o para dormir, aprovech para leer este comic de Maximilien Le Roy con gui n de Michel Onfray Y el resultado me dej m s que fr o Ya he le do por ah que Michel Onfray es un experto en la vida de Nietzsche, que sus conocimientos sobre la materia son muy importantes y dem s.Pero a mi no me dijo nada Entrev un conjunto de ideas inconexas de Nietzsche mezcladas con relatos de su vida que, si h [...]

    I would try to write this review in french if my french wasn t so completely abominable.The book is very beautiful and some pictures are truly works of art it has nice quotables and it is a different and cool way to get to know about one of our best known philosophers, philologists and artists in music and writing.Nietzsche was nuts, miserable and brilliant and sometimes I just really wanted to enter the book and give him a hug Why oh why do I love this type of people so much.Perspectivism, the [...]

    Det h r serietecknaren Maximilien Le Roys serieadaptation av filosofen Michel Onfrays filmmanus L innocence du devenir, La vie de Fr d ric Nietzsche, en biografisk ber ttelse om filosofen Friedrich Nietzsches liv och filosofi, och en b de konstn rlig och filosofisk unders kning av hur vi kan f rst en filosofs ord och tankar i relation till hens liv.H r presenteras verket i svensk vers ttning av Jim Jakobsson, och erbjuder en intressant och t nkv rd l sning, som tminstone f r mig att vilja avs tt [...]

    Amazing artwork Definitely five stars for that The storytelling and discussion of Nietzsche s ideas are lacking, but let s be honest What can we expect from a biographical graphic novel It wouldn t be fair to criticize artwork in failing to fully cover a philosopher s ideas For that we should read his philosophical work What the book has given me is a great experience, a greater interest in Nietzsche as a person his life, and his work, and an even greater appreciation of the beautiful art in gra [...]

    Furkan Akyelken
    izgi Otobiyografi tad nda Nietzsce yi anlama rehberi olmu kitap inde bar nan metaforlar olduk a g zel izilmi ve anlat lm Ayr ca hayat n n delilikle ge irdi i son on y l na kadar anla lmam , hor g r lm ve s k nt lar ekmi bir dehan n ocukluktan itibaren keskin d n lerini ve farkl d ncelerini b ylesine g ze ho gelen izimlerle incelemek ok ayr bir tat ok ba ar l olmu , EsenKitap n eline sa l k.

    This is a beautiful book I particularly like the usage and choices of limited color palettes to separate the different scenes as there no divisions by chapters But the text was way above my reading level I read a Dutch translation and had to sit with my mini woordenboek in my hand and dissect almost every word bubble Heady, heavy stuff I m going to duck back into some light and joyful reading again for a while.

    Bon, j ai emprunter cette bd la biblioth que apr s avoir beaucoup appr ci celle qui traite sur Henry David Thoreau du m me auteur Le probl me ici est que je n avais aucune notion de base sur la vie ou l oeuvre de Nietzsche et donc Ett bd m a t tr s difficile suivre, mais je crois que c tait en partie voulu pour d montrer la fragilit psychologique du personnage et sa descente vers la folie Certains passages taient aussi difficiles lire cause de la police choisie.

    2 toiles pour la couleur et la manque de clart dans l histoire 3 toiles pour le dessin et la tendresse avec lequel les auteurs ont trait quelqu un qui n est pas normalement consid r avec tendresse a m a donn envie de d couvrir un peu plus sur l homme que je n ai jamais boum faire auparavant.

    Fredrik Strömberg
    Beautiful, evocative drawings and a comics biography that shuns the easy show and tell mode that I have read too many of The story gives glimpses into Nietzche s life, but does not try to recount everything I especially liked the free way in which Le Roy interpreted Nietzche s anxiety attacks An inspired visual biography.

    tolle bearbeitung der biographie von friedrich nietzsche wagner, die b se schwester und der langsame wahnsinn durch die syphilis kommen ebenso wenig zu kurz wie geschickt montierte dialoge ber zentrale philosophische inhalte vor allem die wahnsinn passagen haben mir sehr gut gefallen nicht direkt eine einf hrung aber doch eine gute erg nzung zum lesen der prim rliteratur.

    The story is very basic, I know a little bit about Nietzsche now than I did before, but I wish there were MORE The artwork is good, but too much sceneries The druged up insane dreams were well exicuted and I realy enjoyed the feel of them

    Na de les van Olmer heb ik deze strip voor de tweede keer gelezen en er meer van begrepen Het gaat meer over zijn leven dan over zijn werk Ik heb gezocht naar een dergelijke strip over de inhoud van zijn filosofie maar het niet gevonden.

    Mooi beeldverhaal van het leven van deze opmerkelijke filosoof.Toch ook heel wat bijgeleerd ondanks het feit dat het semi experimenteel beeldverhaal duidelijk doorwoog op het tekstuele gedeelte.Schopenauer Wagner Alzo sprach Ecce Homo Leipzig Nice Genua Hitler

    Andres Romero cortina
    It seems to me a formidable way to introduce someone to the life of a philosopher Great biography, amazing drawings and color management to drive ambience and feelings Short on narrative however concise and a door opener to move deeper into the early works of Nietzsche

    Sehr gut gezeichnet, aber am Ende wird es zu didaktisch

    Tr s jolies illustrations, nous replongeons dans la vie de Nietzsche et survolons ses id es avec plaisir.Tr s Onfray d associer vie du philosophe et ses th ories.

    • BEST AZW "↠ Nietzsche, se créer liberté" || UNLIMITED (EPUB) ✓
      Michel Onfray Maximilien Le Roy