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  • Title: Big Scary Monster
  • Author: Thomas Docherty
  • ISBN: 9780763647872
  • Page: 115
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Big Scary Monster By Thomas Docherty Big Scary Monster loves to shock his friends But if he wants to keep them, he will need to change his ways Big Scary Monster is one misunderstood beastie He loves to jump out and surprise his friends, but he s not mean, really Yet when his friends start hiding from him, he decides to look for new creatures to frighten only to wind up finding out he s a bit of a scarBig Scary Monster loves to shock his friends But if he wants to keep them, he will need to change his ways Big Scary Monster is one misunderstood beastie He loves to jump out and surprise his friends, but he s not mean, really Yet when his friends start hiding from him, he decides to look for new creatures to frighten only to wind up finding out he s a bit of a scaredy cat himself This funny, original story with a mind bending twist is a wonderful read aloud sure to engage little monsters everywhere.
    Thomas Docherty
    Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information Thomas Docherty was born in New Zealand but has spent most of his life in England He studied metalwork and sculpture and now has a collection of acclaimed picture books Thomas has been short listed for a variety of awards, including the Kate Greenaway Medal in 2009 for Little Boat.

    Big Scary Monster By Thomas Docherty


    Joshua Denton
    This book would be brilliant for teaching children about the differences found between people or animals and how these differences can affect people It is a silly book, but that is no bad thing and the art work is really good

    I really liked this children s book I liked the lesson moral of the story and the pictures were great Big Scary Monster likes the scare the creatures on the mountain but soon they start hiding from him and he has no one to scare any Down in the valley, he sees other creatures having fun so he decides to go down there and scare them Traveling down the mountain, Big Scary Monster starts to get smaller until he gets to the bottom and he realizes he is smaller than the creatures he wanted to scare W [...]

    Goshen PL Childrens
    Read at Storytime on October 25thTheme MonstersThis wasn t the best story we read at storytime but the kids liked it.

    Benjamin Miller
    I read Big Scary Monster by Thomas Docherty, this book is meant for Primary Students, which are ages 5 8 I d use this book primarily in Pre K, or Kindergarten, because it is a very silly book, and the art work is amazing The words are not very hard, and the story is pretty straight forward so they will be able to understand it This is a Fantasy book about Animals and a monster They are all able to speak The book begins with the Big Scary Monster constantly scaring everyone, all the little animal [...]

    Romanus Elangwe
    Big Scary Monster who knew he was big and scary, enjoyed the act of scaring smaller creatures, especially his neighbors All other creatures at the top of the mountain where he like loved playing together,but each time they least expected it, Boo The smaller creatures learned to hide from him and he had no one to scare any Bored of being alone he decided to go down the mountain to find company with smaller creatures as he viewed them from the top but as he went down, he found out that the rocks, [...]

    Several very cute animals including a rabbit, a pig, a hedgehog, a snake, and a dachshund frolic on the mountain until the Big Scary Monster shouts Boo and scares them away When the also very smart animals hide when he appears later, he eventually becomes lonely and decides that the animals frolicking below in the valley could also use a good scare Problem is, when Big Scary Monster arrives in the valley, he discovers what distance does to perspective, as the animals here are much bigger than HE [...]

    Romanaus Elangwe
    The big scary monster loved to scared other beasts at the top of the mountain When other animals started hiding from him, he decided to go down the mountain to scare those he thought were small but as he went down, he found that the objects he thought were small turned out to be bigger than himself Scared as he was, he decided to go back to the top, but all the creatures were gone and he was sad suddenly the big scary monster was again pleased to see the little creatures that he forgot about bei [...]

    This book is about a big scary and misunderstood monster He jumps out to surprise his friends but they run away terrified He is a really nice monster who just wants to make friends but he is finding it really difficult He left his world to go find other animals then he started to realize he was a big fish in a little pond literally Once he left his small town he found out he was no longer big and scary He finally got so scared that he went back to his town and all his little friends The big scar [...]

    1 On top of a mountain, Big Scary Monster is the scariest thing around He frightens all the animals and they hide from him He decides to go down the mountain to scare different animals and discovers that they are bigger and scarier than him He returns home and plays nicely with the other animals.2 This book is a great read about getting along with others Big Scary Monster thought being mean was the best, until he was afraid just like the other animals were I like that in the end, he makes friend [...]

    Caroline Watkinson
    The Big Scary Monster is always scaring the small animals, but because they learn to hide he goes in search of someone else to scare and instead gets scared himself so runs back and from then on learns to be friends with the small animals and no longer wants to be scary Lovely book, would definitely share with KS1 children about the importance of being nice to everyone no matter what they look like or how big or small they are I loved the classic story feel that the book had and now you can conn [...]

    Sue Pak
    The big scary monster scares the little creatures around and no one plays with him He goes off to a nearby land where things seem small at first, then gradually gets bigger as he gets close He becomes the small creature of that land and is scared by a creature from there I would use this book to teach perception Things are smaller as they are farther away, and bigger when they are closer I think this book can be used for Kindergarten to 1st grade.I think this book is also about the golden rule t [...]

    Christine Turner
    Big Scary Monster is one misunderstood beastie He loves to jump out and surprise his friends, but he s not mean, really Yet when his friends start hiding from him, he decides to look for new creatures to frighten, only to wind up finding out he s a bit of a scaredy cat himself hcplConcept of self perception is addressed.

    This is the first book my husband read to the baby still in my belly in hopes of establishing a relationship with Baby We read that the the baby hears Daddy s voice, the better a bond the baby will have with Daddy when Baby is born What I liked so much about this book is the pages where the monster says, Boo because it was so cute to watch my husband try to scare Baby.

    I tend to like books about monsters because all children go through a monster phase and picture books are a great way of handling this fear I like the concept of this book self perception and how everything is a matter of perspective Also it is fun how the game turns and the ending pages are adorable with all the animals hiding along the rock.

    Liz Todd
    This book would be so cool if it wasn t so confusing We agreed as a family that the story would have been clear if there would have been 2 separate groups of animals that did not look alike I think this would be a really fun read aloud Great opportunities for yelling BOO together Interesting conversation, too about how things in the distance look smaller than they actually are.

    3.5 StarsSize is truly relativeere will always be things smaller than you and things that are bigger than you.The book is about bullying and realizing the things you are bullying could be friends you can play the boo game with

    I liked this fun twist on the monster story and I think kids will too The illustrations are great and the story helps put things into perspective you re only as big as you feel and there may be someone bigger than you.

    I think he s a cute monsterbut to the creatures smaller than him, he is the big scary monster , who experiences an interesting transformation when he goes down the mountain to a place where he is scared than scary Charming for preschoolers who can grasp the idea of perspective.

    Between three and four stars It s charming but probably ultimately forgettable I like that it introduces the idea of perspective but just doesn t stand up against gems such as I m the Biggest Thing in the Ocean.

    Jess Brown
    I like the monster stories that play on the fact that monsters have feelings, too This was a cute one in that respect Best for younger elementary kids or preschoolers.

    Margo Dill
    This is a cute picture book love the illustrations and the animals and the idea The ending seemed off to me but I can t put my finger on it.

    37 months O always enjoys a monster book Cute illustrations and the story was ok Interesting idea, change in perspective from big to little Putting the shoe on the other foot so to say.

    Tanya W
    Kids loved it and wanted to read it multiple times for me good for a kids book other than that, what s the point.

    Really really cute pictures.

    I did not really like it.

    PB 41 Okay storyline, but has some great pictures

    great book, fun read a loud

    this is such a neat story I love it.

    It s all about perspective Somewhat overly simple, but still a cute story Good for overcoming a fear of monsters after all, they re not scary if you don t want them to be.

    This is a fun story, a good read aloud It is short but is a good introduction to the concept of artistic perspective things get bigger as you get closer.

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