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  • Title: The Witch of Blackbird Pond
  • Author: Elizabeth George Speare
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  • Page: 314
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  • The Witch of Blackbird Pond By Elizabeth George Speare Orphaned Kit Tyler knows, as she gazes for the first time at the cold, bleak shores of Connecticut Colony, that her new home will never be like the shimmering Caribbean island she left behind In her relatives stern Puritan community, she feels like a tropical bird that has flown to the wrong part of the world, a bird that is now caged and lonely The only place where KitOrphaned Kit Tyler knows, as she gazes for the first time at the cold, bleak shores of Connecticut Colony, that her new home will never be like the shimmering Caribbean island she left behind In her relatives stern Puritan community, she feels like a tropical bird that has flown to the wrong part of the world, a bird that is now caged and lonely The only place where Kit feels completely free is in the meadows, where she enjoys the company of the old Quaker woman known as the Witch of Blackbird Pond, and on occasion, her young sailor friend Nat But when Kit s friendship with the witch is discovered, Kit is faced with suspicion, fear, and anger She herself is accused of witchcraft
    Elizabeth George Speare
    I was born in Melrose, Massachusetts, on November 21, 1908 I have lived all my life in New England, and though I love to travel I can t imagine ever calling any other place on earth home Since I can t remember a time when I didn t intend to write, it is hard to explain why I took so long getting around to it in earnest But the years seemed to go by very quickly In 1936 I married Alden Speare and came to Connecticut Not till both children were in junior high did I find time at last to sit down quietly with a pencil and paper I turned naturally to the things which had filled my days and thoughts and began to write magazine articles about family living Then one day I stumbled on a true story from New England history with a character who seemed to me an ideal heroine Though I had my first historical novel almost by accident it soon proved to be an absorbing hobby Elizabeth George Speare 1908 1994 won the 1959 Newbery Medal for THE WITCH OF BLACKBIRD POND, and the 1962 Newbery Medal for THE BRONZE BOW She also received a Newbery Honor Award in 1983, and in 1989 she was presented with the Laura Ingalls Wilder Award for her substantial and enduring contribution to children s literature.

    The Witch of Blackbird Pond By Elizabeth George Speare


    I really liked this book, and have therefore come to the conclusion that books written for children can be higher quality writing than books written for adults because there isn t this pressure to impress with heavy metaphor and poignant statements about life When adults write for adults there is too much pressure, adults writing for children understand that it is the story and the characters that matter most, and if those two are well written then I think you have a deep, satisfying book.

    Buy the truth, and do not sell it,also wisdom and instruction and understanding Psalm 23 23A wholly satisfying read and respectable look at Puritan life I m a 23 yr old in college guy, and Who knew I d get so emotionally invested I certainly didn t There were several parts when I was legitimately frustrated, angry, and a little teary eyed to level with you My favorite scenes were quite easily John s return home the teary eyes c mon I m just trying to give you an honest review as well as the fina [...]

    Joe Valdez
    My autumn witch a thon continues with The Witch of Blackbird Pond, the Newberry Medal winning novel by Elizabeth George Speare Published in 1958, I gather this is required reading in some public schools The Bookman in Orange carries new copies, while a buddy of mine named Steve Green at McClain s Coffeehouse in Fullerton caught me reading this and experienced a bad flashback to his junior high days I was enad by the finesse with which Speare propels her narrative and the historical detail she wi [...]

    Anne Osterlund
    Kit, Katherine Tyler, is a free spirit When her grandfather dies, she sells off his giant home in Barbados and sets sail to find her only remaining family in Connecticut colony She weathers a storm, avoids seasickness, and even manages to wrangle two entire conversations out of the blue eyed son of the ship s captain.However, the Connecticut mainland has a sharper edge than any of the challenges on board ship How can Kit bear the insidious patience required to drop cornmeal in a bowl one pinch a [...]

    A good witch is hard to find.I should know I ve been searching for one my entire life.So, I went into this read thinking maybe this is her the witch of blackbird pond Maybe she will finally be the tatter haired witch that Karla Kuskin decribes, or the magical prognosticator, chanting, canting, calculator that Felice Holman makes me want to meet.I wasn t looking for a Bellatrix LeStrange, I just wanted the witch I ve been waiting for And I didn t find her here.Nope No real witches here Just a bun [...]

    FULL REVIEW HERE literarycafe.weebly home t She snatched at the dream that had comforted her for so long It was faded and thin, like a letter too often read A search of identity, belonging, friendship, and breaking social class boundaries, this book is uncharacteristically deep for young adult novels Not only is the time period historically accurate, but Elizabeth George Spear incorporates easy to read, yet distinct and complex, accents From the Quaker witch , to the Barbados Kit Tyler, to the C [...]

    A serious favourite from my formative youth, strange and harsh and nearly illicitly romantic so that I reread it, no matter how much Kit s predicament upset and scared me mobs and trials and institutions are some of my worst fears.Reading it quickly now for the first time in English many decades after first finding it in the small town library, I m struck by how good a book it is Many, amongst them the woman who raised formed me as well as Narnia, crumble in retrospect, but there was a reason I [...]

    Sarah Mac
    So I read this for the first time since 5th grade.As a kid, the romance between Kit Nat gave me great anxiety I really wanted them to end up together The idea that they might not was excruciating because it was SO OBVIOUS that they were the OTP of this book when I picked it up again after so many years, I remembered little else about the story But as an adult, two things stand out the relationship between Kit her uncle Matthew, the complete lack of sexual menace in a period rife with that partic [...]

    This is a breathtaking book It takes us to Puritan New England, in the colony of Connecticut Sixteen year old Katherine Kit arrives in America after having been brought up by her grandfather in Barbados Her liberal Shakespeare reading, ocean swimming, silk dress wearing upbringing did nothing to prepare her for the inflexibility and piousness of her aunt s family that takes her in In fact, Kit s free thinking and outspoken ways create suspicion and irrational fear.Speare s characters are fleshed [...]

    Katherine Arden
    This book got me into historical fiction which is the genre perhaps closest to my heart The conflict between freedom and responsibility, between individual and family and community ring as clear today as they did when I first read this book as a kid

    This is my 9th Newbery Medal book and maybe the best so far Well written with good characters, especially Kit Tyler, the young lady who is the heroine of the novel There is a bit of a history lesson here also since the setting is 1687 in Wethersfield of the Connecticut Colony where the heavy handed Puritan s are dispensing their brand of religion and law You can get an idea of the plot from the book description, but it plays out on the pages so well with such a strong, young female character tha [...]

    Andrei Bădică
    Unul dintre cele mai frumoase romane pe care le am citit vreodat

    3.5 StarsThe problem with re reading childhood favorites, is they very rarely live up to my memories RTC

    The Captain
    Ahoy there mateys This being Banned Books Week and having just finished a historical fiction about witchcraft in England, I thought it be high time to read the beloved favorite I reread this in one delightful sitting.This book is a young adult historical fiction about a girl named Katherine, i.e Kit, who is forced to leave her home in Barbados and move to Connecticut to live with her Aunt and Uncle She goes from a care free rich island lifestyle to a hard working Puritan one in America It is a t [...]

    I know this is a classic A Newberry award winner for juvenile fiction, I can hardly criticize such a loved book Sadly, I did not read this when it was meant to be read, as a youth struggling to know it s important to do the right thing than to fit in with what everybody else is doing.Important, worthy lesson, but after reading two young adult novels this week with very similar themes does this happen to anyone else I always seem to inadvertently read books in themes , I feel there is something [...]

    Now I recall why I wasn t a huge fan of his book while I was a kid Between the main character lamenting every single moment that she s being worked like a slave and the Puritans sounding scarily familiar about people being evil if they don t worship as they do, I was over this book almost as soon as I started it.Taking place in 1687, we get a sneak peek at the colonies prior to the American revolution The main character Kit who has lived in Barbados her whole life with her grandfather as her onl [...]

    Terrible book IMHO

    Jan Rice
    Sticks and stones will break my bones,but words will never hurt me.Well, unless you happen to be in court being tried for witchcraft You will listen to the charges against you A clerk read from a parchment, giving full weight and due to every awful word ________ _____, thou art here accused that not having the fear of God before thine eyes thou hast had familiarity with Satan the grand enemy of God and man, and that by his instigation and help thou hast in a preternatural way afflicted and done [...]

    Primul lucru care m a atras la aceast carte a fost coperta, desigur Nu i a a c este superb S fiu sincer nu m a teptam ca povestea s mi plac at t de mult, de i Simona mi spusese c este fain Ce s zic, am nceput anul excelent, cu c r i foarte bune D Kit, protagonista noastr , este for at s p r seasc insula Barbados dup moartea bunicului s u i porne te ntr o c l torie lung pe corabia Delfinul pentru a ajunge la m tu a sa n colonia Connecticut, singura ei rud r mas n via De i este o fire prietenoas , [...]

    Amy Greenfield
    A fish out of water story that brought the seventeenth century alive for me What did I love about it when I was a teen Its restless, stubborn, impulsive heroine, Kit Its confident, outspoken, sea faring hero, Nat Steadfast Mercy and shy John whose story still makes my heart beat a little faster A historical setting so vivid that my real life paled beside it And sigh one of the most romantic last scenes ever Re reading it now, I can see that it was shaped by the time it was written in the 1950s a [...]

    I ve been muddling through a few serious books for the last several days, so I finally picked up an old friend instead Elizabeth George Speare s The Witch of Blackbird Pond.The book s protagonist, sixteen year old Kit Tyler, leaves 17th century Barbados to live with her aunt in Puritan New England Not too surprisingly, Kit does not fit well in her new environment She has been pampered and spoiled She is a Royalist and an Anglican She can swim.Kit is not the ideal heroine for a 21st century audie [...]

    Re read 3.22.17I ve read this book easily over 20, maybe 30, times yet it still remains one of my all time favoritesRe read 2013I was around 11 years old the first time Mom read The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare out loud to us That was a good year for read out louds We were studying American history, and that meant Johnny Tremain, Carry On Mr Bowditch, Sign of the Beaver, and Calico Bush My favorite, though, the book I picked up and read and re read until I wore out our copy [...]

    Gray Cox
    I loved this book when I was twelve, and re reading it made me notice all of the amazing themes and morals in it now

    Masterful Unhurried and understated Simple, yet deep enough for a young child to appreciate the first layer, while sensing something Beautifully done Highly recommended to anyone looking for a good children s book.I haven t read a children s book this deep in a long time Every character had inner conflict and multiple layers enough to keep the interaction new and spontaneous, their character traits growing, the plot diverse and unpredictable.It was a breath of fresh air not to be able to see wh [...]

    Forced to leave her sunny Caribbean home for the bleak Connecticut Colony, Kit Tyler is filled with trepidation As they sail up the river to Kit s new home, the teasing and moodiness of a young sailor named Nat doesn t help Still, her unsinkable spirit soon bobs back up What this spirited teenager doesn t count on, however, is how her aunt and uncle s stern Puritan community will view her In the colonies of 1687, a girl who swims, wears silk and satin gowns, and talks back to her elders is not o [...]

    Rating 5 5 Rar s a mai nt mplat ca o carte s ne transporte n a a fel n via a din secolul al XVII lea New York Herald Tribune O carte remarcabil , plin de energie i de empatie BookmarkNu tiu cum se face dar n ultima perioad am reu it s citesc multe c r i care mi au pl cut De aceast dat v voi vorbi despre Vr jitoarea de la Iazul Mierlei de Elizabeth George Speare, o carte care a ap rut la YoungArt luna trecut nc de la primele pagini ale acestei c r i am sim it c voi iubi aceast lectur la nebunie i [...]

    Recommended for Ages 8 to Adult or slightly younger as a read aloud Rating PGThis is another one of those books that my mom read to my sisters and me over lunch when we were young It also became a family read aloud several years later The only other book I can think of that did this is Anne of Green Gables I loved The Witch of Blackbird Pond dearly even as a young child I can remember stamping my foot and loudly declaring, She s not a witch It, with the same author s The Bronze Bow and Esther Fo [...]

    Reread September Four stars I am so sad this was not as good as I remembered Like it was still pretty good But not as much as I thought The characters were not as well rounded as I remembered And I found myself not as much rooting for the romance I was like get to know about each other.But, besides that I didn t remember about curse word that was used, by our main guy, who was for me, or used to be, at least a fictional crush But now I am like dude your motto should be tries to be romantic but [...]

    There was nothing WOW STUPENDOUS about this book I like it well enough The witch trial was my favorite part, but that was the highlight of the whole book for me The plot was slow almost the whole time.Kit was an okay heroine She does what she thinks is right and stands by it but she didn t have much personality Her spontaneousness wasn t that spontaneous Kit was rich so she felt very degraded by all of the work she was told to do That bothered me because she felt like only servants did that sort [...]

    If you don t like this book, I don t want to hear it I don t know how I missed it during my childhood, but I m making up for it now.Like Arthur Miller, Elizabeth George Speare wrote about witch hunts during the 1600s as a parallel to the Red Scare of the 1950s A question bubbled up in my mind as I read this is good historical fiction timeless Published in 1958, during a period not exactly known for its tolerance, The Witch of Blackbird Pond beautifully depicts Kit Tyler s year living in the colo [...]

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      Elizabeth George Speare