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  • Title: Heston's Fantastical Feasts
  • Author: Heston Blumenthal
  • ISBN: 9781408808603
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Heston's Fantastical Feasts By Heston Blumenthal A tie in to the series of Heston s Channel 4 TV programme.
    Heston Blumenthal
    Heston Blumenthal is chef patron of The Fat Duck in Bray, a three Michelin starred restaurant known for its whimsical, scientific and creative style of cookery and famed for being named World s Best Restaurant than once.At the age of 16, Heston travelled to France with his family for the first time and became fascinated with the world of food He spent the next decade learning the basics of French cuisine from books and working as everything from a photocopier salesman to a debt collector to fund annual research trips to France One of the books that most influenced him was On Food and Cooking by Harold McGee, which questioned the fundamental rules of the kitchen and explored the science of cooking.Heston opened The Fat Duck in 1995 with no financial backing On the second day of opening the oven exploded, and Heston spent the rest of service with a bag of frozen peas on his head Gradually, the restaurant eventually moved from serving simple French bistro food to the innovative, rule breaking, multi sensory tasting menu it serves today Perhaps what is most extraordinary about the success of The Fat Duck is that Heston is entirely self taught, save for three weeks spent in a few professional kitchens.

    Heston's Fantastical Feasts By Heston Blumenthal


    Very interesting book Its like a cookbook biography It was definitely like watching those travel channel shows cooking channels, which I assume he was going for because it was a TV show to I liked the photos and thought the concept and ideas for his feasts were pretty cool but it just wasn t my cup of tea overall.

    The format is appealing, the photographs are artful and plentiful as well as printed on the same matte paper as the rest of the book, which I appreciated in a tactile sense because I find paging from matte to glossy and back again to be distracting, and the reading is entertaining, but there is so much left out I wanted to read much about the evolution of the dishes he ultimately prepares as well as those recipes which never panned out.The author claims that it is due to size constraints of the [...]

    DeAnna Knippling
    This book was both brilliant and frustrating It s a book collecting some of the recipes from a BBC TV show, Heston s Feasts He does things like make an edible graveyard, lickable wallpaper, or floating desserts wonderful stuff If you re into how to play with your food, it s a good book You get failed attempts and how they morphed into later dishes, too, which usually ends up being pretty entertaining.However, there are drawbacks you don t get all the recipes you don t even get pictures of how al [...]

    Annette Nordheim
    Of course this, as most of Heston Blumenthal s books, is almost unusable as an actual cookbook Nevertheless it is enourmously entertaining to read about his fantastical, challenging and unlikely meals, and it might just give you an odd idea or two till next time you have some adventurous friends over for dinner I personally am planning to serve edible gravestones at next halloween party.

    beautifully presented book I bought it for the recipes but it also contains some narative which reads suspiciously like the actual conversations which you see on the tv series none the less its a wonderful resource and enjoyable read.

    Heston s approach to cooking, as history, folklore, fantasy and art is simply amazing Not sure I d want to actually eat much of this food, but I really enjoyed in stories and creativity.

    Bil u gr mata ar pr tam neaptveramiem Hestona izdomas aug iem Nelietojama t pat ka citas vi as gr matas.

    Angela Randall
    Bruce won this book for tweeting a bad pun It seems to be a tribute to some of the strangest food there is.

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      Heston Blumenthal