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  • Title: The Biggest Game in Town
  • Author: Al Álvarez
  • ISBN: 9780811834346
  • Page: 296
  • Format: Paperback

  • The Biggest Game in Town By Al Álvarez Called the best book ever written on poker by players and critics alike, The Biggest Game in Town is a sought after classic thats finally available in print again Acclaimed author A Alvarez delves into the seedy, obsessive world of high stakes Vegas poker, where the next best thing to playing and winning is playing and losing Uncovering an exotic underground rich inCalled the best book ever written on poker by players and critics alike, The Biggest Game in Town is a sought after classic thats finally available in print again Acclaimed author A Alvarez delves into the seedy, obsessive world of high stakes Vegas poker, where the next best thing to playing and winning is playing and losing Uncovering an exotic underground rich in ambiance and eccentricity, The Biggest Game in Town is a magnificent book San Francisco Chronicle , a real one of a kind.
    Al Álvarez
    Al lvarez is an English poet, novelist, essayist, writer and critic who publishes under the name A lvarez and Al lvarez.Born Alfred lvarez, he was educated at Oundle School and Corpus Christi College, Oxford, where he took a First in English After teaching briefly in Oxford and the USA, he became a full time writer in his late twenties.From 1956 to 1966, he was the poetry editor and critic for The Observer, where he introduced British readers to John Berryman, Robert Lowell, Sylvia Plath, Zbigniew Herbert, and Miroslav Holub His 1962 poetry anthology The New Poetry was hailed at the time as a fresh departure It championed the American style, in relation to the perceived excessive gentility of British poetry of the time The author of many non fiction books he is best known for his study of suicide, The Savage God, which gained added resonance from his friendship with Sylvia Plath In 2010 he was awarded the A.C.Benson Medal by the Royal Society of Literature.

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    I love love love this book, and wrote a large piece on it for Card Player in 2006 after interviewing Alvarez by phone Al Alvarez The Biggest Game in Town How An English Poet Penned the Best Poker Book Ever WrittenTwenty five years ago, an English poet, critic and avid poker player named Al Alvarez flew across the Atlantic to Las Vegas, checked in at Binion s Horseshoe Casino to watch the World Series of Poker, then sat down and produced the best poker narrative ever written The Biggest Game in T [...]

    A look at the key players in the poker world in the late 70s early 80s Almost liked it Can t put my finger on why it s not a 3 star, because there was something about it I did like The characters and the city seemed to be made into caricatures of themselves, but then again, maybe that s truly how they were Maybe I m comparing it to the Stuey Unger book that I liked so much and this wasn t that.

    Didn t think I was going to enjoy a book about Vegas I just got back and was sick and tired of the place But Alvarez writes about the place in such a way that almost made me want to go back next week.

    Frequently described as the best book about poker ever written and I won t argue with that It s quite good.

    A Brit decides to write a book about the Poker scene in Las Vegas in the 1980, and in doing so paints a complex picture of the personalities that dominated Poker at the time.

    William Milks
    Short and fun Just a poker book Game has changed a lot written in 1982.

    Tyler Jones
    In 1983 Al Alvarez wrote a book called The Biggest Game in Town It was both a history of poker and an account of the 1981 main event which was won by Stu Ungar Alvarez was and is a great writer of both poetry and prose, and was also Sylvia Plath s close friend and editor He knows how to put words together and he also knows a lot about poker, being a long time player himself The combination of writing ability an deep knowledge of his subject makes The Biggest Game in Town, in quite a few people s [...]

    The first half was very interesting, a study of the gambling personality The second half not so much.

    Robert Beveridge
    A Alvarez, The Biggest Game in Town Houghton Mifflin, 1983 originally posted 14Aug2000 Someone who s not involved in the wonderful world of gambling may look at Alvarez spirited and slightly surreal view of the World Series of Poker 1981 as a study in caricature No one s like this, I can hear them saying No one s really that obsessive over this kind of thing It s just a game, right Let me tell you something, and this is coming from the perspective of a guy for whom 64 on a pick six ticket is a y [...]

    Las Vegas is no a place for childhood than it is a place for sensibility It is a town without grace and without nuance, where the only useful virtues are experience, survival and money In Vegas, they weigh you up in gold, said Jack Straus They call it the golden rule the man who has the gold makes the rules Page 40 The Biggest Game in Town gives you the 1970 s history of the World Series of Poker, held at Jack Binion s Horseshoe Casino, along with small biographies of some of the hardcore pro p [...]

    Great book that really gets in to the psychology of those playing at the absolute top end of the poker world the kind of people who can win or lose hundreds of thousands of dollars on the turn of a card and without batting an eye Both exhilarating and depressing, The Biggest Game in Town is about a gritty Las Vegas of the late 70 s and early 80 s before the rise of the shiny mega casino and the chain smoking, overweight, bizarre personalities who are compelled to live in the desert to match wits [...]

    Last year I read Positively Fifth Street, a book about poker whose author entered the World Series of Poker and described the experience The inspiration for that book was this book, widely regarded by poker players as one of the best poker books ever written This goes to show you that poker players should stick to cardplaying and leave the bookreviewing to people with taste This book is not nearly as energetic or enthralling as Positively Fifth Street You don t end up wanting to play poker you d [...]

    This is my second poker stories book in a couple of years, after Positively Fifth Street , and I am going to slow down my rate This one, written before Positively, felt pretty similar I did notice a different style in this one though it really stood out for me I think because I read that the author is a poet, I was looking to see how this was unlike other similar books that were written by journalists magazine writers This one felt like, of all things, a soundtrack album There were themes repeat [...]

    Another poker classic on my Shelf of Honor A Alvarez was a close friend of Sylvia Plath and was best known prior to this book as the author of a study contemplation of suicide, The Savage God enpedia wiki Al_Alvarez This book is also about the World Series of Poker see my comments about Positively Fifth Street but written about 20 years before James McManus s account in the days when the participants numbered in the dozens, not thousands, and the 10,000 entry fee really MEANT something

    Great travel writing esque review of the 1981 World Series of PokerWritten by someone from the UK, the perspective of the outsider looking in to the Vegas of that era is a novel way to see Glitter Gulch, than other histories of Vegas I ve read.Definitely, written for those with an affinity for poker and the major players whose personalities come out so well in the anecdotes and interviews Alvarez includes.

    Luis Perez
    Nonfiction A writer and amateur poker player from Britain swoops into Las Vegas for three weeks to observe and write about the characters of the game and their fates at the 1981 World Series of Poker.If you like poker, you will like this book.One other note This book will not help you become a better player It s not a book of strategy or techniques, although the pros in this book do reveal some insight into their thought processes.

    One Flew
    Insightful and thought provoking As a poker enthusiast i loved this book, the endless poker stories and industry overviews Alvarez did very well to give an unbiased view to the Vegas scene and the immense highs and lows of the gamblers life Probably a enjoyable read for the other degenerate gamblers out there like me, though still a great introduction to the subject if you re an outsider.Well worth the read.

    This edition is hardback.This brief book on poker players in Las Vegas, especially the 1981 World Series of Poker, was interesting, but I think I gave it away not something I thought I d ever read again The writing reminded me of one of those long New Yorker articles Which is to say the writing was good but somehow lightweight It would be of much interest to a confirmed and avid poker play Let s call it 2.75 stars.

    Surprised me with its quality Embraces the romanticism of poker while still exploring the deep underlying dysfunction of its heroes Fun How much of the world described is gone though Most players probably don t carry weapons as a matter of routine any.Written by a foreigner, so there s a lot of neat observations about America and the narratives we enjoy spread throughout.

    Really well written account of the 1981 World Series of Poker and a treatise on poker in general Alvarez s prose is superb and his descriptions of the game s history, characters, and tournament action paints a romantic picture of America s true passtime also, a quick read at 18o pages.

    Short and well written If you want a feel for what the poker world was like in the 80s this is a pretty solid place to start.It is a bit rambly, and Alvarez is a bit too obsessed with linking everything back to literature Overall though, worth a read.

    Faultless prose, solid content, nicely culled imageries and dialogues The book meanders a bit what essayistic project doesn t , but I like that the picture of Las Vegas Alvarez painted for me he managed to inform without judge, which is impressive Sociology 200 pages

    A slim volume that had some great moments with the characters in the 1981 World Series of Poker Unfortunately, it was a bit too slim, and the author never really gave enough time to any one player Still, worth a read if you re interested in some of the early years of the WSOP.

    Bob Mckay
    Arguably the best book on written on high stakes poker Has some interesting Las Vegas history as well If you like this I would recommend Positively Fifth Street a blend of the telling of the Ted Binion murder intertwined with the authors experience playing in the WSOP.

    Dave Peticolas
    Wow, what a book An account of the 1981 World Series of poker, focusing on the personalities and strange sub culture of the high stakes professional gambling circuit.

    A classic in poker literature and a portrait of the World Series of Poker before it became the bloated, corporate shill game it has warped into Not that I don t love it.

    Phil Simon
    Best gambling book I ve ever read.

    Christoph Weber
    weberseite buecher the

    This was a fun look into the lifestyles of professional poker players my brother is one Perhaps a bit dated if that is liable to bother you.

    Mike Hoffman
    Terrific writer, great story

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