[E-Book] Ê Unlimited ↠ Resident Mad Scientist : by Howard Tayler ↠ #2020

  • Title: Resident Mad Scientist
  • Author: Howard Tayler
  • ISBN: 9780977907472
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Paperback

  • Resident Mad Scientist By Howard Tayler Commander Kevyn Andreysn invented the Teraport so when something huge goes horribly wrong and starts interfering with every teraport in the galaxy Kevyn may be the only person who can set it right Resident Mad Scientist is the sixth book in the Schlock Mercenary comic series.
    Howard Tayler
    Howard spent most of his happy childhood in Florida where he was on the swim team in grade school, and in a rock band in high school He graduated in 1985 and moved to Utah to attend Brigham Young University After two years there, he served two years as a missionary for the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints the Mormons , after which he returned to school at BYU and decided to move to Provo permanently after graduating and getting married.He currently works full time as a cartoonist, writing, drawing, and coloring Schlock Mercenary, as well as doing comics for assorted corporate clients He is married to author and editor Sandra Tayler.See the author page on Schlock Mercenary website

    Resident Mad Scientist By Howard Tayler


    Jesse Whitehead
    Somewhere between The Tub of Happiness and Resident Mad Scientist Howard Taylor learned how to tell a powerful science fiction story that gets resolved satisfactorily, makes sense, doesn t have any Deus Ex Machina except the ones he s telling a joke about and will make you laugh even while you are gasping in shock.Having read the online comic I can say that he only gets better from here His artwork has improved significantly form the first books but if you are looking for the kind of intricate d [...]

    A few pages in to this collection of Tayler s webcomic there s a note saying that the following strips started on Halloween, and are a bit darker than the usual sci fi hilarity AND THEN HE KILLS A MAJOR CHARACTER What the actual hell, Howard So of course I had to keep reading because I love Schlock and Tagon s Toughs and everything Howard writes and draws What can be said If you don t know Schlock Mercenary, don t start here, start with The Tub of Happiness, which is the first collection of t [...]

    So, if epic is scale, then this is uberepic.I really got a big kick out of this story arc Lots of death, galaxy explosions, and even a rabid AI fleetmind deciding to take the battle over to andromeda What could go wrong Oh, and our favorite mercenaries are 1 2 with one on early retirement I doubt that ll last I tell you, I ve got to get me a few of those antimatter epaulettes That s what puts command in a commander, assuming he survives the nearly 13 kiloton explosion, of course.

    Howard Tayler really knows how to make a storyline about saving the entire galaxy from an external attack Even better, he knows how to conclude it in just a few strips that make you smile I don t know how he is going to end the Schlock Mercenary series if he ever will , but I m sure the ending will be just perfect.

    Vernon Ray
    Mon Canard est en Feu This is the one where the Schlock really hits the fan.

    Neil Fein
    A great addition to the Schlock Mercenary series The review below is correct, the author information is incorrect Howard Tayler is the primary author.

    The way they go through ships and weapons and 3 the 77 Maxims

    The best part of this book is the bonus story Garden Gnomes vs Garden Ninjas sounds like lots of fun Baby Schlock was also really adorable I probably wouldn t be thinking that if he wasn t a cartoon though 3 1 16 ReviewI can t say that I found this one as funny as the last five books, but it s still easily my favorite so far It s so unlike the rest and really broadens the whole scope of the Schlock world There s no limit to what can happen there I thought this book was wholly original and kept m [...]

    I m not sure that this data is correct, since the title should be Schlock Mercenary Resident Mad Scientist and it s by multiple people Sandra Tayler did layout Howard Tayler did story, pencils, and inks Travis Walton did colors And Dan Willis worked on the bonus story Wonderful book, and it contains one of my favorite arcs in Schlock Mercenary concerning time travel.

    really enjoy the daily web comic.

    Different layout I really like this one, particularly the bonus story.

    Interestinger and interestinger.

    Jessica Petree
    Every Schlock book I read just gets better and better The date read is approximate.

    Reread this last week Still excellent It s hard to combine consistent humor with deep characters, worldbuilding, and plot, but Howard Taylor pulls it off.

    • [E-Book] Ê Unlimited ↠ Resident Mad Scientist : by Howard Tayler ↠
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