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  • Title: And Thereby Hangs a Tale
  • Author: Jeffrey Archer
  • ISBN: 9780330513685
  • Page: 178
  • Format: Paperback

  • And Thereby Hangs a Tale By Jeffrey Archer Jamwal and Nisha fall in love while waiting for a traffic light to turn green in Delhi begins one of the 15 short stories Jeffrey Archer has gathered from around the globe during the past five years in this, his sixth collection, of enthralling short stories.From Germany comes Masterpiece, the tale of a priceless oil painting that has remained in the same family forJamwal and Nisha fall in love while waiting for a traffic light to turn green in Delhi begins one of the 15 short stories Jeffrey Archer has gathered from around the globe during the past five years in this, his sixth collection, of enthralling short stories.From Germany comes Masterpiece, the tale of a priceless oil painting that has remained in the same family for over 200 years, untilTo the Channel Islands, and Members Only, where a golf ball falls out of a Christmas cracker and a young man s life will never be the same againTo Italy, where a young man trying to book a hotel room ends up in bed with the receptionist, unaware that sheTo England, where, in High Heels, a woman explains to her husband why a pair of designer shoes couldn t have gone up in flames becauseSome of these stories will make you laugh Others will bring you to tears And once again, every one of them will keep you spellboundIS EDITION ONLY FOR SALE IN THE INDIAN SUBCONTINENT
    Jeffrey Archer
    Jeffrey Howard Archer, Baron Archer of Weston super Mare born 15 April 1940 is an English author and former politician.He was a Member of Parliament and deputy chairman of the Conservative Party, and became a life peer in 1992 His political career, having suffered several controversies, ended after a conviction for perverting the course of justice and his subsequent imprisonment He is married to Mary Archer, a scientist specialising in solar power Outside politics, he is a novelist, playwright and short story writer linkuscmillan author jeffre

    And Thereby Hangs a Tale By Jeffrey Archer


    Mansuriah Hassan
    I always love Jeffrey Archer s works The attention to detail he gives to his characters is something I love They seem real and not dipped in frivolity Every detail seems to serve a purpose to propel the story.This book contains a total of 15 short stories 10 of them were based on true events While the remaining 5 of were the result of the author s imagination Truly the book contains interesting short stories, each stories are great quick read with surprise endings Archer navigates his literary g [...]

    Due to a bad memory, I thought this was a collection of short stories about animals It s not There are 15 general fiction stories that were enhanced by a good reader I ve only read Kane Able by Archer that was years ago, but I enjoyed it He popped up in my newsfeed for some reason then I saw the audio book, so I gave it a shot I m glad I did.The stories are Stuck On You The Queen s Birthday Telegram High Heels Blind Date Where There s a Will Double Cross I Will Survive A Good Eye Members Only Th [...]

    I have already repeatedly explained or justified my total weakness for twist in the tale books And Jeffery Archer is the man who introduced me to the genre so I am going to give him a little extra for being my first There are probably less than dozen stories, some are better than others A few are a little too long My favorite was the Queen s Telegram

    I love Jeffrey Archer He ranks high on my list of favorite authors of all time.but I just can t get into short stories I either want them to be longer.or I want them to be over I struggle when they pop up on a must read list But if I must read themhe is my go to author I liked the pace of these and they had some his magic woven in So 3 stars because of the author.

    The book is a collection of 15 short stories Out of which 10 stories are based on true incidents The stories based on true incidents are marked by an asterisk.1 Stuck on You I would rate this as an excellent story While reading we know what is going to happen, but don t know how.2 The Queen s Birthday Telegram I would rate this as an excellent story The story ends with a smile on your face.3 High Heels Again, I would rate this as an excellent story The comment at the end of the story by Jeffrey [...]

    3 to 3.5 stars for this short story collection by Jeffrey Archer.I absolutely love Jeffrey Archer s short stories I think he s one of the best atleast among the current crop of writers That being said, I have to say I was left slightly disappointed by And Thereby Hangs A Tale.This collection has 15 stories, of which 10 happen to be inspired from real events I think this must be the only compilation of his which has so many of these Sorry to say, most of these inspired tales lack the spark that s [...]

    It s a while since I ve read Jeffrey Archer I remember enjoying his books Cain and Abel, Prodigal Daughter, Shall We Tell the President and Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less so I had high expectations of And Thereby Hangs a Tale The title references a quote or quotes from Shakespeare and is itself included in three of the stories including the last line of the last story.And Thereby Hangs a Tale is a collection of short stories, most of which are apparently drawn from stories told to Archer by [...]

    Joseph McBee
    I have never been a fan of Jeffrey Archer s novels but I have always enjoyed his short story collections Until this one.When I asked one of my favorite writers what he thought of Archer s writing he relplied with one word pedestrian I can t disagree, but to tell the truth, that is one of the things I always liked about his work I am the kind of guy who likes reading on Facebook and Twitter what my friends had for lunch, or where they went for the weekend Archer s stories always appealed to me be [...]

    As expected from Jeffrey Archer I ve never actually read his full length novels, but from this collection I m pretty sure I d like his stories.This tome packs stories he d gathered all over the globe, some based on true stories, some imagined The writing style was modest, sometimes a little formulaic or too indulgent in my opinion, but overall it s good in the name of entertainment.Not to say that I like all or even one of the characters in the many short stories many of them were almost caricat [...]

    This book has shattered almost all of my Archer is a good story teller opinions This book is a collection of 15 short stories, some being Archer s own experiences while others just fiction However what is common between both the kinds is their ordinary quality Most of the stories failed to keep me engrossed and considering Archer s style of writing, the twists if they can be called so by the end of the stories were predictable Few of them were, as a matter of fact, horribly disappointing.

    Moira Fogarty
    A few of these stories were weaker than the others, but overall a fun collection to listen to on the train I always find Archer s writing relaxing his relentless obsession with money having it, buying status symbols with it, using it to impress and seduce women, losing it and regaining it against all odds is so overblown and utterly absurd, it s like watching an episode of Robin Leech s Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous brought into a tidy textual format I feel as though this is a man who contin [...]

    The good news is that Lord Archer still has that amazing gift of storytelling, the bad news is that the twists seem to have been blunted a bit Its probably the sheer amount of content that we encounter, or the tendency to predict the author s twist, or the way reality beats fiction these days, but compared to the author s earlier works, this one didn t induce the jaw dropping It d be tempting to say that since 10 of the 15 works are based on real life, the scope for the twist is limited by facts [...]

    Sofia Teixeira
    Uma Ponta de Verdade foi o primeiro livro que li deste autor e revelou se uma boa surpresa Foram quinze contos, todos bastante diversificados, a maioria baseados em casos reais e sempre com uma pitada bastante apurada de originalidade.A escrita do autor simples e directa e consegue com que nos envolvamos e de certa forma vivamos a hist ria das personagens.Dos quinze contos, houve dois que me surpreenderam mais Encontro s cegas, parecia ser um simples conto sobre um cego que, no seu caf habitual, [...]

    Jim B
    I enjoy Jeffrey Archer as a writer and this was an opportunity to sample a lot of different stories Besides telling stories where there is an interesting crime or interesting characters or a twist at the end, I also enjoy the dropping of the other shoe when a small detail in the beginning of the story for example, the character studies Shakespeare leads to a small detail later in the story, provoking a smile for me.My favorite stories in this book were the old man who was so concerned that his w [...]

    Sonia Gomes
    And Thereby Hangs A Tale consists of fifteen short stories None can be said to be extraordinary but most of them are really good and most of them are true With some you would know where its leading but with Jeffrey Archer it is not the where its leading as much as the how did it get there which is important One story that really has a quirky ending and would make you laugh in disbelief is The Queen s Birthday Telegram You know that the Nurse in Where There s a Will is out to get the Old Man s In [...]

    Siaw Hui
    I ve always been a fan of Jeffrey Archer s collection of short stories ever since I picked up A Quiver Full of Arrows for my high school subject of English Literature I ve always liked the way Archer keeps his prose short and sweet, and his unexpected plot twists are just that In And Thereby Hangs A Tale , Archer s knack for keeping things succinct and plot endings unexpected continues Further, the fact that some of the short stories in this set are true just sweetens the deal a tad bit And the [...]

    While I always prefer Archer in his full length, this collection of stories was quite interesting Some were great, others so so, but overall, I enjoyed them I found some that had me sitting on the edge of my seat, while others checking to see how many pages until they ended.Archer can be fickle, or at least I find myself being fickle when reading him I either love the story or I can t be bothered Such was the case here The dry wit of some stories kept me interested, while the drawn out and silly [...]

    Joy H.
    Added 8 14 15.I tried reading Archer s short stories in his book, And Thereby Hangs A Tale I didn t enjoy the stories I read I found them dry and too filled with uninteresting twists In order to reach the surprise endings , you have to read through too many explanations about the various paths the characters have to enact in order for the reader to reach the surprise ending.Another reason I didn t enjoy Archer s short stories is that his characters aren t likable It s no fun reading about dishon [...]

    Rishi Prakash
    It is not without reason that Jeffrey Archer is called a Master Story Telleronce again he has proved the same in this book I think writing short stories is the most difficult thing as you have to put everything in a very short space and hence I always admire those authors who manage to do it well and this is one such book where every story has come out great Go for it if you like short stories

    Graham Armstrong
    I have to admit this is the first Jeffrey Archer novel that I have read and the fact that it was filled with short stories made it a good introduction to his writing style and story telling Some of the short stories you want to be made into longer stories because you want to find out what happened to the characters All in all a great, quick read.

    I basically LOVE everything that Jeffrey Archer writes His short stories are always delightful in that they leave a smile on your face with their twists and turns 12 of the 15 in this collection were based on actual events Very crafty writing.

    Richa Sharma
    Stories from all over the world narrated by the master story teller, Jeffrey Archer Some keep you guessing, some have unexpected twists and some leave you craving for This book may finally motivate me to pick up of his works.

    Jim A
    One of the premiere story tellers and the master of the short story, Jeffrey Archer does it again Fifteen short stories, all of which contain a twist As with all compilations of short stories, some are better than others but all are worth reading.

    Golden Chiponda
    Everyone one of these stories kept me spellbound.

    Nice collection of Short stories by one of most favorite author Great read indeed.

    Sarah Jan
    A collection of stories that are quite captivating and great for a bedtime read since each story is complete in itself.

    Good One

    A collection of short stories in the same readable style as the Clifton chronicles Loved them.

    Dodol Surodol
    To me, Jeffrey Archer s strength is his mastery of storytelling As plots go, his range from ordinary, to not bad, to is he seriously trying to pull this off From a collection of Archer s short stories, I expect a little of everything, and And Thereby Hangs a Tale is no exception.1 Stuck on You He wants to propose to her She and the diamond she fancies are out of his league Together, they come up with a daring attempt at obtaining it anyway.I must admit that I saw the ending and the trick employe [...]

    Easily made it to my list of favorite short story collections of ALL TIME I m finally getting better at scoring great deals in thrift bookshops, and this is one of my best finds Jeffrey Archer is a revelation and I can t wait to look for of his work His writing is affecting and whimsical, very effective in creating imagery in so few words, and properly suspenseful even when I think I have the twists pinned I m always wrong either he s too good or I m awful at guessing reveals These stories made [...]

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