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  • Title: The Iron Daughter
  • Author: Julie Kagawa
  • ISBN: 9781426864155
  • Page: 149
  • Format: ebook

  • The Iron Daughter By Julie Kagawa Half Summer faery princess, half human, Meghan has never fit in anywhere Deserted by the Winter prince she thought loved her, she is prisoner to the Winter faery queen As war looms between Summer and Winter, Meghan knows that the real danger comes from the Iron fey ironbound faeries that only she and her absent prince have seen But no one believes her.Worse, Meghan s oHalf Summer faery princess, half human, Meghan has never fit in anywhere Deserted by the Winter prince she thought loved her, she is prisoner to the Winter faery queen As war looms between Summer and Winter, Meghan knows that the real danger comes from the Iron fey ironbound faeries that only she and her absent prince have seen But no one believes her.Worse, Meghan s own fey powers have been cut off She s stuck in Faery with only her wits for help Trusting anyone would be foolish Trusting a seeming traitor could be deadly But even as she grows a backbone of iron, Meghan can t help but hear the whispers of longing in her all too human heart.
    Julie Kagawa
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    The Iron Daughter By Julie Kagawa


    Mild spoilers ahead Since a picture s worth a thousand words and all that, allow me to sum up everything that happens in The Iron Daughter.Girl meets Boy.Girl becomes obsessed with Boy Boy treats Girl like crap and tells her to leave him alone, after insulting her in front of everyone.Girl does not react like this, as any self respecting female would have.Or even this, which would have sufficed.Girl decides to weep instead.Friend falls for Girl.Girl pines after Boy anyway.Boy tells Girl they can [...]

    I wasn t sure if I was going to give it 4 or 5 stars, because this book is very good, but it does has one mayor flaw that I found to be annoying.Meghan and Ash When you think about it What does she really know about him, besides that he s gorgeous and icy He tried to kill her several times now I don t know but that doesn t exactly scream boyfriend material to me Don t get me wrong, I nearly creamed myself when I read he has a silver stud in his ear Add the billowing coat and I m sold But having [...]

    Beware of spoilers What a complete disappointment compared to the utter bliss I felt from the first one Meghan is the reason why I gave this book a two I shall proceed to have my fangirl moments and my complaints now Fangirl moments 1 You see, the first 114 pages were decent However, I must say I had a deep longing to see my Puck I couldn t stand it I did not laugh or giggle once throughout the beginning, considering that Prince Ash is an absolute bore.When Puck finally made his grand entrance a [...]

    The second book in The Iron Fey series, The Iron Daughter definitely had my attention from start to finish I m a sucker for angst and emotional pain in my romances This book was jam packed with both However, it also had a healthy dose of action for the adventure junkies out there The Iron Daughter begins with Meghan in captivity at the Winter Court Ash has transformed into someone unrecognizable, denying any feelings for Meghan and turning his back on her As his antics become crueler, Meghan is [...]

    Simona Bartolotta
    This book is so compelling and exciting So much so that I need to share with you a detailed summary of the plot Hold your breath from now, because I swear it s a roller coaster Short but detailed recap Oh, please.I m so pissed off right now You don t need a machine gun to kill a fly No, but you d probably need one to kill a Meghan, so I d keep it within reach I m not some squealing cheerleader you have to babysit On this one I agree In comparison, cheerleaders have so much dignity that they coul [...]

    The Flooze
    6.12.2011 ETA Finished book three and this is one of the most frustrating YA series I ve read to date If you ve no tolerance for angsty, bratty, obtuse heroines, steer right clear of it When I first read The Iron King I enjoyed it I found Ash intriguing, Puck endearing, Grim deliciously mysterious, and the iron fey s origins refreshing I applauded Kagawa for conceptualizing a breed of fey borne of our obsession with technology I noticed obvious similarities between The Iron King and the movie La [...]

    Sophie Riggsby / allthingsequilateral
    See I have a thing about sequels they either hit the mark or they don t There s no in between point, at least not for me.And I loved The Iron King s mythology, charcters and plot, so I did have to wonder could Julie Kagawa do that all over again Well,YA Fantasy Fans, she did even What I loved about The Iron King was the mythology the nod to traditional faerie lore and then the completely justified and believable addition of an Iron Court This tilted the familiar power struggle between the Seeli [...]

    Fey, Fae, whatever you choose to call them, they are amazing, and while I haven t read so many books with fae, I am always astounded by the amazing stories they make up for.This one was a suprise The first one, it was really good but I never thought I d give the next one 5 stars, but it really was amazing so I couldn t help but giving the highest rating there is So, the book picks up from where it left off in the first book Ash delivers Meghan to the Unseelie Court What happens next is for you t [...]

    Note OMG the ending, God the ending kills man, you ve got to read this blah blah blah Love it I need the next book right now Book Review for Iron Daughter by Julie Kagawa Ray William Johnson Style Note Ray William Johnson is one of my fave vloggers on Youtube His videos are called Equals Three or 3 and he s bleep sound funny, need I say What s Happening Forum Guys now I m going to review this book and yeah let s use pros and cons to make it a teensy bit organizeall we Cool TransitionPros 1 Okay [...]

    2.75 A Buddy Read with the awesome MacHalos This could have been so much better than it is I don t know, maybe it is a case of it is not you, it is me situation, but I didn t really enjoy it at all I appreciate the thought and work that has gone into creating the book and the series as a whole and the previous book was not bad at all, but this one somehow took the air out of my enthusiasm for it It could also have to do with the type of relationship that is portrayed in this very serious and ang [...]

    I feel very conflicted at the moment, because I don t know what rating to give this The story itself was pretty good, and the ending was sweet, but it s just Meghan I don t think I can not take stars away from this book because of Meghan I did some thinking about it, and figured without Meghan, this book probably would have gotten three and a half stars from me With Meghan, I ve come to the conclusion that it gets two and a half stars I don t know if that s too much, and I m being too generous, [...]

    Final rating 3.5 5 starsI am so impressed because this was just soooooooo much interesting and better than the first one This was just coooooool while we are at it, i dont even know how to write this review properly.So you read this one, i suggest you read the Winter s Passage which is kind of necessary because it shows how Ash feels for Meghan and his warnings to her about Winter s court which she, of course, ignores and the trip to the Winter s court, with a danger around Anyway, i adored the [...]

    Yin Chien 인첸
    I had high expectations for this book even before I started reading it due to its brilliant debut I wasn t the least bit disappointed with The Iron Daughter It was as good as The Iron King, if not better They story has a powerful and thrilling plot which brings readers on a journey to retrieve the Scepter of Seasons which was stolen by a new kind of Faery called The Iron Fey.The beginning of the story started with Meghan staying in Tir Na Nog, the Winter Court, where Queen Mab is the monarch She [...]

    I don t think I even qualify to review this book as I gave it up after 100 something pages due to its sheer stupidity I liked its prequel The Iron King just fine, it was better than other YA Fae books in comparison, at least.In this book it was as if Meghan s character had taken a complete U turn She wasn t your kick butt heroine in the first book either but she was even worse in this Firstly, I had mentioned the same in my review of 1st book as well that Meghan and Ash didn t exactly lack chemi [...]

    To me, The Iron Daughter is a book ruined by the horror known to readers as silly unrealistic YA romance love triangle.Can you see the horror I think we need an exorcist hereeasemebody, HELP I actually like the setting about feys, I also like the description about the otherworldly landscapes and the different fey kingdoms, I enjoy the concept about the Iron Feys and the little twists and turns the author had offered.But what I can t stand is Meghan, the main character, acting like a whinny, impu [...]

    I love this series too much I promise my review s are coming but after this cliffhanger I can t NOT read The Iron Queen

    You re kidding me right That is not how you write a sequel I am beyond disappointed by this novel It was simply a chore to read And there is purely 1 reason for my general dislike of the novel MeganA.k.a The Bella Swan of the Iron Fey series I couldn t stand to read about her She was just so irritating I get it you re in love with Ash but I mean, c mon Have some self respect, girl Look I love romance I m the romance kinda gal If there isn t romance in a book, I ll make romance But I could not ta [...]

    I think I might have to move The Iron Daughter to the number one position over The Iron King This series is one of those that just keeps getting better I have big hopes for book number three The Iron Daughter leaves off right where the The Iron King stops That being said You might not want to read the rest of this review if you haven t read book number one, because it might be a tad bit SPOILERY You ve been warned I loved Meghan in the first novel but at the beginning of The Iron Daughter I seri [...]

    Colleen Houck
    This book had even higher stakes than the first Loved being in Queen Mab s court and the imagery of the ice and the environment there Fell even for Ash And Ironhorse Loved him in human form The whole world of the NeverNever is scary and yet I love it all the for that.

    Kwesi 章英狮
    Promises are not meant to be broken They are like a glass, they are fragile that one you commit a mistake it will break into little tiny pieces and you must pay for the consequences you have made After rescuing Ethan from the land of Nevernever, Meghan must pay for the promise she made from the winter prince She doesn t have a choice but to leave the mortal world and be with Ash in a very cold and dark place, Tir Na Nog.But when your mortal enemy back and steal a very valuable item that increase [...]

    MINOR SPOILER ALERTOk, umlet s seeFirst off I really, really liked this one I absolutely love the world Kagawa has created and all the characters in it IRONHORSE, YOU SERIOUSLY ROCK I love Ash, he makes my stomach do flip flops and my pulse race and I devoured this book just like its predecessor There s a but, though Unfortunately, there were a few things that bothered me.1 Meghan told Ash too soon that she loved him I cringed and smacked my forehead when I read that part They didn t really know [...]

    If I could give stars, I totally would Wow I m blown away and in complete awe of this book I don t want to say to much about the story itself since everyone just needs to pick this up A.S.A.P, but I will say that it s Incredible Julie Kagawa has out did herself To every reviewer who said The Iron Daughter was better then the first, wasn t kidding I am in love with this series, this book, these characters.With hauntingly rich and vivid writing Julie has once again captured the attention of her r [...]

    ♥ Becky22
    Let s be serious The cat is the true hero in this series.I have a feeling that nobody would get anything done without Grimalkin, or whatever its name was Most of this book went something like this Hey, let s get ourselves in hopeless situations and wait for the cat to show up and save us I m kidding, of course This book was really fun The writing in this is so good it s so easy to picture the Nevernever I don t ever want to go there Never, ever, ever It s creepy as hell And things keep being eat [...]

    Alienor ✘ French Frowner ✘
    Wow I feel like I just can t get enough of this world As I was travelling through Nevernever, following Ash Meghan s steps, my wonder never ever faded My dear friends who took part in Chelsea s birthday s buddy read can attest how much I got lost in this outstanding world, my heart aching to come back there I fell in love with every single character I met, from this yawning, infuriating and hilarious Grimalkin to the giant spiders who Wait, no I ll follow Meghan on this I could handle goblins an [...]

    1.5 I m too old for this shit starsIt was all so stupid There s nothing good to say about it Meghan is a moron If it wasn t for her merry gang of followers, she either be dead or someone s slave by now Whenever something happens someone always pops up at just the right time to save her People continually warn her that Fairyland is dangerous especially since she doesn t know the rules and customs Apparently she isn t capable of heeding anyone else s advice She makes one mistake after another only [...]

    This is not really a review It is a conversation Connie remember, my English accented conscience and I having a conversation as we attempted to make our way through the novel.Connie Ooo, I remember reading the first one in this series It was quite entertaining.Me I m glad you enjoyed it I enjoyed it too.Connie Well duh You enjoyed it cuz I enjoyed it.Me Shush I m reading.Silence Reading commences.Connie Whut Me Let s keep reading.Connie She s annoying me.Me I know but we enjoyed the first one Le [...]

    Steph Sinclair
    Despite the fact that I feel Meghan obsessed a little too much over Ash especially in the beginning , this book was amazing The character development, plot and storyline made up for most misgivings of Meghan s flaws I m really looking forward to reading the 3rd book

    Georgie Desailly

    Less Reality More BooksThis book takes off just after The Iron King, where Meghan, our half Fae, half human princess, has been a guest which is a term used lightly in Queen Mab s kingdom in the Winter Court While she is there she witnesses the Changing of the Seasons, an event where Oberon, King of the Summer Court and Meghan s father comes to the Winter or Unseelie Court to give Mab the Sceptre of the Seasons to acknowledge the passing of Summer to Winter What nobody expects, however, is for th [...]

    I really feel like I m missing something with this series I started reading it based solely off the declarations of love and whatnot and I ve since become sorely disappointed The StorylineIn The Iron Daughter, Meghan has become the prisoner of Queen Mab the Winter Faery Queen After Meghan witnesses the death of Queen Mab s son by the hands of the Iron Fey she once again gets entangled in that drama Meghan and a few friends set off in search of the Iron Fey where all kinds of predictable fun is i [...]

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