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  • Title: Born to Blood
  • Author: Melanie Nowak
  • ISBN: 2940011059308
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Nook

  • Born to Blood By Melanie Nowak Allie thought vampires were almost human until she became one Her friend Felicity is dating the son of a vampire hunter, yet has a psychic bond with one of his prey These two girls are part of a diabolical plan to control destiny, and blood may not only be the catalyst for change, but also the master of manipulation behind it Is a vampire made by their sire, or is oneAllie thought vampires were almost human until she became one Her friend Felicity is dating the son of a vampire hunter, yet has a psychic bond with one of his prey These two girls are part of a diabolical plan to control destiny, and blood may not only be the catalyst for change, but also the master of manipulation behind it Is a vampire made by their sire, or is one simply born to blood
    Melanie Nowak
    Melanie Nowak is author of the venomous vampire series ALMOST HUMAN, and a happily married mom of two boys She holds a Master s Degree in Library and Information Science, and lives with her family on a peaceful mountaintop in the forest of upstate New York She has always had a vivid imagination and a fascination for the paranormal Acting and singing are loves of hers as well However, upon conceiving the idea for her ALMOST HUMAN series in 2003, she discovered a previously unknown passion for writing Now she puts her over active imagination to good use, creating characters she loves, and she gets to play all of the parts Visit the author s website at MelanieNowak

    Born to Blood By Melanie Nowak


    Grammy 1
    Born to Blood the First Book of the Second Trilogy of the Almost Human series was certainly worth the wait As Ms Nowaks writing style, this Book begins where we left off in Book 3 Evolving Ecstacy This Second Trilogy can stand alone as enough information is given for new readers to pick this book up and enjoy as well We begin finding Cain deeply depressed at his mansion in upstate NY despondent over having left Felicity His internal thoughts pondering if he had done the right thing in leaving he [...]

    ReadingDiva Book Reviews
    These characters are fascinating, their interaction flows easily Melanie did a great job describing their experiences and feelings Reading about their conflicts, their lost love, their tragedy and their quest for happiness made me feel pity, love and sadness, I call it the Trifecta effect When an author can awake those feelings in a reader then the job has been done, the desired effect has been accomplished Melanie s writing just flow, her stories are easy to read, and her writing style is fanta [...]

    Carly Marino
    I read this one a while ago, after the Twilight craze If you liked Twilight, I think you ll like this book If you didn t simply because of the plot or writing, you ll still enjoy this book because both of those are better in this novel There s a lot of romantic tension and steam.

    As in The First Trilogy of Almost Human, Melanie Nowak creates an awe inspiring world that is all her own, while converging many different genres in the process In her latest release Born to Blood , she launches the Second Trilogy to an entirely new and unprecedented level With the addition of exciting new psychic powers, new characters and the cast of our beloved friends, the author never ceases to thrill in this phenomenal and captivating story Although the novel starts where Book 3 of the Fir [...]

    Damaris (GoodChoiceReading)
    Where do I begin I have so much running through my mind right now about this series that I don t even know where to start I love it I just love it After reading the first trilogy set, I did not think it could get any better than that I was dying to find out what happened with the way Volume three of the first set had ended You get a little of Felicity and her issues, but the main focus is not her any in Born to Blood, but on Alyson instead Melanie starts the book off right before Alyson is turne [...]

    Carolyn G.
    This is by far my favorite book series ever If you liked Twilight, you will love this it s so much better than Twilight, too Each book in the series gets better and better, and this is my favorite book so far There are so many different subplots threads that the author introduces in each book that keeps you so captivated and wanting to read The charaters are so well developed and you really grow attached to them I am totally addicted to this series and I cannot wait to read the next book Usuall [...]

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this series It seems like it s been a long time since I read the first trilogy, but as I continued to read it all came back I highly recommend that you read the first trilogy before you start on this second one I know it s being sold as one book, it gives you all the backround on these characters If you d rather just start with this it does stand alone as a separate book This series is focusing on Alli and Mattie and did I say I LOVED it I think I m going to re read the first tril [...]

    Fantastic series continues the story of Cain, Felcity, Allie, Mattie,Ben and Sindy The storyline gets even better as this 2nd trilogy begins Page turner You ll adore Cain and his love for Felicity, feisty Allie and sweet Mattie Awesome author Highly recommend Just as good as the Twilight Series

    Lisa - (Aussie Girl)
    I came back to reading this self published series nearly five years after I finished the first trilogy I guess my reading tastes have changed and despite the fact of understanding it is book four in a proposed twelve book series, I found it quite laborious to get through and in need of some succinct editing Just not my thing any.

    Tmp Wynn
    2nd Descendant of Darkness

    Mlpmom (Book Reviewer)
    I would actually give this 4.5 stars if I could Very well written I can t wait to see what is in store for them next

    Loves To Dive
    Born to Blood continues where Melanie Nowak left off in her Almost Human series, this is the first book in a planned second trilogy.Allie has decided to take the plunge into Mattie s world and become a vampire as well, this may well be the first time Allie has actually thought long and hard about any decision she has ever made, needless to say this decision is going to change her life or death as it were for eternity As it happens, Allie s change takes place around the holiday season, a season t [...]

    Sandy Wolters
    COMBINED REVIEW Book Born To BloodSeries Almost Human, Second Trilogy, Book 1Author Melanie NowakGenre Paranormal Romance, Fantasy Romance Vampires Length Approximately 374 PagesAND Book Descendant Of DarknessSeries Almost Human, Second Trilogy, Book 2Author Melanie NowakGenre Paranormal Romance, Fantasy Romance Vampires Length Approximately 446 PagesI came across a poster the other day on Facebook that sums up my feelings regarding the ALMOST HUMAN Series by MELANIE NOWAK to a tee.It says, If I [...]

    I m a little disappointed to find that this book is mostly centered around Ally and Mattie since I really wanted to find out about the Felicity Cain Ben triangle I just can t seem to get into this book so far There s no history to sink my teeth in when it comes to Ally and Mattie Just a few sentences here and there about how he got turned when they were younger and how they have already started dating before he got turned It s a little hard to relate if you weren t there from the very beginning [...]

    Born to Blood is the first book in the second Almost Human trilogy by Melanie Nowak I am very invested in this series after reading this book and can t wait to see what is in store for everyone in the series Even though this book is mostly about Mattie and Alyson, we do see some glimpses of Felicity and Ben and of course we see quite a bit of Cain again as well Who I didn t expect to see that came as a great surprise Cain s sire That was a totally unexpected blow That woman is kind of nuts too A [...]

    Born to Blood is the first book in the second Almost Human trilogy by Melanie Nowak The first three books in the series are really good, and I was excited to see what direction Nowak would take these characters In the first trilogy we learn about Mattie, but he s a minor character In Born to Blood we finally get to know him At the end of Evolving Ecstasy, Allie is turned into a vampire by Mattie This book is their story It picks up before Allie s change and follows the weeks after Allie is one w [...]

    I like Melanie s books and will keep reading them I think they run long and are on the slow side because there is so much detail given This one was all about Allie We find out that she s a special vampire But that s it After reading a whole book I expected the story to move forward than it did I did think it was cool how the author came up with the way Allie became special We do learn a little about Cain but not much, but I wanted Love his character I read this on my Nook because the type in [...]

    If such a rating existed, I would give this one 3.5 stars I m rounding up because I like the way the author has laid out the next book in this series of trilogies She seems to be taking us on a journey to somewhere First, let me say that it s a bit too meandering for me I kinda wanted her to get to the point, it was really overly wordy I think a good content editor could have gotten the book down about 10% and it would have been for the better While I understand these are stand alone trilogies, [...]

    There are no words that would do justice to the level of greatness that this series achieves Positively genius is the writing talent of Ms Nowak If you love Stephenie Meyer s Twilight series you ll definitely LOVE this Almost Human series but on a grown up level So intense, such plots and storytelling, characters developed to a level as to where you can identify with so many of their feeling, struggles and challenges Bravo Please Ms Nowak keep writing always your talent is awe inspiring Can t w [...]

    OMG.I ve been reading this for almost a week now and WHAT a SNOOZE FEST I m only on chapter 2 The print is too damn small and the story is just so painfully SLOW It better pick up by chapter 5 or else, i m putting it downOkayi m now about 1 3 through and it is getting better This book was just sooo slow to pick up, but I think some action is coming

    Missed the characters I loved and I don t feel the passion is there between Ben and Felicity It was nice to see Alice s character evolve but in the end this story just didn t capture me like the first trilogy did.

    Annemarien Faraminan
    Again, the series has outdone its self The second trilogy is amazing and gives you the story and everyone s point of view A complete success

    It just moved too slow and too much time was spent rehashing what happened in the previous book I like the characters and hope the next book is like the first three.

    Still in love with this series, just got a bit slow at the end.

    Love this series and I hope there is to it.It is a very interesting twist to the vampire story.

    So excited read this again so I can start the new book Feel like have been waiting forever for this next book.

    • [E-Book] ¹ Born to Blood | by Æ Melanie Nowak
      Melanie Nowak