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  • Title: Cat
  • Author: Freya North Hanneke van Soest
  • ISBN: 9789022527320
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Paperback

  • Cat By Freya North Hanneke van Soest Ik weet wel dat je moeder ervandoor ging met een cowboy uit Denver, maar om nu een steljongens op do fiets achterna te gaan dan noem je het woord familietraditie wel rg letterlijk Catriona McCabe, Cat voor vrienden en bekenden, 28 jaar Sportjournaliste Favoriete sport fietsen En wat is h t hoogtepunt van het fietsjaar Juist, de Tour de France Cat wil haar carri Ik weet wel dat je moeder ervandoor ging met een cowboy uit Denver, maar om nu een steljongens op do fiets achterna te gaan dan noem je het woord familietraditie wel rg letterlijk Catriona McCabe, Cat voor vrienden en bekenden, 28 jaar Sportjournaliste Favoriete sport fietsen En wat is h t hoogtepunt van het fietsjaar Juist, de Tour de France Cat wil haar carri re als sportjournaliste nieuw leven inblazen, en tegelijkertijd uitblazen van haar ex relatie met Hem Dus vertrekt ze in haar eentje, als een van de slechts twintig vrouwen op ruim negenhonderd journalisten, naar Frankrijk Daar begint het circus Van de Provence naar Parijs, door de Pyrenee n en de Alpen, door eindeloze vlaktes en over steile bergen volgt Cat het peloton Podiummeisjes, nerveuze echtgenotes, teamdirecteuren, groupies ze zijn er allemaal.En Ben natuurlijk Cat is het flitsende nieuwe boek van de Engelse Freya North, die aan een verpletterende serie bezig is met duizelingwekkende vrouwelijke hoofdpersonen Sally, Chlo en Polly gingen Cat al voor, maar Cat ligt nu op kop
    Freya North Hanneke van Soest
    Freya North is the author of many bestselling novels which have been translated into numerous languages She was born in London but lives in rural Hertfordshire, where she writes from a stable in her back garden A passionate reader since childhood, Freya was originally inspired by Mary Wesley, Rose Tremain and Barbara Trapido fiction with strong and original characters To hear about events, competitions and what she s writing, join her on Facebook, Twitter and her website.

    Cat By Freya North Hanneke van Soest


    I m sorry to say that I really struggled through this one At 448 pages it was much too long for its rather weak story line and there was much too much information about cycle racing included which was also to the detriment of the story telling I was obliged to skim large chunks of the text especially the bits where certain characters sat and had mental debates with themselves That was an odd narrative technique that I could not come to grips with So for me a bit of a disaster really

    Jo Linsdell
    This is the second book I ve read by Freya North and I m fast becoming a fan Not only was this book a great read it has also inspired an interest in cycling I ve already made plans to follow the next Tour de France Freya North has a talent for creating characters that you feel you can connect with You feel the ups and downs they face and become a bit like a best friend cheering them on from the sidelines.I ll definitely be adding Freya North books to my to read list.

    Long winded and waste of my timeI will add a full review when I am bothered and mostly recovered from exhaustion of reading thanks to this boring book.

    Fiona Story
    A sweet, lovely, funny, light hearted book I now know about cycling than I ever wanted to Look forward to reading books from this author.

    Lesley Book Lover
    Enjoyed reading this again, as it s several years since I read it.

    Years ago, my then girlfriend, aware of my interest in the Tour de France, suggested I read Freya North s Cat , purely on the basis that it was set against the backdrop of the event Quite a few years later, when my bookshelves became our bookshelves, it returned to its rightful place amongst her other Freya North novels, still unread by me Until this year s even combined with the appropriately bright yellow cover in a prominent position in the bookcase reminded me of my wife s failed attempt to [...]

    Siobhan Henn
    This book started my love of the Tour de France over a decade ago You can tell how much the author loves it as well I d love another McCabe book.

    Suzie White
    Months I ve been trying to get into this book At page 138 I ve given up So disappointed as I loved her other book Pip.

    Chris Babcock
    This was a reread for me, and honestly I can t remember why I kept it And British chick lit is one of my top three genres.The writing is just not particularly good.There are two major flaws 1 A really annoying storytelling device where the characters have interior dialogues with the third person non existent narrator I guess they re supposed to be representing the reader Or maybe the writer Either way it disrupts the flow of the book and rather than making me feel like I m part of the story it h [...]

    Miss Karen Jean Martinson
    Looks awfully chick litty And so it is I couldn t finish it, it was so bad Admittedly, chick lit isn t my thing I happen to believe that women think about than just men, and I think they do this in a way that goes beyond mentioning that they think about other things and then writing about men for 300 pages I also think that they way they think about men goes beyond the boys on bikes way she talks about them in this book Finally, I think that relationships are complicated than just going on the [...]

    Dit boek vond ik het slechtste boek van Freya North dat ik tot nu toe gelezen heb Ik heb zelfs nog getwijfeld om het maar een ster te geven, maar ze krijgt het voordeel van de twijfel De reden dat ik het slecht vind, is dat het saai is Echt supersaai Het boek gaat om Cat, die als journalist de Tour de France gaat verslaan De schrijfster is gek op de Tour de France, zo is te lezen aan het begin van het boek, en dat is te merken ook Er wordt wel heel diep op de Tour ingegaan Nu houd ik niet van wi [...]

    Juliana Graham
    I m so glad I didn t read this Freya North book first, as I have read lots of her other books and much preferred them to this I found that there was far too much discussion of the various riders of the Tour de France so many that they merged into one and it became confusing which rider was which This made the book hard to get into I also found North s style irritating in this book constant he said , she sighed , he confirmed , she gasped at the end of every line of dialogue struck me as poor wri [...]

    Ik heb heel lang getwijfeld of ik nu 3 of 4 sterren zou geven aan het boek Het globale thema van het boek ligt me absoluut niet, ik heb niets met wielrennen En doordat er veel namen van wielrenners en ploegen gebruikt worden is mijn zin in wielrennen zeker niet toegenomen Het overspoelde me zelfs een beetje.Maar pas toen ik besloot om dat los te laten en dus niet meer te onthouden welke ploeg welke renners had, begon ik het boek leuk te vinden.Freya North heeft gewoon talent en dat toont ze duid [...]

    Josephine Barly
    I read this second I couldn t find it until after I d read Fen , but I was glad I searched through and through to get it Cat was a great character I loved her passion, aspirations and relentlessness You don t always find female characters in chick lit who are so passionate about their jobs when they re not shopping related , and it was so interesting to find Cat submerged in a man s world The voice was well developed and I loved the characters the pace was fast, I ve got no clue about how the To [...]

    Cat McCabe is 28 years old, she is a Reporter she is very excited about going to the Tour De France for 3 and a half weeks to report for the Guardian, to help her get a promotion, she has a keen interest in Cycling She is mending a broken heart.Cat finds it hard it is a male dominated environment and she has to fight for her stories, does Cat succeed and get her promotion Does she find love again I found some parts of this book really good, however in other parts I was bored, this was an ok read [...]

    This is a light hearted novel that follows sports journalist Cat as she gets to grips with the mad world of the Tour de France while working on her first reporting assignment This is a well researched book that combined my love of writing, cycling and reading, where I could feel the real tingle of excitement at the finish line each day There was also plenty of romance and humour mingled with life behind the scenes of one of the greatest sporting events in the world I loved this book, I loved the [...]

    Barbara Elsborg
    I really liked it I ve just watched the Tour de France and this brought it all alive again Ms North has a very unusual style that s instantly recognisable and I LIKE it I know it wouldn t suit everyone, just as the detail on the Tour wouldn t suit everyone either but CAT was fun and educational and as much fun to read for the second time as it was the first Be warned though, I don t think it s fair to call this chicklit If you re expecting a sweet romance this isn t it It s far than that.

    I have to say that this wasn t quite as good as the other two books in the series I found the constant switching to a third viewpoint intrusive and totally unnecessary But I loved the story Like the other two stories about her sisters, this is Cat s journey from a bad relationship into fiding the man of her dreams The vivid descriptions of the race itself were great too, as I know nothing about the sport A good, happy read Thanks again for sending this to me.

    Not my favourite freya north novel I wasn t too interested in the racing and there wasn t enough between the various cyclists to make them distinctive and so i mixed them up the attraction between cat and Ben was its saving grace and what kept me goinge narrator was intrusive to the point of irritation glad that this author has reigned in this style in recent novels they re better for it.

    A bit of seasonal reading Good, fun rollick through the Tour de France Felt like she did some research and produced a moderately accurate picture of behind the scenes However, the book was published in the late 90 s, a time when doping was rife among the peloton c.f review of Racing through the Dark earlier this year A couple of oblique references Was the omerta so strong nobody spoke to the author about it Or would it have inconvenienced her plot line

    This was a good read Personally I would have liked emphasis on Cat and Ben and their developing relationship, rather than so much interest on the bike riders and the tour itself If you are interested in cycling or journalism then this book is for you If you re looking for a deeply romantic encounter, I d give it a miss

    The style of writing is annoying It s naive You re led the entire book by the proverbial hand and given obvious hints to predict what s going to happen next And using the narrator as another character who pops up randomly throughout the book is juvenile I don t like it In saying that, I loved reading about the Tour de France, really I can t wait for it to come around this year

    Julie H.
    My best way of characterizing this book is that what Best in Show was for the dog show world, this is for the Tour de France The main character, Cat, is a sportscaster who is thrown into the drama queen world of the Tour de France The perspective is hilarious, as are the riders, the podium girls, and even Cat grows a bit along the way.

    I just love this book Have read it about ten times over the years, I think For anyone to be able to make me care this much about cycling and the Tour de France is doing a sterling job as a writer, in my opinion I love Cat and Ben, and the colourful characters that make up the peloton are just an added bonus Fab

    oh heerlijk een combinatie van wielrennen, tour en een eind goed al goed liefdesverhaal Zeker als je hem leest met het geluid van de Tour op de achtergrond Als je niet van wielrennen houdt zou ik hem echter overslaan.

    This is my absolute favourite of Freya s books and I don t even have an interest in cycling I liked going on this journey with Cat and the boys The romance was particularly nice I ve recommended this book to lots of people and the ones who read it almost always love it too.

    A 3.5 star reread to coincide with the Tour de France I suspect this would be a bit boring if you weren t a Tour fan, and it is dated thanks to the Lance Armstrong doping scandals, but it s still a fun read Vive Le Tour

    Read four chapters gave up, I have enjoyed other Freya North novels but this one really didn t get going, there seemed to be too much description on each character on how they were feeling their thoughts kept changing from one to another so much I could not follow the story.

    The Tour de France focus in this book deserves four stars, but the inconsistent heroine and the painfully slow start had me giving it two stars until almost half way through the book Once the Tour starts, the riders and the author s apparent love of pro cycling steal the show.

    I really enjoyed Cat The setting in France with the atmosphere of the tour d France was very nice and very well done I enjoyed the tension, the passion and the storyline Cat s a super heroine, she s got issues, but she s strong and funny too.

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