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    Clifford Odets
    Clifford Odets July 18, 1906 August 14, 1963 was an American playwright, screenwriter, and director Odets was born in Philadelphia to Louis Odets born Gorodetsky and Pearl Geisinger, Russian and Romanian Jewish immigrants, and raised in Philadelphia and the Bronx, New York He dropped out of high school after two years to become an actor In 1931, he became a founding member of the Group Theatre, a highly influential New York theatre company that utilized an acting technique new to the United States This technique was based on the system devised by the Russian actor and director Constantin Stanislavski It was further developed by Group Theatre director Lee Strasberg and became known as The Method or Method Acting Odets eventually became the Group s primary playwright.

    Awake and Sing! By Clifford Odets


    Jewish immigrant angst and dark humor during the depression.

    Odets, Clifford AWAKE AND SING 1935 This time, Odets takes on the effects of the Depression and what he sees as capitalistic oppression and examines it at the level of a family living in the Bronx The action all takes place in their apartment The family, the Bergers, face one problem after another all the problems, however, tied to the fact that there is not enough money coming in to do than meet the basic expenses of life rent and food As Odets says in his prelude to the stage directions All [...]

    I read this play just before seeing it performed The reading experience was interesting enough, but the characters on the page never came to life as fully as they did when I saw them on stage admittedly I gave the script a cursory read though The story of Jewish immigrants living in the Bronx during the Great Depression sounds fairly cliche, but Odets s provides his characters with such tremendous depth that at times I had to remind myself that this play is set nearly a hundred years ago.

    Odets has been called an American Chekhov, and for good reason He writes in the same style eccentric family, right on lines, heavy on character, a challenge to actors, character based than plot heavy But without the Russian names, so it s much easier to grasp I would love to see this staged, or to direct it, but it would be difficult to find a talented enough cast It would be easy to screw it up.

    Well written dialogue and an engaging dysfunctional family drama set during the Great Depression, but ultimately it felt like it wasn t fully developed and indeed it was Odets first published work While I enjoyed the drama and the characters quite a lot, the suddenly optimistic ending didn t sit quite right with me I guess after all that strife it was difficult to take such unbridled and unfounded optimism seriously.

    This was the first time I ve read any Odets since college There s a lot I really enjoy within the play the Chekhovian flow of the piece, much of the dialogue , but that was colored by my extreme distaste for the way Hennie s character arc was handled She felt incredibly two dimensional to me, which is both surprising and unfortunate, given the raw material for her storyline.

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    Why is there an exclamation mark, Cliff Is it to try and prove to me this play is exciting Because it s not And that s not bad But these people do not excite me one bit I really wanted to like Clifford Odets, but I just couldn t do it Hallie Flanagan s Can You Hear Their Voices did agitprop much better in my opinion.

    Julian Munds
    Sometimes you read a play that you wish you wrote This is one of those plays for me The dialogue cracks, the characters are rich and vibrant and the subject matter is authentic.

    Paul LaFontaine
    An immigrant family struggling during the Great Depression rants and raves at each other in their own depression ending in tragedy and humdrum.Clifford Odets was considered the spiritual successor to Eugene O Neill and this play certainly fills that bill The family is angry, tragic, suicidal and always yelling at each other Felt very O Neill ala Long Days Journey Into Night perhaps if the two families from were to have a picnic they would murder each other with pickle forks.I like plays that cel [...]

    I m glad I read this because it very much takes place in the world of Waiting for Lefty I had some trouble getting into it at first, I think because it dumps you straight into the dialogue with no explanation or even stage directions about who the characters are Once I got to know everyone, though, I enjoyed reading it I love how realistic and natural Odetts s dialogue is, and the flow of it from one idea to the next is beautiful Some of the scenes were really heartbreaking My favorite scenes we [...]

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