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  • Title: Dillinger
  • Author: Harry Patterson Jack Higgins
  • ISBN: 9780754042686
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Paperback

  • Dillinger By Harry Patterson Jack Higgins In 1934, after his spectacular jailbreak from a cell in Indiana, Dillinger was like a ghost some claimed to spot him in New York, others in London, New Orleans, or California Though the FBI would eventually find and kill Dillinger in Chicago, speculation about his whereabouts in those mysterious final months never waned In Jack Higgins s suspenseful imagining, DillingIn 1934, after his spectacular jailbreak from a cell in Indiana, Dillinger was like a ghost some claimed to spot him in New York, others in London, New Orleans, or California Though the FBI would eventually find and kill Dillinger in Chicago, speculation about his whereabouts in those mysterious final months never waned In Jack Higgins s suspenseful imagining, Dillinger flees to Mexico, where his attempts at finding freedom launch the fugitive into the clutches of men much dangerous than the federal agents on his trail This dramatic account of Dillinger s final days brings him face to face with bloodthirsty bandits and corrupt police officers, breathing vivid life into the story of America s most fascinating outlaw.
    Harry Patterson Jack Higgins
    Real name of Jack Higgins

    Dillinger By Harry Patterson Jack Higgins


    Karunakaran N.
    Dillinger by Harry Patterson The mystery between the days of escape and death of the notorious thief Dillinger in a spirited fiction by Harry Jack Higgins.

    In March of 1934, John Dillinger, arguably the most notorious criminal America has ever known, broke out of the escape proof Lake County Jail in Crown Point, Indiana On July 22, 1934, he was eventually found and shot dead by agents of the FBI outside the Biograph Movie Theater in Chicago, Illinois Where Dillinger went and what he did during the period of time between March and July is a matter of speculation There were reported sightings in Los Angeles, New York, New Orleans, and even London Jac [...]

    Jason Furman
    Dillinger was very good, except for all of the parts set in Mexico Which, unfortunately, comprised 90 percent of the book I confess that I had never read Jack Higgins, had never heard of this particular book, and only read it because the Kindle sample was cunningly took place entirely in Indiana and it was temporarily on sale for 1.99.The book starts with a historically accurate rendition of John Dillinger s escape from an Indiana jail in 1934 It ends with a historically accurate coda referring [...]

    Laura Grable
    I listened to this book It sounded really intriguing, it is a fiction story of what Dillinger might have been doing between his escape from jail and his death in Chicago What a waste of a great concept He could have done research and told interesting facts about his life, perhaps really tried to develop him as a character, but instead he took him to Mexico and played cowboys and indians WTF The Mexican storyline about Apaches and a search for a captured little girl had nothing do with John Dilli [...]

    Perhaps it went something like this Very fun fictional take on notorious bank robber John Dillinger s exploits if he had made his way to Mexico The story plays out a little like an Indiana Jones movie, and the action is virtually non stop It s all pretty entertaining Jack Higgins my first Higgins novel, incidentally really portrays Dillinger as something of an anti hero Dillinger is first and foremost a renowned criminal, but he s an honorable one, and he won t let wrongs stand There are times t [...]

    Jan C
    I ve been a Jack Higgins fan for years.This book was a major disappointment.However, I did discover that this was not originally a Jack Higgins book but was published under Harry Patterson They should have left it under the other name.I discovered he also wrote under the name of Martin Fallon I tried one of those books, too also no good.I think I ve enjoyed all of the ones that I ve read that were written by Jack Higgins.Here s a flash Jack, leave the old books alone They didn t sell if they did [...]

    I have enjoyed many Jack Higgins s books but this isn t one of them The only good thing is it was short and easy to skip read the boring stuff, which is most of the book This is a story of a period in John Dillinger s life when he went missing and Higgins decided that he went to Mexico The story is very thin with no depth to the characters, predictable goodies and baddies and of course a beautiful woman for the love angle I also can t get it why Dillinger was made out to be the hero of the story [...]

    Higgins has always been a favorite of mine but he has the ol Louis L amour syndrome of having redundant themes from one novel to the next Higgins themes in most of his books will have a heapin helpin of Catholicism, Irishmen, Tarot card readings, and a likable main character dying right before the climactic ending Still he is a fun read, a great gifter of escapism Dillinger is one of my favorites and I ve read it multiple times, probably because it was missing so many of the repetitive themes fr [...]

    Robert Clancy
    Johnny Dillinger as white knight hero standing up to renegade Apaches and oppressive gold mine owner patron s and and their jefe s in 1930 s Mexico OK, I m game But there was no reason why Dillinger had to be Dillinger in this story He could have been just any American adventurer who stumbles upon an indian uprising and evil Mexican mine operators By using the character of Dillinger, he wasn t the iconic bank robbing Public Enemy 1 nor a believable protagonist Much better if he had been a myster [...]

    This book is what Charles Barkley would call turrible I tried to find some good in it but the story is just tediously awful Dillinger breaks out of jail, goes on the lam to Mexico, and becomes a hero saving the locals from an evil mine owner and fighting Apaches I was hoping for a gangster story, not a cheesy Western that I m pretty sure I saw on Bill Kennedy at the Movies back when I was a kid.

    I always enjoy Jack Higgins adventures This one imagines what John Dillinger did after he escaped from jail in Indiana and fled to Mexico It didn t seem much like historical fiction to me, but presented as a wonderful adventure with familiar names, such as Dillinger and Villa Even than the book, I enjoyed the short bio of Harry Patterson aka Jack Higgins, including family pictures.

    Bizarre take on Dillinger s lost months just preceding his death Higgins takes a real outlaw and attempts to put him in a Western romance The scenes with him riding his convertible and toting his Tommy gun alongside the horse riding, rifle wielding Mexicans is a comical attempt to turn the Public Enemy into a Depression era Robin Hood Not much about this book rings true.

    Melissa Hayes
    Author used the Dillinger name to write a fictional story that would be marketable No fact, only fiction that could have been written about a character by any name I like historical fiction, but really

    Nobody really knows what Dillinger did between the time of his last escape from prison and the time he was gunned down This is one version of how he might have spent those last months of his life Well told.

    aka Thunder at Noon As Harry Patterson BC

    David Hardin
    easy quick readyLove Jack Higgins, especially the Dillon series I have a hard time with the earlier stuff though It s just not as good.

    Very interesting look at the life of Dillinger as historical fiction Really different kind of story from Jack Higgins, but a good read.

    I understand this is a fictional account of what could have happened, but it really doesn t add up and is sort of random.

    Frank Shedd
    i like most of Mr Higgins books for some reason i loved this one

    Normally like these quick reads but not this one You had the bad good guy, the lover, guns, bad guys and good guy going bad Too typical and boring Not recommended even if you are a Higgins fan

    Schlomo Grotnik
    A preposterous mess.

    Partridge Public
    Patterson, Harry

    good book as usual

    The story was a bit slow and boring This book wasn t as good as I d expected from Jack Higgins.

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