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  • Title: Aspergers in Love
  • Author: Maxine C. Aston
  • ISBN: 9781843101154
  • Page: 415
  • Format: Paperback

  • Aspergers in Love By Maxine C. Aston Asperger syndrome AS has often been considered to be incompatible with love and relationships, but as the number of people who are diagnosed with the disorder increases, it is becoming apparent that people with AS can and do have full and intimate relationships Comparing and contrasting both AS and non AS partners viewpoints, this book frankly examines the fundamentalAsperger syndrome AS has often been considered to be incompatible with love and relationships, but as the number of people who are diagnosed with the disorder increases, it is becoming apparent that people with AS can and do have full and intimate relationships Comparing and contrasting both AS and non AS partners viewpoints, this book frankly examines the fundamental aspects of relationships that are often complicated by the disorder With all findings illustrated with case examples taken from interviews conducted with couples, the author tackles issues such as attraction, trust, communication, sex and intimacy, and parenting Drawing on her extensive research and established career as a Relate counsellor, Maxine Aston has produced a much needed analysis of intimate relationships where one adult has AS and this book is a must for all those with AS and their partners, as well as for friends, family and counsellors.
    Maxine C. Aston
    Maxine C. Aston Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Aspergers in Love book, this is one of the most wanted Maxine C. Aston author readers around the world.

    Aspergers in Love By Maxine C. Aston


    Maxine Aston is a controversial figure in the Aspie community She is infamous online for having invented Cassandra Affective Deprivation Disorder, from which she claims romantic partners of Aspies routinely suffer On her website she tends to blame the Aspie partner for whatever problems the relationship may have, and say that the Aspie partner must change in order to save the relationship.This book, given that background information, is surprisingly even handed She profiles couples she s seen in [...]

    Could be useful for AS NT relationships, especially between an AS male and NT female, though it s not overly sympathetic towards the AS partner Puts most of the responsibility for accommodation onto the NT partner, however, which seems a little outdated these days Didn t find it particularly useful for my AS AS marriage.

    Daniel A.
    I first decided to read Aspergers in Love Couple Relationships and Family Affairs by English couples counselor Maxine Aston when it was recommended in perhaps the seminal clinical work on Asperger s Syndrome, Tony Attwood s The Complete Guide to Asperger s Syndrome Having experienced a divorce, in part as a result of my then undiagnosed Asperger s, and having had few other real relationships, I was curious as to how my Asperger s played out in the specific realm of the romantic Aston s work, fir [...]

    Angela Blount
    I became interested in this book after a friend of mine was explaining the research she d done in trying to understand the problems her teenaged son was having Aspergers was the first diagnosis that made any sense, in his case After telling her husband about the book he eventually picked it up himself, and then came to her later with an astonishing revelation I think you found me As it turned out, many of the difficulties and misunderstandings in their marriage had been a result of the variances [...]

    Sasha Boersma
    A follow up to the book The Other Half of Asperger Syndrome , this book goes in depth with the researcher s subjects with anecdotes, etc.Still not a fan of her approach to empathy and theory of mind which is that AS aren t empathic, when really those with ASDs process it differently The research and anecdotes on women with Asperger Syndrome also feels a bit light that only a few participants became the generalization If you are looking for on women with AS, I d recommend looking into Rudy Simo [...]

    I am not in an Aspergers couple, but picked out this book as there are people in my wider family circle who almost certainly have Aspergers So I wanted to find out about why communication seems to be such hard work.This book did shed a lot of light on the subject It was also useful to be reminded of Aspies real need for relationships To somebody who is neuro typical they can seem wrapped up in themselves and indifferent to others It was also useful to be reminded of how hard people with this sy [...]

    This is the better of the books on relationships for ASD adults Unfortunately like most books on ASD it s pretty much entirely male focused, with entire chapters on ASD males, with perhaps a paragraph or two on ASD women Still have some good insights and ideas, and would be helpful to give people ideas where the ASD NT relationships can break down, and ways to address those differences with hopefully positive outcomes for all.

    This is taken from the view of the person w AS I did not find it as helpful I found it a bit speculative in many cases, where the author made some broad generalizations that I don t feel were appropriate or accurate I also feel like the number of persons interviewed were very minimal to actually write a book I wonder on the accuracy of the content here I found it varied from other relationship books articles I have read, and not as helpful, IMO.

    Kristen Hovet
    Loses one star for making over generalizations at times and for her conclusions about those with Asperger s and empathy She states many times that those with Asperger s do not have empathy Other experts have claimed that those on the autism spectrum do indeed have empathy, but it is simply communicated differently than we neurotypicals expect.

    Forty one people with Aspergers and thirty five of their partners were either interviewed by Aston or completed her questionnaire This book is her report Fair enough.She s no great stylist but it s arranged in clear, short chapters with bullet point summaries at the ends The problem with the book is Aston s commentary on the responses which is shallow and often consists of press releases from the Department of the Bleeding Obvious.

    While Aston addresses some important relationship issues in her book, I feel like the set up which was basically just drawn out survey results and anecdotes did not make for the most useful resource Some of the research referred to felt outdated which is fair enough since the book is 15 years old There were a few useful points though, and I appreciated the key points section at the end of each chapter.

    Ruth Forbes
    Gained much information from this book It was like a road map for me Totally recommend for any non Asperger s woman in a relationship with an Asperger s Syndrome man.

    Danica Midlil
    On page 153 Need to finish.

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