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  • Title: Among the Dead Cities: The History and Moral Legacy of the WWII Bombing of Civilians in Germany and Japan
  • Author: A.C. Grayling
  • ISBN: 9780802715654
  • Page: 323
  • Format: Paperback

  • Among the Dead Cities: The History and Moral Legacy of the WWII Bombing of Civilians in Germany and Japan By A.C. Grayling Was the bombing offensive against civilians in Germany and Japan a crime against humanity, writes A C Grayling, or was it justified by the necessities of war These questions mark one of the great remaining controversies of the Second World War Their resolution, which Grayling accomplishes with great respect and with a sense of urgency, is a vital contribution to Was the bombing offensive against civilians in Germany and Japan a crime against humanity, writes A C Grayling, or was it justified by the necessities of war These questions mark one of the great remaining controversies of the Second World War Their resolution, which Grayling accomplishes with great respect and with a sense of urgency, is a vital contribution to the debate about how far governments can go in the name of national security.
    A.C. Grayling
    Anthony Clifford A C Grayling is a British philosopher In 2011 he founded and became the first Master of New College of the Humanities, an independent undergraduate college in London Until June 2011, he was Professor of Philosophy at Birkbeck, University of London, where he taught from 1991 He is also a supernumerary fellow of St Anne s College, Oxford.He is a director and contributor at Prospect Magazine, as well as a Vice President of the British Humanist Association His main academic interests lie in epistemology, metaphysics and philosophical logic He has described himself as a man of the left and is associated in Britain with the new atheism movement, and is sometimes described as the Fifth Horseman of New Atheism He appears in the British media discussing philosophy.

    Among the Dead Cities: The History and Moral Legacy of the WWII Bombing of Civilians in Germany and Japan By A.C. Grayling


    This book presents an interesting thought experiment was the Allied air war against Germany and Japan a war crime You don t really see a lot of books like these The ones you do see tend to scream agenda, which makes them historically questionable Among the Dead Cities does not suffer from this defect If anything, it is too equable for its own good Any book tackling the subject of potential Allied war crimes risks running afoul of the Greatest Generation Crowd defined by their resemblance to Tom [...]

    Grayling s book is a measured, balanced, and fair inquiry into Allied area bombing during the Second World War Grayling concludes that area bombing in the war was immoral, criminal, and very wrong His argument is convincing, although I confess I had already come to these conclusions before reading his book and was therefore predisposed to his point of view.His argument is simple and straightforward Without repeating his factual support, which has been mentioned in other reviews on GR, Grayling a [...]

    James Murphy
    This is a terribly interesting book It s a book that ll change your understanding of the strategic bombing of Germany and Japan during the Second World War I ve read a considerable amount of military history and thought I understood the bombing campaign But Grayling presents details and perspectives new to me For instance, I was aware that the Americans bombed by day while the British bombed by night And I thought the 2 campaigns were directed against targets supporting the enemy war effort I wa [...]

    Thought provoking and troubling Mr Grayling makes a convincing case that the nighttime area bombing of German cities in Germany by the British Royal Air Force RAF Bomber Command, which was explicitly aimed at their civilian populations, was immoral by the standards of pre and post war treaties and of the Nuremberg trials he bases his case on the arguments that these bombings were not necessary or even critical in defeating Nazi Germany, unlike the daylight bombing raids by the U.S Army Air Force [...]

    I m at a loss for words for how profound this book is, but I want to say something about it More philosophical inquiry than war chronicle, although his analysis of the effects of bombing civilian targets is stark and detailed this book seeks to find an answer to the question of essentially whether the ends of winning a just war ever justify the means of doing something morally evil to obtain it The author goes about this in stages of examining what the world looked like at the beginning of the w [...]

    David Gross
    A.C Grayling s Among the Dead Cities means to offer something like a formal moral and legal judgment on the largely British and American policy of using area bombing to destroy German and Japanese cities and kill their residents during World War II.Grayling meticulously describes how the policy of destroying cities developed and what goals it was meant to serve and how technology, the progress of the war, bureaucratic infighting, war theory, propaganda, and international posturing shaped and dro [...]

    Efrem Sepulveda
    A.C Grayling s book on the aerial bombardment of Germany and Japan is one that makes the public think about the horrors of war What World War I did to combat troops, the Second World War did to civilians in terms of bringing the ghastliness of the martial activity to people Grayling contends that the indiscriminate bombardment of the Axis powers was unecessary and that it brought dishonor to the Allies which fought for freedom and democracy Grayling contends that the use of precision bombing of [...]

    This was a difficult book to grade, as I found myself in complete agreement with the author s premise but thought the book was written poorly This book should have focused on the technical arguments on area bombing such as bomb sights and weather, but seemed to simple repeat over and over the moral implications and personal questioning of several key leaders to illustrate that the Allies knew what they were doing was wrong I feel that justifications were also not fairly addressed, as little weig [...]

    For anyone who has wondered about the morality of the RAF area bombing of Germany or the USAAF area bombing of Japan, this should book should clarify exactly why it was wrong Grayling examines both the pros and cons of the bombing and its justifications and confirms just that Grayling is aware of neo Nazi attempts to reduce Nazi culpability by labelling the bombing offensive a war crime and goes to some lengths to dispute these claims.All in all, a balanced and objective look at a subject that h [...]

    Alex Milledge
    For its content and subject matter, I give this book a 4 5, but in Grayling s argument for the immorality of area bombing, I give it a one.Leave it to a philosopher to create problems and raise objections than he attempts to solve, Grayling attempts to make the case that area bombing was inadequate means to be used against Germany and Japan, or jus in bello, and arguing that Governments must respect international war treaties which reduce the capabilities of Nations and its means of waging war [...]

    Sarah Crawford
    This is a book which examines the morality of what is called area bombing on the cities of Germany and Japan Since this page is part of my Japan and World War II section, I will not go into details on the German bombing, although the book does provide a great deal of information about that as well as about the bombings of Japan.There are two main types of bombing precision bombing and area bombing Precision bombing is, as the name implies, trying to bomb a precise location such as a factory or s [...]

    Is the targeting of civilians in war ever justified This weighty moral question is the subject of this book by noted philosopher A.C Grayling Grayling starts by outlining the historical background of the bombings during World War II Although not a professional historian, I appreciated learning about this as it is something I did not know much about Not only does Grayling set out the facts of the actual bombings, but goes behind them to explore the people involved in planning and executing the op [...]

    Alexandra Sundarsingh
    Grayling writes a moving prose account of why we should evaluate the Allied bombing campaigns in WWII Germany and Japan along the same criterion used in the Nuremberg trials While I found the material a bit difficult to work through quickly, Grayling manages to strike the right balance between rational considerations of the ethics in play, and acknowledgement of what may have been on the minds of the men and women experiencing the bombings, planning them, executing them, and even advocating them [...]

    Mohammed Khogir
    A provocative thought inducing book, who doesn t like one of those The book is meticulously well researched and well argued and tackles the ethical and moral standing of the allied area bombing campaign during world war II superbly

    A C Grayling s Among the Dead Cities The History and Moral Legacy of the WWII Bombing of Civilians in Germany and Japan asks if these Allied area bombing campaigns were war crimes and if they were just in their targeting of civilians to achieve larger war aims German suffering and the idea that they were also victims during and right after the war is something that very recently has started to interest me The bombings were quick to come to mind, so I searched for a book that tackled the topic in [...]

    I ve wanted to read this book since I was at university, and I had high hopes I am a fan of Grayling s writing and have a keen interest in the ethics of war What I would say is that the subject matter has been meticulously researched and the analysis is fair and balanced However, I just couldn t get into the book and found myself skimming through the middle chapters, although this probably says about me than the book itself 5 for research, 3 for enjoyability, so 4 overall.

    I enjoyed reading the first half despite a bad head cold but the second half was slow going for me The first half was a descriptive and at times harrowing account of how the bombing of civilians came to be an acceptable policy during WW2 The second half meandered its way to the firm conclusion that bombing civilians area bombing is a moral crime which I agree with.I was particularly interested in this book for several reasons My uncle s book A P Millar The Flying Hours is just about to be publis [...]

    The widely acclaimed philosopher A.C Grayling is in this book trying to make certain aspects of the Allies means in the war moot This is however not an attempt to discredit the Allies war against the Axis powers actually, one of Grayling s opening premises is that the Allies did indeed fight a just war No, Grayling is trying to make the case that the Allies use of area bombing also known as carpet bombing was wrong To account for his claim aforementioned, he utilizes a vast array of sources, eve [...]

    Jason Hare
    Grayling studied the effectiveness of crippling the German and Japanese war effort on the part of the USAAF and the RAF The American approach in the European theater was much effective than the RAF at the outset of the war Why the Americans turned to the bombing of civilians in the Pacific theater is an interesting question Though the bombing of civilians does have arguably a moral component to it one can also argue that the RAF focused on the bombing of German cities to keep the Soviets motiva [...]

    Tim James Milburn
    This is exactly the kind of book which philosophers need to write Your typical work of philosophy gives you a lot of abstract ideas, thought experiments, and so on, to chew on This is great, but these works of philosophy don t contain much in the way of actual, researched, real life information which is pertinent to the question being asked.Here Grayling provides his readers with loads of information about the Allied bombing campaigns, and interperses this with philosophical analysis of the ethi [...]

    Christopher Bounds
    A superb book that I wish I had read 6 weeks ago before I started teacher Religion and Peace to those Year 12s of mine A clear analysis of the historical, statistical and philosophical issues raised by area bombing, Grayling writes with some objectivity but great passion in reaching his conclusion Some of this I knew already, but the aggregation of information was masterly and sixty years on one can only agree with his conclusions The implications are, of course, clear for our age, but obviously [...]

    It s good to have a treatise on the moral value of Allies area bombing in WWII Grayling deftly describes concepts such as a just war and carefully frames his claims of morality and im.However, without its manifold repetitions, the book could have been a pamphlet In addition, the author s conclusions seemed foregone so that getting the rhetorical requirements of his case became almost laborious.Still, the book outlines who did what to whom, first, and why, in the atrocious bombing war, and that s [...]

    David Cheshire
    A fascinating and weighty issue, the morality of civilian bombing My late uncle participated via bomber command I disagreed with the conclusion surely there must be a different form of moral reasoning for decent people plunged into the thick of fighting for the survival of all they hold dear, compared to considering issues in the quiet safety of the Oxbridge study Also, does the same morality apply to Arthur Harris as to an individual pilot Grayling does not in my view do sufficient justice to t [...]

    Grayling makes a powerful moral argument against the area bombing conducted by the RAF in Germany and the USAAF in Japan, putting the events in the context of their time while still concluding the campaigns were immoral A very thought provoking work, and I realize I ve become increasingly sympathetic to the plight of the civilians in the cities since becoming a father There s an absolutely haunting photograph of a small child s body in Hamburg, with another immolated corpse still clutching him o [...]

    This one isn t a light read, nor is it a quick one Basically, if you aren t fascinated and you should be with WWII, Among the Dead Cities might come across as typically boring history However, it is a far cry from boring history and provides an interesting, clear definition of what a just war is and how governments gain or lose moral credibilty based on the actions they take Obviously, a quietly important book in this day and age.

    TheIron Paw
    A review of the allied bombing campaigns from a moral philosophical perspective In the first part of the book, Grayling provides a succinct and balanced review of the history of the bombing campaign and the theories underpinning strategic bombing In the last part, he reviews the moral philosophical arguments in favour and against strategic bombing that targets civilians Overall, a worthwhile read from both the historical and philosophical perspectives.

    What is an interesting and compelling subject was mostly lost to me with the authors complex and oftentimes meandering sentences The book also suffered from some rather poor editing That said, a well researched work that investigates many points of view regarding this sensitive issue Definitely biased but then I tend to agree with the authors arguments in the main.

    Tina Siegel
    Not for everyone, but I found it fascinating It s an honest, if somewhat removed and academic, assessment of the Allies conduct during WWII.Skip the pictures unless you ve got a very, very strong stomach.

    Poorly argued and inadequately researched The author s high opinion of himself shines through Don t bother reading this sanctimonious drivel If Grayling is one of the best contemporary philosophers in his opinion at least then Russell can rot easily in his grave.

    How poisonous, how crafty, how bad, does every long war make one, which cannot be waged openly by means of force N

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      323 A.C. Grayling
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