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  • Title: The Devil of Kilmartin
  • Author: Laurin Wittig
  • ISBN: 9780515134216
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

  • The Devil of Kilmartin By Laurin Wittig The Healer and the DevilIn the dark of night, Elena of Lamont must flee her home after her father s death to escape the brutal clansman determined to satisfy his lust for power and for her But as the captivating beauty runs from one dangerous man, she finds herself landing in the arms of another, one whose passionate embrace offers perils of its ownAs the chief of tThe Healer and the DevilIn the dark of night, Elena of Lamont must flee her home after her father s death to escape the brutal clansman determined to satisfy his lust for power and for her But as the captivating beauty runs from one dangerous man, she finds herself landing in the arms of another, one whose passionate embrace offers perils of its ownAs the chief of the Lachlan clan, Symon MacLachlan vows to protect the fiery haired lass whose gentle touch relieves the demons clawing at his soul Despite her fierce denials, he is certain Elena is the legendary Lamont healer and certain that he must have her for his own Desperate for her soothing caress and unable to quell the desire burning inside him Symon is compelled to lure Elena into marriage But will he be able to win the love of the tender enchantress who has stolen his heart
    Laurin Wittig
    Laurin writes bestselling and award winning Scottish medieval romances and lives in southeastern Virginia In 2014 she has two new books coming out Highlander Avenged, book II in the Guardians of the Targe trilogy, releases on June 24th, and her first novella appears in The Winter Stone anthology, with fellow authors Tanya Anne Crosby and Glynnis Campbell It releases April 21st Both are available for preorder now.For information about all of Laurin s books, please visit her web site, LaurinWittig.

    The Devil of Kilmartin By Laurin Wittig


    I m partial to this book it was my first

    I was willing to overlook how corny this cover is because I know that there are many good books hidden behind crappy covers I was even okay with the premise of the story itself I haven t read any historical romances in a while and I thought it would be a fun read I love having two characters thrust together under dramatic circumstances All that said, I didn t like this at all I tried I really did, but I just couldn t get into this book The romance wasn t the best I wanted to feel the passion of [...]

    This book.I don t know what to sayFirst of all it is a book with some paranormal elements This is not usually my thing so I winced whether the heroin healed someone by rubbing her hands together The paranormal elements are however, written nicely and fit in the story well I did not mind the paranormal thing too much in this book I read other reviews and have to agree with them about the heroin Sometimes she really comes off as selfish because she was always thinking about how to protect herself [...]

    Barbara ★
    This is a story of two lost souls who slowly find that they need each other to survive Elena Lamont is a healer who is harassed by a greedy man who inserts himself into her clan with the intention of taking over as Laird Unfortunately he needs Elena to marry him to make it happen Elena refuses and is forced to flee with Dougal right on her tail Luckily she stumbles upon Symon MacLachlan, the Devil of Kilmartin who everyone fears including Dougal Symon suffers from madnessor so he thinks and wish [...]

    Elena runs away from her clan and straight into the arms of the leader of the neighbouring clan This wouldn t be such a bad thing but he s afflicted by a kind of madness and is known by everyone even his own people as the Devil of Kilmartin.But Elena is a healer Usually she can choose to apply her gifts, but when she touches Symon MacLachlan she heals him.So he doesn t want to give her back.Now, he has to convince her to stay This was okay It had than a few plot holes view spoiler The Devil of [...]

    Laurin Wittig is one of those authors I call the Queens of Scottish historical Romance Loved this this book from cover to cover well, I did read this on my kindle so I am not exactly how to describe it Perhaps from the beginning to the end Anyhow I loved the Devil of Kilmartin and definitely recommends it to anyone who loves the genre of Scottish historical romance like myself This was a reread a I am looking forward to her new book Highlander Betrayed being released on August 6th Laurin really [...]

    Lori McD
    I resisted Lauren Wittig books because, IMO, Highland romances tend to be a bit schlocky Since reading Diana G s Outlander series, I tend to hold all romances esp about Highlanders up to her strong stories and characters.Wittig surprises me, yet again, weaving a tale of two lost souls who haven t a clue how much they need each other resisting all the way It sounds schlocky, but it s not It s well done, with a good touch of prophecy, healing, and Highland life in the 1300s.I truly enjoyed this st [...]

    N.W. Moors
    Elena Lamont escapes her home, chased by the clansman Dougal who wants her so he can become the new laird She runs into the Devil of Kilmartin, Symon MacLachlan, who saves her and takes her home Elena is a healer, one of those Scottish women who can heal through magic heat in their hands Symon discovers Elena can cure his madness, which is the result of a poison The two fall in love but Elena comes up with all sorts of reasons why they can t be together.Symon was an alright hero, but Elena dithe [...]

    Alanna Jenkins
    The story starts with Elena of Lamont, the chief s daughter and secret village healer, being attacked by a clan member who wants to manipulate the chief ship of the clan from her and her father She manages to escape and runs into Symon MacLachlan, chief of a neighbouring clan and well known by his reputation as The Devil Of Kilmartin so called because everyone thinks he s mad and possessed by the devil He protects her and takes her back to his village with a plan of persuading her to stay with h [...]

    J. Kahele
    An unexpected twist at the end Elena is a healer and also the daughter of Fergus of the Lamont clan and when he goes missing and is eventually proved dead, Elena being the only child of Fergus it the rightful heir to Chief of Lamont But it is not something she wants, she wants desperately to hand that role over to Ian, her cousin, but after being hurt during batter, Dougal tells her he is not healthy enough to run the clan Dougal informs her that he will be chief, after they are married, but Ele [...]

    Regan Walker
    Absorbing Highlander Romance This was Wittig s debut novel and it s a good one It won the National Readers Choice Award for short historical romance, though at 263 pages, it s not too short to interest me.Set in the Highlands of Scotland in 1307, and mostly at the Kilmartin castle, it tells the story of a beautiful auburn haired woman, Elena of Lamont, who has great healing power in her hands Her own clan s leaders would use her for their own purposes and, at her father s death, a ruthless man, [...]

    Elena of Lamont flees her home after her father s death to escape the brutality of her clansman, Dougal of Dun Elena has the power to heal others but suffers their pain when doing so Dougal is close to capturing Elena in the woods when she is rescued by Symon MacLachlan, chief of the Lachlan clan Elena s healing touch gives Symon some reprieve from the painful affects of his madness and he becomes convinced that she is the legendary Lamont healer Symon takes her into his clan, promising her prot [...]

    Lisa C.
    For the most part, the story was good Not over the top great but it kept me reading to see how it all played out I really liked Symon and his patience and strength when interacting with Elena As for Elena, she was torn between doing what was right and wanting to be as normal as she could She could have trusted Symon way sooner because it got old having to read about her second guessing him when it was clear he was one who could be trusted.What I didn t care for was the author s frequent explanat [...]

    All her life, Elena s healing abilities have been exploited by her clan She has been forced to heal warriors who would have otherwise died, giving her clan an edge that allowed them to continue fighting long after they should have fallen But now she s had enough Her father is dead, and a brutal outsider named Dougal has taken over the clan, even though Elena is the rightful heir Dougal tries to force Elena to marry him to give his claim legitimacy, but she flees into the night She is rescued by [...]

    Short novel set in medieval Scotland Elena is a healer, but needs wants to escape her home as it has been commandeered by a usurper who is trying to force her to marry him He also forces her to heal those he chooses, which is rapidly draining her strength She finds rescue in Symon, a laird, who is plagued by what seem to be fits of madness The fits are so severe that his own people distrust him, and call him the Devil of Kilmartin Symon needs Elena s healing power but she doesn t want to get tra [...]

    view spoiler The perceived bitchiness of the heroine and the dud stud did not make me hate them I empathized with Elena when she had to be selfish to stay alive Sometimes in life, especially after a hard upbringing, it is second nature to look out for yourself when no one else has been for most of your life She is a survivor, and they are usually self involved to some degree, simply because they had to be Plus, her clan had been at odds with the clan she was among at the time, which would make i [...]

    Antonette A Lisovich
    Love is stronger than any evil The people in Laurens stories are so true to my own feelings I feel like I am part of the story Thank you.

    GENRE Highlander romance, Historical romanceSETTING Southwestern Highlands, Scotland Spring 1307CENTRAL FEMALE CHARACTER ELENA LAMONT, daughter of Fergus, chief of Lamont a healerCENTRAL MALE CHARACTERS SYMON MacLACHLAN, chief of Clan Lachlan a man plagued with extremely extreme headaches and dizzinessNOPSIS Dougal of Dun attempting to steal position of clan chief by forcing Elena into marriage Seeing Elena being hunted down, Symon of MacLachlan fights Dougal in hopes of her healing his madness [...]

    I love historical romance for a couple reasons I enjoy being transported back to a time I never knew, to see and feel the costumes of the day, to hear the language spoken and to immerse myself in an unknown culture And of course I love love stories With Devil of Kilmartin, Ms Wittig delivered on all counts, plus a touch of fantasy I kept wondering what it would be like to have the kind of healing powers the heroine holds, to step inside a circle of grass to find magic within, and when I clicked [...]

    What a truly beautiful story this is The hero and heroine both have bad things happening in their lives, the hero believes he has been cursed with madness, and the heroine is being chased by a man who wants to force a marriage between them so that he can become the head of their clan It s only through helping each other that they can find safety, happiness, love, passion and well being There are twists and turns galore, tears of happiness and sadness, and an altogether captivating read You don t [...]

    Pam H
    Elena finds herself being defended by the Devil of Kilmartin, who just happens to be out of his mind at the time Her healing powers make her a coveted prize and she has been held hostage by an evil man trying to take over her clan in the absence of her father The Devil is really a kind clan leader Symon Lachlan, who is slowly being driven crazy, so he thinks as does his clan Elena discovers it is not the case at all but one of his being poisoned She cures him and now he wants to own her She feel [...]

    This is a sweet, enjoyable historical romance set in the highlands It is slightly paranormal Elena is a woman with a gift for healing and she escapes her home after her father is killed and is rescued by a Symone, chief of the Clan Lachlan He is suffering from some type of mental disorder and believes that she will be able to heal him and save his clan The story moves very swiftly and quickly through the resolution of all the obstacles keeping them apart.

    Lissa Gromley
    I cannot believe I never reviewed this The story was intense and daring I can t tell you how many times I gripped my kindle tightly when I thought something bad was going to happen, and there were times it almost did The Devil of Kilmartin is an excellent novel Special note It was the first Historical Romance novel I first read and what got me into reading Definitely worthy of reads.

    This was the first book I ve ever read by this author I got it on sale in a bundle pack which was designed, I believe, to introduce people to new to you authors.It worked very well I very much like this book I liked the characters, especially I found the mystery to be a bit easily solved and predictable pound cake sized breadcrumbs , but nonetheless, I enjoyed reading the story and I m excited to read by this author.

    This is the story of the chief of clan MacLaughlin and Elena I had already figured out the the villain was the chiefs half brother by the time it was revealed Elena was a healer however it was never explained who was the healer before her for her clan Was it her mother as I suspect Also I would have liked to know where the nickname of devil of kilmartin came from it was never explained.

    She is a healer running from the man who would make her his wife and be Laird of the Clan after her father dies She meets the Devil in the woods and he saves her from her would be husband She grows to love him in his clan and uncovers mysteries about the man who would be larid of her old clan There is a bit of sluthing involved and it is interesting.

    This book surprised me I like a good Historical Romance for light reading, but I wasn t expecting the almost super natural bent to it I did think I had the mystery solved and was pleasantly surprised that I didn t have it 100% figured out The end was a little bit sudden, but did not diminish the appeal of the characters or the story Definitely picking up from this author.

    I hate to be bluntly negative, but I barely got to the end of this book I found the main characters incredibly neurotic as well as self absorbed Couldn t develop any affection for them I m not a writer and can truly appreciate all the writers out there for the enormous amount of commitment and time they take to publish a book, however, I won t be coming back to this particular book.

    The Devil of KilmartinT was a formula type romance mystery But then,formula type romances work well for a reason They sell They sell because, for me anyway, they pretty much guarantee a happy endingter much soul searching and trials tribulations, of course Pure fun and entertainment.

    Enjoyable historical romance diversion with elements of magic Feels lite in the Diet Coke sense a quick, refreshing treat that won t be mistaken for a prize vintage Beyond the hero and heroine, the characters don t pop into the third dimension and the plot comes together too cleanly without much in the way of subplot Reads fast.

    • UNLIMITED AUDIOBOOK è The Devil of Kilmartin - by Laurin Wittig
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