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  • Title: My Brother's Voice: How a Young Hungarian Boy Survived the Holocaust: A True Story
  • Author: Stephen Nasser
  • ISBN: 9781932173109
  • Page: 239
  • Format: Paperback

  • My Brother's Voice: How a Young Hungarian Boy Survived the Holocaust: A True Story By Stephen Nasser Stephen Nasser somehow dug deep within his soul to survive the brutal and inhumane treatment his captors inflicted on the Jews He was the only one of his family to survive In this book, his account of the Holocaust is told in the refreshingly direct and optimistic language of a young boy, that appeals to younger audiences and his contemporaries.
    Stephen Nasser
    Stephen Nasser Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the My Brother's Voice: How a Young Hungarian Boy Survived the Holocaust: A True Story book, this is one of the most wanted Stephen Nasser author readers around the world.

    My Brother's Voice: How a Young Hungarian Boy Survived the Holocaust: A True Story By Stephen Nasser


    This was an amazing book, a great read I learned many new vocabulary words, lessons, truths, and had was inspired The vocabulary is great for someone wanting to learn new words and is still easily understandable There was also a part in the book where Pista said he had been weakened physically, mentally, and emotionally I have also thought mentally and emotionally were the same thing, but now that he said that I think the difference is that mentally is when you think and emotionally is when you [...]

    Stephen Nasser came to the middle school I teach at to tell his story to the students It was an emotional experience even for tough middle school boys Before he left I bought a copy of the book signed by him His story is beautiful and I enjoyed reading it He is not a writer by profession, so it doesn t flow like most books do But that makes it even real to me because he is just a guy telling his story.

    The haunting and harrowing true story of one boy s fight for survival in a Nazi concentration camp I read this book with a lump in the throat and tears in my eyes Another great memoir of history s darkest chapter.

    I just saw Stephen Nasser speak live What an absolute thrill To meet a survivor of the Halocaust is a memory I will never forget We must all NEVER FORGET This book, like most of the books, movies, etc about that horrible period in Human history was tough to read, but absolutely heart rending and worth the time I would highly recommend it.

    Ann Schaffer
    Maybe it s a sign I ve read too many memoirs and novels on the Holocaust, but this just wasn t my favorite book I feel bad saying this, but parts of the book just didn t feel right to me I couldn t help but wonder if the author embellished his experience.

    Brittany Pickard
    It is so hard for me to believe any of this is real I cried so many times Stephen Nasser will always be in my thoughts wishing all the best to him and his family A must read Great Great Great novel

    Very engrossing, very brutal, vivid Incredible perseverance in unimaginable circumstances It was hard to put the book down It probably would ve been even better if he d written it closer to the events and or had his diary.

    Another very interesting story about a young Hungarian Boy that survived a German concentration camp during WWII He and his brother were taken from their mother and even though his older brother was the stronger one, he died in the camp Pista was 14 when he was freed but he was very smart and figured out all kinds of ways to help him survive for over a year doing hard labor He managed to get back to his home in Hungary but things had been destroyed He found and aunt and uncle and lived with them [...]

    A heartbreaking and courageous true story about Stephen Nasser aka Pista, who was part of the millions of Jews who suffered the cruelty from the Nazis He along with his older brother Andris, mother Georgia, aunt and baby cousin, were taken to a concentration camp a year before the Allies arrived with help Stephen Nasser tells us what happened before, during, and after The narration at times would lose its flow especially when it came to the dialogues and the constant use of the symbol at the end [...]

    Gina B├ęgin
    I feel terrible for saying anything critical about a book written by someone who has gone through an unbelievable amount of pain and terror in their lives I have to put that aside, though, if I am going to be fair in my critique Now you know, so here goes I almost put this book down during the first few pages it was tedious reading but mostly because the writing skills seemed seriously lacking However, it redeemed itself slightly afterwards, although the author would revert into childish style f [...]

    Jerry Meents
    There are some problems with this story.The part of the author experiance in the first camp while still in Hungary page43 45 Red Cross trucks were never allowed in any camps under the German suppervision to supply warm food to Jewish prisoners.No no windows in boxcars, there is an square opening on one side by the sealing closed off with barbed wire.Otherwise people could escape thru those opening and very hard to push an bucket true the openings in the barbed wire.Page 48, the train stopped and [...]

    Lori Anderson
    I read a lot of Holocaust survivor memoirs, both of those who were in the camps and those who were hidden I ve studied the time period in school with one very intense class just on Hitler I don t know why I keep getting drawn to these books, even when they make me nauseous or give me nightmares, but they are IMPORTANT to read, important to understand, and important to honor.This book is about a Hungarian boy who was sent to a concentration camp along with his older brother and mother Description [...]

    Kimberly O.
    My book review would be about the book My Brother s Voice the author for this book is Stephen Nasser, and the genre of this book is Historical Fiction The overall Main of this book is Stephen Nasser, the time was back in world war 2 during the 1940 s in germany.The problem that the character had encounter was that he and his family had been captured by the Nazi s and he needs to have the encouragement and strength to survive I can not relate to this character, mostly because in this book he had [...]

    Liked it might not be the best description of my feelings about this 3 star book It s hard to like a book about the Holocaust, but I think it is important to read books like this and gain a better perspective on the experience of Holocaust victims and survivors My mother lent this book to me a few years ago after learning about it from the author an acquaintance of hers shortly after he wrote it and published it Intense and at times difficult to read, it is a sad story, but with some elements of [...]

    I highly recommend this book It is a personal account never shared until recent publication Pista Stephen Nasser tells the story from his perspective as a 13 year old youth The language is clear and uncluttered, letting his experiences and facts speak for themselves.Within days of arrival at Auschwitz, Pista and his brother Andris escape by switching places with two other boys heading to another labor camp Fortunately this camp was not dominated by the ovens, but few men survived starvation, dis [...]

    Ok, this was the best book I have ever read Honestly This was about what happened to Jews in I think the 1900s Its basically about this boy Stephan Nasser who has witnesses this tragidy Stephan otherwise known as Pista and his family was sent to concentration camps by the Nazis There was 21 members of his family, and he was the only one to survive Some were killed or died of sickness But mostly killed Over 300 million Jews were killed during that All because of those stupid Nazis They were bulli [...]

    I have heard Stephen Nasser present his Holocaust survival story on several occasions He is a Las Vegan, as am I Nasser has designed the book as a tribute to his brother, who didn t survive the Nazi labor camp to which both brothers were assigned.But the story serves for me as tribute to Stephen s own art, ingenuity, entrepreneurship, chutzpah, desire to record history, devotion to family, need to educate othersW I know why Stephen believes he couldn t write this story until his unclehad happene [...]

    I just finished My Brother s Voice and I am so heartbroken over everything this young boy endured yet I m moved beyond words that he was able to survive the horror and create a new life for himself His parents and his brother did not survive the Holocaust The story Mr Nasser tells had to wait until his uncle passed away because he couldn t bear for his uncle to know how his grandchild was killed Every Holocaust book I read astounds me and that this was the world of Europe How did an alleged ci [...]

    This was a really good book It was inspiring, touching, cruel, and very sad Its basically about the author and what it was like for him and his family in the 1900s You may know him as Stephen Nasser, but in the book, his name is Pista He had 21 members in his family and he was the only one to survive Most of his family was killed by the Nazis His family was sent to concentration camps And as you read the story, it gets very sad I mean, I never knew that this happened to a human being I ve never [...]

    Stephen Nasser was only 13 years old when he was taken from his home in Hungary to a concentration camp in Auschwitz Out of 21 people in his family, he was the only one who survived My husband and I were able to shake his hand and listen to him tell of his unbelievable experience The thing that impressed me the most was his unshakable faith in God and his determination to live a happy and prosperous life He said, I considered myself a part time prisoner I may have been a physical prisoner, but t [...]

    An amazing yet horrific story of a young Hungarian teenager surviving the Holocaust after being deported with his older brother and family to Auschwitz in 1944.The writing is not brilliant but then again a story doesn t have to be told superbly to be important or powerful While author wrote this in his adult years I heard the words as though his young teenage self were speaking The style is simple.That being said, the first few chapters sent me into an anxiety attack I was reading before bed and [...]

    I actually got to meet Mr Nasser, the author of this book at my school to talk about the Holocaust as a first person He had a very thick Hungarian accent, and he was very fun.The most memorable part of his experience sharing was when one of my classmates asked him What would you say to Hitler if you got to face him and he answered I wouldn t say anything I would kill that son of a bitch I m not exactly sure if he actually said that word, but judging from the astonishment of my classmates giggles [...]

    Devin Donohue
    This is a novel based on the true story of Stephen Nasser The Story takes place during the time of the holocaust It is Nasser s personal life story and his struggle to survive I absolutely loved this book I love learning and reading about the holocaust This novel captured every emotion I had The book starts when Nasser is a child, he has a stable life and family One day him and his family get taken to a concentration camp, and everything changes I absolutely loved this book I found myself not be [...]

    I ve read many books about the Holocaust, WWII, and Jewish Holocaust survival stories The story of Stephen Nasser will haunt me for awhile though His story is remarkable and I can t believe how much strength and will he had at 13 to live through the horrors that he did I didn t understand what secret he was keeping until the end of the book and I think he was very honorable in doing so I still can t believe all of the horrible things that happened during this time period, but am thankful for the [...]

    This is one of the most inspirational books I ve ever read It s amazing I think the theme is freedom All through this book, except at the end, Pista is fighting for freedom It s so sad that Andris dies Wah Pista s will is so strong that eventually he gets out of that awful place, but it s not easy He almost starves to death, many times, in fact He comes back from the Sick Bay, weak in body but not in spirt I think what the author is trying to say about freedom is that it s hard to get, but keep [...]

    This book was AMAZING I think all the people who didn t like this book are so crazy I love it so much You feel as if you know Pista threw the whole story It really brings you back to the Hollicause to experience the Pain, Horror, Cruelty, and Sadness EVERYONE should read this book I havent found another like it I am Jewish and it taught me about my haratage just a little than i already knew

    I saw Mr Nasser speak at my school on March 3, 2015 This book is heartfelt and written from the perspective of a 14 year old and is meant especially for 14 year olds so that they can relate to the horrors that hatred can cause Mr Nasser was persecuted because of hatred, not because of anything that he or his family ever did This should never happen again and Mr Nasser wants young people to come to this realization I am humbled to have met the man and heard his story.

    Good book, though for obvious reasons hard to read at times and graphic than other holocaust books I ve read It the story of young Pista Nasser, who was 13 when the Nazi s invaded Hungary and he was forced from his home, how he managed to remain optimistic and survive, and is a tribute to his older brother, who died in a Nazi concentration camp.The story is compelling, even though I can t say that I enjoyed reading it.

    I really liked this book It s always hard to read about the Holocaust and what people can do to fellow human beings But we must never forget atrocities like this and so as hard it can be to read, we must to remember He also currently lives in Las Vegas and visited my friend s school last year

    Thank you Stephen Nasser for sharing your incredibly personal experience with us I could not put this book down I was horrified at the injustices and blatant evil in the camps, but hope would swell at the kindnesses and humanity that also happened May we NEVER forget And may we all find the strength within ourselves to endure our own trials that pale in comparison.

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      239 Stephen Nasser
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