[EPUB] ☆ Diary of a Street Diva | by ↠ Ashley Antoinette JaQuavis Coleman #2020

  • Title: Diary of a Street Diva
  • Author: Ashley Antoinette JaQuavis Coleman
  • ISBN: 9781893196452
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Paperback

  • Diary of a Street Diva By Ashley Antoinette JaQuavis Coleman Keyshawn thinks she has found the man of her dreams He is a rich, powerful and successful music executiveor so she thinks Soon Keyshawn discovers that the man she thought she knew, the man that has given her the luxurious life she has grown accustomed to is actually a major player in the drug world She records her struggles in a diary, one that details all her struggKeyshawn thinks she has found the man of her dreams He is a rich, powerful and successful music executiveor so she thinks Soon Keyshawn discovers that the man she thought she knew, the man that has given her the luxurious life she has grown accustomed to is actually a major player in the drug world She records her struggles in a diary, one that details all her struggles and everything that happens to lead to her final, tragic end.
    Ashley Antoinette JaQuavis Coleman
    ASHLEY ANTOINETTE COLEMAN is one of the most successful female writers of her time The feminine half of the popular married duo, Ashley and JaQuavis, she has co written over 40 novels, including the bestselling Cartel series Several of her titles have hit The New York Times bestsellers list, but she is most widely regarded for her continuing racy saga, The Prada Plan Born in Flint, MI, she was bred with an innate street sense that she uses as motivation in her crime filled writings.Picking up a deal with publishing powerhouse St Martin s Press while simultaneously inking deals at Warner Brothers Studios and NBC Universal, Ashley shows no signs of slowing down She is currently hard at work on a new book series and two television pilots.To keep up with everything Ashley Antoinette follow heritter novelistaInstagram ashleyantoinette

    Diary of a Street Diva By Ashley Antoinette JaQuavis Coleman


    Aaliyah Brown
    Diary of a Street Diva is about a young woman named Remy Morgan Basically on her own since she was 5, Remy had a life story of stealing, fighting, running and moving By the time she was 16, Remy left the foster home life for good and entered the street life First starting off as a dancer, Remy rises to the top by becoming the girlfriend of the top drug dealer and icon of Flint, Michigan, Khadafi After the love of her life dies, Remy drops back down to the bottom, now worse then before Thankfully [...]

    I m going through a ghetto book phase They all have the same basic set up a high up dealer buying from Columbians, a sexy ex hooker stripper that s now the wifey, the right hand man and smaller runners Diary of a Street Diva has the same premise but I have to give props for the ending There are two twist that I didn t expect and for once I actually like the protagonist Most of the time they are too ghetto and annoy me I don t understand how these girls live with a man giving them 20,000 for shop [...]

    Nardsbaby Reader
    Untold AnecdoteOnce upon a time not long ago there lived a little girl in Flint, Michigan by the name of Remy Morgan Without help she was powerless and at an early age she was not use to people being decent Abandoned, betrayed, molested, assaulted, then plainly thrown away, this poor dysfunctional child was suffering Jammed up with so much shame and embarrassment Remy becomes an easy target in search of independency Drayton Cesar had nothing His call from the streets came early on A challenge he [...]

    Magen Thomas
    Diary of a Street Diva had me on edge the entire time I was reading it I kind of started off a little slow for me, but by the time I looked up I was half way finished with the book The ending made my jaw drop but definitely worth it A must read read for those that like a suspenseful Urban Fiction.

    Turning Back the Hands of Time Dear Diary, Since the debut of Ashley Jaquavis Dirty Money in 2005, I have been anxiously awaiting their sopho novel Dirty Money was an OOSA book of the month Seldom do we all agree on a book, but we unanimously enjoyed it Upon the release of Diary of a Street Diva, it was pretty much a given that it too would be an OOSA book of the month Diary of a Street Diva uncovers the inner most and personal thoughts of Remy Morgan, a beautiful woman that lived a hard knock l [...]

    This book was great, it reminded me a lot of the coldest winter ever.

    This book, is one of the best books they have written

    Dani love

    TaQuanda Taylor
    It doesn t matter how many times I read this book I have the same reaction It pulls you in and keeps you until the very end Why or why is this book so good This is my third time ready this book and if it is possible it gets better every time.

    i really love this book and it was well written and i couldnt believe it ended the way it did love it and dont want to tell the story incase others didnt read it.

    The book was ok, but I only gave it 2 stars because at the end, I started to wonder what the point was to this book I probably wouldn t recommend this book to anyone.

    Carol Hornsby-mccoy
    Ok it took a lot for me to start reading audio books One reason is I always said the audio leaves out things that the book has So I would get both the audio and the book and read alone Well guess what I just finished the audio and the book, the audio was 2 3 chapters ahead of the book Then to make matters worst, readers get this the ending for both is totally different I don t want to be a spoiler for anyone who has not read either, however I would suggest that you read both or at least read the [...]

    FROM JACKET After the phenomenal success of their first novel, Dirty Money , Ashley and JaQuavis are back with their spellbinding soph novel, Diary of a Street Diva Come with them as they take you into the world of Remy Morgan, the wife of Cease, a young hustler from Flint, Michigan After Remy dies by gunshot, Cease goes on trial for her murder On the morning of his trial, he delves into her diary to bare the deep, dark secrets of her past Walk with Cease as he discovers the other side of Remy a [...]

    Lesa Divine
    Overall this book was great another great read from Ashley and JaQuavis.The book was about this girl Remy s life She died and her husband Cease is on trial for her murder During the trial he comes across Remy s diary that she wrote about her life growing up from when she was a teenager living in a group home to the time she got rapped and then started living with a man that had her stripping and sleeping with men for money.She then found herself cooking up dope for this big tymer Khadafi until o [...]

    This book was really good This was the first Ashley Jaquavis story i read and I like there style of writing together than just Ashley which I had read The book had just the right amount of twists and turns especially the final one and I kept me interested, unlike the other books i had read by Ashley When reading The Prada Plan 12 sometimes the suspense would just fall and I would put the book down for days before completing it This story encouraged me to read it and finished it hours after it a [...]

    This book is the epitome of an easy read It seemed to go by slowly although when I looked up I was already MORE than halfway done A few major events happened to Remy but I was waiting and waiting for the climax of the book to appear, and it finally in the last little pinch of the book And I do mean PINCH The last few chapters FLEW by after that and let me tell you my jaw was on the floor I slammed the book down suddenly and yelled out OH MY GOSH several times at that point What unfolded was shoc [...]

    It took me a long time to get into this bookonce I did it was okay By the end of the book I had absolutely no respect for Remy.ashing all the homies made me sick.e had no loyalty Wen she hooked up wit Cease that there was a Tad bit muchbut banging Jodi was the ultimate betrayal Then there was too many relationships Khadafi, Ceases dad Betty Khadafi s momwth a lot of unanswered questionsy did netty stop writing Remy Who was tryna kill Cease n Jodi that night Wen the hell did Remy n Jodi hook up.

    J.R. Randle
    This book would have been amazing had the co written authors kept the integrity of the main characters in mind Without giving away any spoilers I, along with my circle sisters were definitely dissapointed with the ending of this novel When you create a character you give life to your character Therefore, like a parent, you re responsible for the care of your child This is also true for an author and his or her characters All members of my reader s group absolutely loved this novel, and were all [...]

    Eva Leger
    Definitely a great book the ending rocked I saw a little of it coming but not too early on and I definitely didn t see it all I wish a little about a part of the ending was explained and I also wish we could have found out what happened to Shay s grimey ass after she had Remy knocked But hey, what I want and what I get are two different things It s still a five star book IMO The ending was crazy.

    Eve B.
    I can t even rate this book because honestly I don t know where I stand with it I mean it was a page turner because I was dying to find out what happened to Remy but I felt so let down at the end I would have been happier if she killed her self or if Shay killed her I don t know.

    I think this book is awsome I was really shocked at the end when I found out who really killed Remy Remy is the main character, and next is Cease This is a young adult book and it s also a drama, and mystery book I really enjoyed putting the pieces together to figure out who killed who.

    Lina Jay
    I was surprised I have been reading a few books that haven t been worth my time and I expected this book to be the same BOY WAS I WRONG This is a must read book Very well written Good job to both authorsAshley and JaQuavis I will be reading Dirty Money next

    Page turner from beginning to end Just when I thought I knew how the story ended it flipped the script on me at the end Khadafi is Ceasar s dad is shocking Betty Netty is Khadafi s mom no surprise cause she had is back spoke his name like a broken record Very good read.

    Destiney Jones
    The Diary Of A Street Diva was the best book I ever read.

    wow this book was excellent The end damn rt it makes you think twice before doing somethin that regret wow is all i can say And honestly this book made me tear up a little bit

    Pretty good book, it took a while bc it was dragging but I finally got there I was was pretty shocked.

    Oh my gosh this book was so good It really has an unexpected ending Great read

    Queen Readers
    Great read

    this book was heart breaking

    The best book i have every rea in my life Fantastic story line I love Ashley JaQuavis

    • [EPUB] ☆ Diary of a Street Diva | by ↠ Ashley Antoinette JaQuavis Coleman
      262 Ashley Antoinette JaQuavis Coleman
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