[KINDLE] ☆ Do Fundo do Coração | by Á Mary Higgins Clark #2020

  • Title: Do Fundo do Coração
  • Author: Mary Higgins Clark
  • ISBN: 9789722522205
  • Page: 380
  • Format: Paperback

  • Do Fundo do Coração By Mary Higgins Clark Poder o cora o de um dador passar os seus segredos pessoa que o recebe No intervalo de alguns anos, Jamie e Natalie, duas talentosas actrizes e melhores amigas, s o assassinadas em circunst ncias misteriosas O caso perfeito para Emily Wallace, uma bonita procuradora de trinta e dois anos, que nem suspeita de que tamb m a sua vida corre perigo E aquele cora o quePoder o cora o de um dador passar os seus segredos pessoa que o recebe No intervalo de alguns anos, Jamie e Natalie, duas talentosas actrizes e melhores amigas, s o assassinadas em circunst ncias misteriosas O caso perfeito para Emily Wallace, uma bonita procuradora de trinta e dois anos, que nem suspeita de que tamb m a sua vida corre perigo E aquele cora o que lhe salvou a vida Esconder ele segredos que agora partilha consigo O livro mais inquietante da Rainha do Suspense , que sonda os mist rios do cora o e da mente Intenso A ac o precipita se para um final surpreendente.
    Mary Higgins Clark
    Mary Higgins Clark, 1 international and New York Times bestselling author, is the author of 46 books and counting she s written thirty three suspense novels three collections of short stories a historical novel, Mount Vernon Love Story two children s books, including The Magical Christmas Horse and a memoir, Kitchen Privileges She has also written five holiday suspense novels with Carol Higgins Clark and The Cinderella Murder, a new thriller in collaboration with bestselling novelist Alafair Burke.Clark s books have sold than 100 million copies in the United States alone Her books are beloved around the world and have made her an international bestseller many times over.

    Do Fundo do Coração By Mary Higgins Clark


    Okay, so Mary Higgins Clark has been my all time favorite author practically my whole reading lifetime I would stay up all night reading her latest book and then re read all of her old ones I guess, all of my goodread friends and all your great recommendations for books that I ve been reading has put a little damper on poor Mary Higgins her books just pale in comparison I will admit that I did stay up late to finish it, but it was pretty predictable and way too cheesy I know, you would never thi [...]

    Just Take My Heart is a book about a correction in law enforcement and the legal profession Emily Wallace caught her first major case as an assistant prosecutor after coming back to work after having a heart operation However, the prosecuting of Gregg Aldrich for the murder of his ex wife was not as straightforward as first thought by Emily The readers of Just Take My Heart will follow the legal battle to see what happens to Emily Wallace and Gregg Aldrich.I enjoyed reading Just Take My Heart Ma [...]

    I really enjoyed reading this book I found this to be a little different from her other mystery novels, and I have read all of them.In this one, Emily Wallace is a prosecutor trying a man for murder but is fighting with her inner feelings of his innocence Her star witness is not exactly credible What would you do if you were facing 10 years jail time She is also a heart transplant patient and a war widow Lives by herself in a small, New Jersey town next to an older man who she is not exactly sur [...]

    Li"l Owl
    And the Queen of Suspense does it again Exciting, page turning book I loved this story, and what a twist at the end Read it in one sitting Wow

    Review to follow.

    Ana M. Román
    Este libro tiene m s un componente psicol gico que de suspense, con esto no quiero decir que el suspense no est ah , que lo est , pero realmente no hace verdaderamente su aparici n hasta muy hacia el final puesto que desde el principio sabemos que Gregg no es el asesino aunque no tenemos ninguna pista que nos pueda llevar hasta el verdadero culpable Digo que tiene un fuerte componente psicol gico porque vemos como se siente la protagonista mientras hace su trabajo de fiscal como se exten a y luc [...]

    Just Take My Heart was slow to get going and the trial took up the first half I don t really like reading long drawn out trials Also this book is full of coincidences, just unbelievably full of them There is the heart transplant the prosecutor knowing the killer the delivery man who just happened to both meet the guy on trial for murder and make a delivery to his apartment Natalie who just happens to meet the killer of her roommate from many years earlier, and even recognizes him from a small sn [...]

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    Erica T
    Pretty much a typical Mary Higgins Clark book I never quite have them all figured out, and that was true with this one too It was a fun, easy read, and I love that her books are always clean reads.

    Do Fundo do Cora o o segundo livro que leio de MHG e gra as a Deus que assim ou teria ficado seriamente traumatizada.O livro tem uma capa muito apelativa e uma sinopse promissoras n o foi nada do que estava espera Para come ar 95% do livro est relacionado com o julgamento, o que me proporcionou uma leitura entediante n o gosto nada deste tema Os restantes 5% foram a grande raz o porque o li at ao fim a verdadeira identidade do assassino e o vizinho psicopata assassino em s rie que estava em fuga [...]

    I have not read Clark s books in a long time.What would you do if your best friend was murdered Fast forward 20 years later The survivor was a great actress and yet, she was murdered Did the same person commit a crime again Enter the proscecutor Did she put the wrong person in jail This was an ok read not the best It piqued my interest in spots just not enough to keep me up at night to finish it.

    I haven t read anything by this author in years, and I m so glad I grabbed this off my bookshelf This book pulled me in from the first few pages I kept guessing who murdered Natalie, going back and forth between this person and that one I never figured out whodunnit until the author revealed it I love when that happens

    Mary Higgins Clark books will always remind me of my grandma Whenever a new book she writes is released my Gram will purchase it I love it Her bookcase downstairs is filled with every single novel, I daresay, Clark has written Also for as long as I can remember, my Gram is always gracious enough to let my sisters, aunt and I borrow it This was the case with Just Take My Heart Like most Higgins Clark mystery thrillers, this was a light quick read A famous actress, in the midst of a divorce, is sh [...]

    First Mary Higgins Clark book that I have read since I read Where Are the Children and others back in high school It was a little predictable in spots, but I liked the 2 story lines and the characters of prosecutor, Emily Wallace and accused agent husband, Gregg Aldrich I liked the TV shows in the book Court Side and the host, Mark, Matt or Mike, who was Gregg Aldrich s friend And her neighbor likes to watch Fugitive Hunt.I expected about the heart transplant after the initial teaser and was a [...]

    If I m completely honest I m not quite sure where I sit with this author I enjoy her books as quick reads yet at the same time I feel as though I do not enjoy them quite as much as I enjoy other books in the genre In fact, they only just make the four star rating and I think that is because I m a little bit too nice when handing out my ratings.With this one I felt as though the large majority of the book focused upon what occurred in the court I know this was necessary for all of the information [...]

    This was pretty terrible I think a big part of that is because I some how ended up with the abridged audiobook so I m going to bump it up a star because I think it would be better if it wasn t abridged But the book was so jumpy again, I m guessing that s the abridgement but I also just really didn t like Emily, the main character I d also point out that the whole stalker thing is pretty much word for word the same as one of Mary Higgins Clark s other books On the Street Where You Live I m sort o [...]

    Kim Dennis
    It has been probably 3 years since I have read a Mary Higgins Clark book There s a reason for that after listening roughly an hour, I figured out who the killer was Granted, she did make me question myself about 1 2 hour before the end of the book, but I was right all along I ve read enough of her books that they are somewhat predictable I was also somewhat disappointed at the end There was a fair bit of foreshadowing about something and I was right about that too However, for the amount of fore [...]

    Typical Mary Higgins Clark I had not read her in years, but it was given to me by a friend It just seemed to have too much in it I was happy with the original story line of a prosecuter trying the actresses husband for her murder The courtroom drama was going great, then a serial killer was thrown in as the prosecuter s neighbor Thas sort of lost me for a minute On top of that there was mentioned the heart transplant that she had had You find out that the heart was donated by you guessed it The [...]

    Sherri Smith
    This was an EXCELLENT read Although I guessed a few things that would happen within the story, others kept me guessing to the end I highly recommend this wonderful MHC read I RARELY give 5 stars but felt this one earned it.

    Gary Butler
    9th book read in 2017.Number 513 out of 574 on my all time book list.Review Pending


    My thoughts are Bridget Blogs Books

    Actress Natalie Raines flees to her Cape Cod vacation home to think and to escape the fear that whoever killed her friend Jamie years ago has just reappeared in her life Someone whose picture she has seen, but which was missing from Jamie s wallet when the body was found all those years ago.Estranged spouse Gregg Aldrich has been persistent in his efforts to persuade Natalie to reconcile Almost to the point that he is stalking her.Returning to her New Jersey home, Natalie is accosted and shot as [...]

    I ve been reading Clark s books for 15 years now, since age 11, and I have to say I have finally managed to completely guess the outcome of one of her books That doesn t mean I didn t utterly love it, though It was a different form, or less, from other of her novels, but enjoyable nonetheless Figuring it out may have just been a matter of becoming better at spotting Clark s hints, but I generally don t try to expend much effort in guessing anyway a book loses its entertainment value if you try [...]

    Karen & Gerard
    WOW Just Take My Heart by Mary Higgins Clark is full of suspense and true to life characters It s a murder mystery because although the husband, Greg Aldrich, is on trial for killing his wife, Natalie, he claims he didn t do it It is a high profile case that is discussed every evening on the show, Courtside which is hosted by Greg s best friend Emily, the prosecuting attorney, goes after a conviction even though she has some doubt about the defendant s guilt She has a soft spot for him when she [...]

    This was another Mary Higgins Clark book I picked up on CD and listened to while working around the house This is something I ve come to love doing as it often gets me to do projects I really don t want to do de cluttering, folding laundry etc I like Mary Higgins Clark, but I do have to take her books in moderation I guessed fairly early on who the bad guy was, and there were very few surprises though how the whole thing went down in the end was unexpected, even if all the players were expected [...]

    Emily is an assistant district attorney who is amazed when her boss gives her a very high profile case to try A prisoner has given information about the man that she is trying for murder in exchange for a decrease in his prison sentence He is a real low life but he describes the squeaking drawer in the mans living room that he couldn t know about if he hadn t been there Will the jury believe him Will Emily get her guilty verdict This book keeps you turning the pages to find out what happens Get [...]

    I have read all of Mary Higgins Clark s books and it was a nice surprise to find her latest on the shelf at the library and that I hadn t read this one yet Mary and her daughter came to my school to speak in April, sponsored by the country library system, and because I ushered, I got to sit on the front row It was nice to hear how they do their writing, both separately and together I usually get through her books quickly, because I can t put them down And, once again, I couldn t figure out who d [...]

    I read this in two or three sittings It starts a little slow but picks up, and similar to the author s other books which I used to read quite a bit but haven t in many years the suspense just keeps building One twist I figured out right away, but the main whodunnit, I did not see coming so that always makes for a good surprise There were a couple plot holes, like why wasn t the murder weapon ever brought up in the trial But overall, it was easy and kept my attention.

    Typical Mary Higgins Clark concerning attractive people in the NYC area who find their lives intertwined with a murder at the center Three separate murders, but four mysteries are at the heart of this book A man s actress wife is murdered He is the main suspect The county prosecutor assigns the case to a young, attractive woman with a tragic past Throw in a completely separate serial killer who picks his neighbor, the prosecutor as his next victim A quick read Brain candy.

    • [KINDLE] ☆ Do Fundo do Coração | by Á Mary Higgins Clark
      Mary Higgins Clark