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  • Title: The Politically Incorrect Guide to Socialism
  • Author: Kevin D. Williamson
  • ISBN: 9781596986497
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Paperback

  • The Politically Incorrect Guide to Socialism By Kevin D. Williamson Stalin s gulag, impoverished North Korea, collapsing Cuba it s hard to name a dogma that has failed as spectacularly as socialism And yet leaders around the world continue to subject millions of people to this dysfunctional, violence prone ideology.In The Politically Incorrect Guide to Socialism, Kevin Williamson reveals the fatal flaw of socialism that efficient, cStalin s gulag, impoverished North Korea, collapsing Cuba it s hard to name a dogma that has failed as spectacularly as socialism And yet leaders around the world continue to subject millions of people to this dysfunctional, violence prone ideology.In The Politically Incorrect Guide to Socialism, Kevin Williamson reveals the fatal flaw of socialism that efficient, complex economies simply can t be centrally planned But even in America, that hasn t stopped politicians and bureaucrats from planning, to various extents, the most vital sectors of our economy public education, energy, and the most arrogant central planning effort of them all, Obama s healthcare plan.In this provocative book, Williamson unfolds the grim history of socialism, showing how the ideology has spawned crushing poverty, devastating famines, and horrific wars Lumbering from one crisis to the next, leaving a trail of economic devastation and environmental catastrophe, socialism has wreaked havoc, caused deaths, and impoverished people than any other ideology in history especially when you include the victims of fascism, which Williamson notes is simply a variant of socialism Williamson further demonstrates Why, contrary to popular belief, socialism in theory is no better than socialism in practice Why socialism can t exist without capitalism How the energy powerhouse of Venezuela, under socialism, has become an economic basket case subject to rationing and blackouts How socialism, not British colonialism, plunged the bountiful economy of India into stagnation and dysfunction and how capitalism is rescuing it Why socialism is inextricably linked to communismIf you thought socialism went into the dustbin of history with the collapse of the Soviet Union, think again Socialism is alive and kicking, and it s already spread further than you know.
    Kevin D. Williamson
    Kevin D Williamson is National Review s roving correspondent He is the author of The End Is Near and It s Going To Be Awesome How Going Broke Will Leave America Richer, Happier, and More Secure, The Dependency Agenda, and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Socialism, and contributed chapters to The New Leviathan The State Vs the Individual in the 21st Century and Future Tense Lessons of Culture in an Age of Upheaval When he is not sounding the alarm about fiscal armageddon, he co hosts the Mad Dogs Englishmen podcast with fellow National Review writer Charles C W Cooke.Williamson began his journalism career at the Bombay based Indian Express Newspaper Group and spent 15 years in the newspaper business in Texas, Pennsylvania, and Colorado He served as editor in chief of three newspapers and was the founding editor of Philadelphia s Bulletin He is a regulator commentator on Fox News, CNBC, MSNBC, and NPR His work has appeared in The New York Post, The New York Daily News, Commentary, Academic Questions, and The New Criterion, where he served as theater critic He is a native of Lubbock, Texas.

    The Politically Incorrect Guide to Socialism By Kevin D. Williamson


    Walter Kuriger
    I love truth This book shows the continued falacies of socialism, and the refusal to accept the true impact that socialism has on cultures, people groups, and even the earth Socialism is a plague that should be eradicated An excellent book.

    Christopher Stevenson
    Intellectually dishonest Central planning isn t socialism Central planning is model of organization, which nearly every single group or enterprise uses It s cute to run around quoting libertarian or Austrian economists, but taking snippets out of context is pretty dishonest and lazy.

    I think I hated this book While I am no socialist or even a democrat, Williamson makes even the choice to drive a Prius instead of a Hummer a socialist choice because to do so is to reduce the amount of oil you consume personally I don t think that a capitalist society is necessarily the one that consumes as much as they possibly can regardless of their wants or needs A person is generally going to spend their money on something, that has been make clear Spending it on oil is not necessarily the [...]

    Great Williamson shows how socialism defined as central planning of non public goods services is always disruptive at best, deadly at worst The past century has made it clear that socialism is simply inconsistent with how the world works, which makes its advocates either arrogant or naive or both I also enjoyed Williamson s thoughts on what we really ought to be doing to reform healthcare Highly recommended.

    I was looking for a balanced view of marxism, socialism, and communism This wasn t it.It was an anti central planning rant using the same kind of broad strokes as Ann Coulter.

    Joe Chernicoff
    Kevin D Williamson s great book on a historically fact history and relevant topic for today s political world should be read by everyone As I have written before, my four decades on this planet have allowed me to appreciate the facts within this text Easy to read, and most interestingly written, Politically Incorrect is another book, which read in tandem with the other books I am reading, and have read, helps cement a very styrong picture of realty in this geo political world.

    Great book Great series This guide will enlighten you as to all the ins and outs of Socialism why it s inherently flawed and why it still lays claim to legions of enthusiastic proponents despite its truly abysmal track record.

    Kyle Labosky
    Imagine a fiscally conservative tea party economist reviewing socialism, and that is what this book is On the whole it was very educational and informative He ends up coming down relatively hard on American education, although not as hard as I would have liked He has spent some time reading various Austrian economists like Mises and Hayek The biggest weakness of this book is that he simply did not come down hard enough on various countries, including our own This was to be expected from someone [...]

    A bit uneven in its clarity, chapter by chapter, but a very enlightening book Some of the best chapters involve the oil industry and the current US pursuit of energy independence , of our supposed overspending on health care and overconsumption of energy, and the economics of the public education system Not quite as top notch as Jonah Goldberg s Liberal Facism , but at the same time a readable and a topical description of socialist theory and practice, and the history and limitations of its pr [...]

    Jeremy Walker
    Very good book for defining that which Americans refuse to define Socialism Socialism, Communism, and the likes, are always seen as a problem in other countries, but not here in America Other countries are criticized for their oppressions and evils, but in America we have FREEDOM We ll as it turns out freedom in America is not what people think, nor is it free at all.Before you can fix a problem you have to identify it This book does a good job of doing just that.

    Socialism is even evil that I thought

    I would probably give this 2.5 stars if I could go half way I liked it but not a whole lot It suffers from what I suspect is too narrow a focus much like the Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming, which was just fine as a chapter in the PIG Science book Similarly, this could probably have been a chapter in the PIG Economics book In its efforts to comment on the current state of the US, it has unfortunately dated itself with the sheer volume of references to the Obama administration and O [...]

    Nice book Sometimes it makes too much Milton Friedman style arguments for my taste However, it is a detailed analysis about the false assumptions of socialism Specially, it helped me to understand how flawed socialism is about pricing and their romanticism about how the world works I had an intuition about its extreme romanticism after reading the communist manifesto But now all my intuitions were confirmed Socialism is a a romantic denial of economic facts, b a moralization of economics, c an o [...]

    If you found yourself wanting background as to why Obama was labeled as a socialist, or compared to Hitler, or a called a communist, this book may help address your questions It s than that, of course, but does give good background explaining failed socialist policies from around the world, and explains the concerns of many regarding the Obama Administration, Obamacare, and the reasons conservatives would be against those policies.

    Tremendously informative read on the general failure of socialism Communicated persuasively and objectively, it effectively outlines why socialism is, by far, the worst economic system ever developed Its benefits on humanity fall ridiculously short when compared to the economic and social tragedies its brought the world over the last century.

    Logan R
    a very good descipitipn of socilalism

    Reza Amiri Praramadhan
    A scathing critiques on Socialism, this book stood on the side of full reverence to free market values Central to the opposition against socialism is the dislike of any kind of central planning done by the state, especially if it enlarged the state s power and authority This book also kind enough to point the failure of supposedly socialist regimes in the world, like India, Venezuela, North Korea and even Sweden, although I am still sceptical about Sweden, Venezuelans have had enough of socialis [...]

    Steven Allen
    This book sounded interesting when my wife and I spotted it on the shelf of our local library The first half of the book is good with some interesting points concerning Socialism and why it has failed in every country that tries it The last part of the book got redundant serving only to point the finger at American politicians who either are Socialists or promote Socialist agendas.

    Jason Green
    Socialism does not work History is replete with examples of failed socialist societies Even Sweden, the socialist utopia the Left likes to point to, is showing signs of failure because of its socialist system Is our Republic perfect No No system is But our Republic with its capitalist economy is the best system available Don t believe me Change it and see how quickly we fail.

    While certainly not an unbiased look, this book does a great job of exposing the true impact of socialism in our lives Even though socialism isn t in fashion as it once was, the effects are important to realize, even if you re a supporter of the idea This book certainly doesn t hold back but the number of deaths that can be attributed to the failures of socialism require a hard look which this book gives.

    William Kyle Spratt
    If you are left leaning politically, take a chance reading this, I think you ll find that it lays out with clear evidence backed data that the very goals you want, max prosperity for the largest number of people, equality, etc are best achieved in free markets than in centrally planned ones.

    The audible version is quite enjoyable and easy to listen to Despite my being a bleeding heart liberal with an arguably socialist mindset, I felt I learned quite a bit from the book and gained new insights about our economic realities and the ideals of both sides of the political aisle.

    Would have enjoyed it if it wasn t so snarky But, it is the politically incorrect guide, so

    Tim Gordon
    I ve really enjoyed Jonah Goldberg s books, so I thought I d branch out to the other National Review writers and give them a sample Since Williamson is one of the enjoyable authors on NRO, he seemed like a good target.The one thing this book really hammers home is that Socialism isn t about to work Not in theory, not in practice He gives example after example of how it has failed, no matter what baseline is used to start There s just too many options to be well run centrally, and no matter how [...]

    Leonardo Bruno
    Se h uma preocupa o central por parte do autor ao longo do livro, eu diria que esta a de mostrar o qu o desastroso para as pessoas e, consequentemente, para as na es o planejamento centralizado seja da economia, seja da educa o, seja da sa de p blica Afinal de contas, essa express o e sua correlata planejadores centrais aparece nada menos do que 124 vezes ao longo do livro, permeando praticamente todos os cap tulos Desmontando as principais fal cias socialistas inclusive a de que o socialismo in [...]

    Ryé Möcke
    Everything in this was factual and true Just the writing was beneath my intellectual level Like i understand that they re trying to make this book series easy to read so that someone who s not acclimated to politics can easily read them and understand, sort of similar to the For Dummies book series But they re dumbing it down way too much that it s almost belittling to the reader

    José Eduardo Amaral Leal
    Leitura recomendada para todos aqueles interessados em obter uma melhor compreens o, com base em an lise de fatos e exemplos atuais, n o s das estrat gias e truques ideol gicos da esquerda, mas tamb m dos resultados pr ticos de sua ado o em pequena, m dia e larga escala Destaco os cap tulos em que se discute a situa o da ndia, da Su cia, da Cor ia do Norte e da Venezuela, al m das discuss es sobre solu es nas reas de educa o, ecologia, energia e sa de, algumas delas sendo implementadas nos pr pr [...]

    As always Kevin Williamson is brutally honest about the realities of economic life in the world What works and what doesn t work is backed up by extensive annotations, real world anecdotes, and data Like all the other Politically Incorrect Guides this book comes from a decidedly conservative or in this case, correctly libertarian viewpoint If you re someone who clings to progressive left wing shibboleths this book will either make you rethink things or throw it through a window in anger With th [...]

    Void lon iXaarii
    To be honest I started the book expecting a historical bend, so I was surprised at how brilliantly the author picks up on contemporary examples in many countries of socialism flourishing, to the point that people have begun to take it for granted It reminds me of Murray N Rothbard s call for the good kind of extremists because as he explained society always gravitates towards the average, but socialism has had so many and so influential extremists coming at it from so many different angles that [...]

    Adam Balshan
    4 stars Politics A solid addition to the catalog of works that expose socialism s inexorable, axiomatic failure Williamson correctly defines socialism s pre eminent characteristic as central planning, not redistribution of wealth, and takes the reader on a tour of modern and historical centrally planned catastrophes Most impressive was his run down of Ghandian swadeshi socialism that India is only recently recovering from, North Korean Juche, Venezuelan socialism, and the slow rotting of that mu [...]

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