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  • Title: Kadaverdoktoren
  • Author: Lene Kaaberbøl
  • ISBN: 9788770534994
  • Page: 435
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Kadaverdoktoren By Lene Kaaberbøl Det begynder med en mide i en d d ung piges n sebor ret er 1894, stedet en st rre provinsby i Frankrig, og det er en af byens l ger, enkemanden Albert Karno, bedre kendt som Kadaverdoktoren, der skal fastsl d ds rsagen Men pigens familie n gter at lade liget obducere inden begravelsen D den kan ikke f en rsag KADAVERDOKTOREN handler om l gen Albert Karno, der fors Det begynder med en mide i en d d ung piges n sebor ret er 1894, stedet en st rre provinsby i Frankrig, og det er en af byens l ger, enkemanden Albert Karno, bedre kendt som Kadaverdoktoren, der skal fastsl d ds rsagen Men pigens familie n gter at lade liget obducere inden begravelsen D den kan ikke f en rsag KADAVERDOKTOREN handler om l gen Albert Karno, der fors ger at forst d den til gavn for de levende Om Kommiss ren, hans ven og samarbejdspartner, hvis pligt og kald det er at registrere og begrunde alle d dsfald i byen Og ikke mindst om den 17 rige Madeleine Karno, kadaverdoktorens datter og ambiti se assistent Sammen f lger de tre det d dbringende spor gennem en foruroligende og dramatisk historie som s tter tidens videnskabelige fremskridt op mod kr fter der er lige s gamle som mennesket eller ldre endnu For hvor er det Dyret begynder, og mennesket holder op
    Lene Kaaberbøl
    Jeg kom til verden p Rigshospitalet i K benhavn d 24.3.1960 Overl gen var i kjole og hvidt han var blevet afbrudt midt i en gallamiddag men min s ster siger, at det er da ikke noget, hendes f dselsl ge var i islandsk nationaldragt Nogen vil mene at det s ledes allerede fra starten var klart at jeg var et ganske s rligt barn Andre vil sikkert p st at min mor bare var god til at skabe pludselige gyn kologiske kriser.Jeg blev alts f dt i K benhavn, men det m nok betragtes som en fejl, for min for ldre er jyske, min opv kst foregik i Jylland mestendels i Malling ved rhus , og jeg betragter mig i dag som eksil jyde p Frederiksberg, p det mine jyske venner omtaler som Dj vle en Sj lland.Jeg har skrevet altid, eller i hvert fald lige siden jeg n ede ud over Ole s en so stadiet Som hestetosset teenager skrev jeg b gerne om Tina og hestene de to f rste udkom da jeg var femten, den fjerde og sidste da jeg var sytten Som 18 rig opdagede jeg Tolkien og Ringenes herre, og derefter Ursula K LeGuins trilogi om Jordhavet, og lige siden har mit bog hjerte banket for eventyr og drageblod og verdener, der ligger mindst tre skridt til h jre for regnbuen eller M lkevejen, og under alle omst ndigheder et p nt stykke fra den asfalterede danske virkelighed.I dag, cirka 30 b ger senere, er jeg stadig lige s h bl st vild med at skrive som jeg altid har v ret Og selv om jeg har v ret en lille smuttur i krimi land og skrevet en kriminalroman for voksne l s mere p ninaborg hvis du har lyst s er jeg bestemt stadig b rnebogsforfatter og har stadig hang til magiske momenter Personal Name Lene Kaaberb l Born 1960, in Copenhagen, Denmark Education rhus University, degree English, drama Hobbies and other interests Playing pentanque Addresses Office Phabel Plott ApS, Laksegade 12, St, DK 1063 Copenhagen K, Denmark Career Novelist Formerly worked as a high school teacher, copy writer, publishing company editor, cleaning assistant, and riding teacher Phabel Plott ApS, Copenhagen, Denmark, owner and writer Honors Awards Best Disney Novel Writer of the Year award, Disney Worldwide Artist Convention, 2001, for five W.I.T.C.H series novels.

    Kadaverdoktoren By Lene Kaaberbøl


    Young women, rejoice A mystery written in Danish and set in the late 1800s of France and given a hokey title is possibly something many readers aren t coming across via status updates But it should be When I ve been in the mood for a clever thriller with multi dimensional characters and populated with strong, complicated women, authors Lene Kaaberb l and Agnete Friis immediately come to mind Their initial story in the Nina Borg series bowled me over in The Boy in the Suitcase, and its subsequent [...]

    Mlpmom (Book Reviewer)
    I am always excited to read a good historical, especially when that historical revolves around women s rights and struggles to be seen as equals to men A time when women still had very little say in what went on in the world and even less when it came to having any sort of career outside of the home Which is why, I was drawn to this read in the first place I found myself enchanted with Maddie and the struggles she went through because of her gender and the times, not to mention the mystery behin [...]

    A friend of mine brought this book with him when we went to Cuba, and I agreed to borrow it from him after he finished it I was very fond of crime stories when I was younger, although my interest in this field has waned over time The ridiculous popularity of this particular genre in Scandinavia might have done something to steer me away from it I swear to god, it s like we re freaking obsessed So I wasn t really expecting much from it, but I was incredibly surprised Firstly, it doesn t have an a [...]

    Twenty year old Madeleine Karno, daughter of French pathologist Dr Albert Karno also known as Dr Death , takes a keen interest in science and assists her father with his cases This is unusal, because the year is 1894 and such pursuits are considered inappropriate for women When seventeen year old Cecile Montaine a student at the school run by St Bernardine Convent in Varbourg is found dead in the snow Madeleine and her father cannot find a cause of death They do, however, discover odd mites exit [...]

    Ken Fredette
    Did I like this book A resounding yes Lee Kaaberb l has action and murders with interesting twists and turns throughout this book Maddie and her dad, Dr Death, are brought in by the Commissioner, to provide autopsies and to state the time of deaths You aren t let down for very long There are murders eveywhere you look it seems Looking back Cecile seems to run away with the wolf boy and they are looked for everywhere I like Lene s books because they are so full of everything you would like to kno [...]

    Muy bueno Al principio me dieron un poco de cosa los bichitos, pero la historia me gust mucho Despu s del tercer cap tulo no pude soltarlo hasta acabarlo Varias cosas del final las hab a imaginado, pero tambi n logr sorprenderme con otras cosas Es el segundo libro que leo de la autora y definitivamente pienso leer m s.

    It s 1894 in Varbourg, capital of the imaginary French region of Varonne, on the border with Germany Twenty year old Madeleine Karno is the daughter of the local forensic pathologist, widely known as Doctor Death, and is eager to follow in his footsteps science, especially medical science, is her passion.When a young woman is found dead in the snow, it seems at first that her death might have been from natural causes especially since her aristocratic family refuses to permit a proper autopsy on [...]

    3.5 Stars Doctor Death is a very interesting start to what promises to be an intriguing historical mystery series set in nineteenth century France.What makes Doctor Death stand out is it s unique heroine, Madeleine Karno, daughter of a forensic doctor Due to the death of her mother at a young age, Madeleine has shadowed her father in everything from visits to his patients to autopsies of the dead Unlike her contemporaries, Madeleine has no desire to marry and be subject to the authority of a hus [...]

    I was provided a free copy of this book via Netgalley for review from the publisher I read Kaaberbol s previous book, The Boy In The Suitcase and really liked it It was a gritty thriller, a compelling, modern social issue thriller which could have been ripped from the headlines, as people like to say I loved the characters and the feel and tone of the story, so I was excited to be offered a review copy of Kaaberbol s next book Unfortunately, I think my expectations worked against me a little bit [...]

    Elizabeth of Silver's Reviews
    A disappearance, a dead body and then other dead bodies What caused the deaths Was it murder, a natural death, or something else It is the 1800 s, and medical procedures aren t very sophisticated, but Madeleine Karno wants to learn about medical procedures even though it was not lady like to see or to take part in the medical field.Meanwhile, someone was murdering town folks and mutilating them with human teeth bites Madeleine was required to help even though her father wasn t happy, but she def [...]

    Terri Wino
    This book started out strong A unique mystery, characters that were interesting and quite likeable Maddie is a great narrator It had me all the way to the end and then just had an abrupt change in the tone of the book I can t explain without spoilers, but it justgot weird Thus, 3 stars instead of 4 Nevertheless, I would still recommend if you enjoy historical fiction I thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the book up to that point and it kept me guessing I think this is the start of a series by this a [...]

    Annie Machuca
    Pero qu libro tan mas entretenido Aunque los primeros cap tulos hicieron que se me revolvi el est mago Casi 150 p ginas hablando de par sitos, larvas y bacterias el resto me super enganch.El desarrollo de la trama es muy r pido, que fluye entre la descripci n y los di logos, lo cual hace que sea bastante f cil de leer.En cuanto a los personajes, me encant que fuera una mujer la que protagonizara la historia y que no fuera la v ctima, sino una persona que era de gran importancia en la investigaci [...]

    I ve been meaning to read this book for a while now And then I saw it on my latest library trip and decided that now was the time to read it And I m really glad I did take it with me this time It was really really good.

    Tara Chevrestt
    This is a very dark historical tale mystery following disturbed people with diseases, sexual desires, secrets, and religious delusions Some of the occurrences within shocked me It made me think of a historical Patricia Cornwell novel with this heroine, Maddie, as the historical Dr Scarpetta.It s very long ago France Women still wear corsets Men inherit everything Women are NOT supposed to be doctors, let alone coroners or the like, but Maddie wants to do this above all else and a carriage accide [...]

    Lectora Venezolana
    Una mujer cuya pasi n por la ciencia y la medicina la enfrenta a la sociedad de su poca Realmente eso fue lo que me atrajo del libro a parte de la portada que tiene un aura de misterioso y antiguo , la historia se desarrolla en Europa del siglo XIX donde los conocimientos de la medicina se ha ampliado y la t cnicas de esta mismas se han renovado pero en cuanto a la sociedad la mujer sigue siendo educada para cuidar del hogar y no para ejercer un cargo importante o una profesi n como la de m dico [...]

    3.5 out of 5 stars There is such an unsatisfactory distance between the CAUSE of a death and the REASON for it I love forensic pathology mysteries and book descriptions such as the synopsis of this one grab me immediately I loved the setting and the 1890s time period I have read all of this author s previous books and so was immediately intrigued by this first one in a new series featuring a character named Madeleine Karno, the daughter of the forensic doctor in the provincial French town of Var [...]

    3.4 La verdad no siempre es lo mas amable qie uno pod a decir Una de las mejores frases que he le do Es una historia bastante estructurada, con personajes bien pensados y una protagonista demasiado moderna para su poca Hay mucha microbiologia y m dicina que acompa a la historia pero no la hace aburrida ni extensa ya que los cap tulos son cortos y nada pesados Lo que pensaba en un principio no fue y la escritora se esmera en darte unos giros soprendentes quiz s lo que menos me convenci fue el des [...]

    Although bestselling and multi award winning author Lene Kaaberbol is quite a prolific author, you may know her best as the co author of the highly acclaimed novel The Boy in the Suitcase When I saw that she had written Book 1 in a new historical mystery series, Doctor Death, I knew I was going to be in for a treat and I was not disappointed in that prediction If you like a strong, independent female sleuth and a gripping thriller then you will definitely want to learn about Doctor Death at pop [...]

    I couldn t finish this book, I m so bored and everyone s too straight white.

    This is a very dark, Gothic like historical mystery book set in 1894 when it was inappropriate for women to me involved in early forensic science Madeleine Karno s father is known as Doctor Death When he becomes injured in an accident, he asks his daughter, Madeleine, to take over his cases Madeleine wants to become a pathologist like her father and is bound and determined to follow her goal When 17 year old Cecile Montaine s body is found in the snowy streets of Varbourg, France, it has bite ma [...]

    Oh, yes My oh my, yes Excellent start to what I hope is a series, loved the characters and the story and the little bit of medical history.

    Shelleyrae at Book'd Out
    Set in provincial France during the late 1800 s, Doctor Death is the first book in a new historical mystery series from Lene Kaaberb l, featuring Madeleine Karno My father was reluctant to let me assist when he examined the dead He said it could only hurt my reputation and my future by which he meant my chances of marriage For the most part, my father was a man of progress, absorbed by the newest ideas and the latest technology But he was incomprehensibly old fashioned on this particular point T [...]

    This beautifully crafted story had me riveted from start to finish The story centers around a young woman named Madeleine Karno Madeleine lives in Varbourg, France in 1894 She is the only child of a local doctor whose nickname is Doctor Death Not only does he treat the living but he is also the one who determines cause of death, much like what we know today as the coroner Forensic science is not even a phrase yet but this is exactly what Dr Karno is doing with the help of his daughter Madeleine [...]

    Louise Mundt
    Kadaverdoktoren er den f rste krimi til et voksent publikum, Lene Kaaberb l har forfattet p egen h nd Hun er mest kendt for sine fantasy b rne og ungdomsb ger, bl.a de to serier om Skammeren og Hermelinen, som jeg varmt kan anbefale ogs til dem, der skulle have passeret de tidlige teenage r Kadaverdoktoren er meget anderledes end Lene Kaaberb ls andre b ger, men man kan alligevel godt genkende hendes pen b de i fort llestilen men ogs i bogens hovedperson Madeleine, der ligesom Kaaberb ls andre h [...]

    I liked the first three quarters of the book better than the last bit Madeleine and her doctor father are interesting characters, though Madeleine is certainly engaging intellectually than emotionally The historical details about attitudes towards women and medicine, and women in medicine, are well done The whole forensic aspect of the book, the state of the science at the time, the aversion to autopsy as desecration, the conflict between superstition and science, the business with the unknown [...]

    Beverly Griffith
    1894 Madeleine Karno is eager to learn She assists her Doctor father in autopsies Not the thing a woman should wish to spend her time doing It is scandalous for a woman to do such things during this time in history But her father becomes ill and she is the only person left to help assist the police with the death of a seventeen year old woman found dead in the entry way of her home Soon after, a priest dies Next, a nun is murdered behind the convent walls What is the thread that connects these d [...]

    I received this book in a First Reads giveaway.This was an interesting story set in France during the late 19th century The plot is complex but wasn t confusing or difficult to follow I really liked the main character, Madeleine, who refused to conform to the expectations placed on women at that time I took a star off of my rating because the ending was a bit fuzzy in the descriptions of why things occurred and how everything worked together Overall a great story, perfect for anyone who loves me [...]

    Great read If you ve read Kaaberbol s other novels, this one is different It s Scandinavian historical fiction and is a bit darker than her previous books The forensic pathology of the 1800s added an interesting historical element Great main character she s a little bit Sherlock Holmes and a little bit Kay Scarpetta I ll definitely follow this series.Thanks to NetGalley for an advanced reader s copy.

    First You must never lie to me.That is an unmerciful demand, he said Have you considered that the truth is not always the kindest thing two people can say to one another Yes Then you will just have to be unkind.And second In all things you must treat me like a human being Not like a woman.But are you sure that you do not want to beotectedjust a little I think I have already answered that.

    I found it very compelling Madeleine Karno is an extremely interesting young girl in a provincial French village in 1894 She is the protagonist in a seriesthat has great promise During a time when women had very little power to think independently for themselves, she deviates from the norm I m looking forward to the next one of this forensic series.

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