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  • Title: The Cowboy Poet
  • Author: Claire Thompson
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  • Page: 353
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • The Cowboy Poet By Claire Thompson Tyler Sutton can run all he wants from his past, but he s still got himself to contend with Dark secret dreams of sexual submission continue to haunt the magazine reporter The embers of his hidden yearnings burst into a bright flame of reality when Tyler meets Clint Darrow, the cowboy poet Clint, the foreman on a West Texas bull ranch, hides his dominant sensual natureTyler Sutton can run all he wants from his past, but he s still got himself to contend with Dark secret dreams of sexual submission continue to haunt the magazine reporter The embers of his hidden yearnings burst into a bright flame of reality when Tyler meets Clint Darrow, the cowboy poet Clint, the foreman on a West Texas bull ranch, hides his dominant sensual nature behind the laconic, quiet persona of a true Texas cowboy When the pair is thrown together in a search to uncover the culprit of a series of thefts at various local ranches, the connection is immediate and fierce As they begin to explore their attraction for one another, Clint senses Tyler s need for sexual surrender Clint must exert every ounce of self control to keep from pushing Tyler too far, too fast When passion overtakes caution, the firestorm of desire that erupts between them threatens to burn everything in its path.
    Claire Thompson
    Claire has been writing for nearly two decades, and has published over 70 novels She writes BDSM romance and abduction tales, spanning both m f and m m genres She has received numerous awards for her bestselling work, including the NLA Int l Pauline R age Award for best BDSM fiction Her darker works press the envelope of what is erotic and what can be a sometimes dangerous slide into the world of sadomasochism Ultimately her work deals with the human condition, and our constant search for love and intensity of experience.Connect with Claire Newsletter tinyurl o6tu4euWebsite clairethompsonTwitter twitter CThompsonAuthorFacebook facebook ClaireThompso

    The Cowboy Poet By Claire Thompson


    This was my 2nd read of The Cowboy Poet and I liked it even better the second time around Claire Thompson knows her hot, passionate BDSM, yes indeed If you love hot, alpha cowboys who like to walk on the wild side and repressed, hunky writers with a lot to learn about pain and a mutually beneficial power exchange, this book is for you HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

    Told from alternating third person points of view, this story of older cowboy poet Clint and the attraction he feels to journalist Tyler is going to please those readers who like cowboy stories and also stories with BDSM lite themes.Tyler works as a journalist for Lone Star Magazine He s on a big break, covering a poetry and music festival when he meets poet Clint Tyler is attracted both to Clint s good looks and his poetry which had hidden meanings of dominance and power This calls to Tyler s s [...]

    This book is about the concept of BDSM rather than the real action There is a couple of bdsm scenes, but the rest is just main character s battle to accept his own submissive nature Which is strange, provided he is 30 year old, openly gay, he lives in a big city with all the benefits it offers There is obviously internet available for research Why is he still convinced he is a twisted, inferior, pathetic person, I have no idea Google it, man Clint, on the other hand is much older and experienc [...]

    ♥Laddie♥ (Lee Lee)
    The Cowboy Poet kind of threw me for a loop because I wasn t expecting the level of depth that I ended up getting First we have Tyler Tyler s a submissive who s trying really hard to deny and change who he is Then we have Clint Clint s an older cowboy who s comfortable with himself and the fact that he s a dom.Clint and Tyler meet at some sort of cowboy festival Tyler s writing an article on the festival for his magazine Clint s the best and most well known cowboy poet there Clint agrees to be i [...]

    Some hot, kinky cowboy sexing but Tyler s tentativeness about his needs and desires for submission paired with the perfect, happy tie a bow on ending view spoiler evil ex being shut down, sister having a baby, mother and father okay with the outing, the menage not being an issue, the men finding a place to live together hide spoiler , all that, plus the non mystery that started out intriguing but ended in a bust made for an okay read with little to no real surprises for me Pleasant but not memor [...]

    Very well written story I enjoyed both main characters very much Neither was perfect, but you could tell they cared deeply for the other My only niggle would be the m m m scene Though it was very sexy, I thought it way too early in Tyler and Clint s relationship for that to have happened and I wasn t really expecting it I like to know if the main characters have sex with other peopleor including other people in the sex beforehand But then again, that s just me

    Lila Hunter
    3.25 out of 5 starsGenre Cowboys, BDSMPublication day November 5, 2010Length 252 pagesPublisher Romance Unbound PublishingTyler Sutton can run all he wants from his past, but he s still got himself to contend with Dark secret dreams of sexual submission continue to haunt the magazine reporter The embers of his hidden yearnings burst into a bright flame of reality when Tyler meets Clint Darrow, the cowboy poet.Clint, the foreman on a West Texas bull ranch, hides his dominant sensual nature behind [...]

    Claire Thompson is able to write BDSM books that always have a new twist to them I am always challenged by her books despite often having difficulty reading her books, I m always rewarded for my perseverance I like how the HEA is usually tempered with the messiness of real life too no perfect resolution of all loose ends The Cowboy Poet is a gritty read which satisfied on a deep visceral level highly recommended.

    Dee Wy
    Claire Thompson rarely disappoints This mixture of m m and bdsm is another great book in my opinion The plot is simple, but her characters have such depth that you can t help but want to see them make their relationship work.The only small problem I found was the fact that there wasn t a single line of poetry in the book and I was looking forward to that In spite of this, I enjoyed every minute of the story.

    Blackravens Reviews
    Lace s Review Claire Thompson, author of The Cowboy Poet, is an author that stuns me as she gets better and better with each book The Cowboy Poet is in my eye, the best M M romance story of 2010 I found myself curling up and taking in all that Clint and Tyler had to offer.Claire Thompson never falls short in making the plot of the story flow smoothly Clint had so much depth that he pulled you in to hear his story Hence, he and Tyler simply come alive on the page Although Tyler is battling some d [...]

    3.5 stars

    This was a 3.5 star for me I liked the relationship between Clint and Tyler, and the plot was decent but I was a little worn out by the way in which each of them reflected on their pasts and presents repeatedly I would have preferred less talking and showing of the conflicts and concerns that each of them was grappling with Nevertheless, it was a good story with two characters you were rooting for, as you watched Tyler, in particular, come to terms with his sexual desires.

    Chancey Knowles
    This is the 3rd solid book in a row that is in the 3.5 Stars range It above average in comparison to most of its m m brethren, but nothing really sticks out as outstanding either It s a step above the cookie cutter brain candy that often plagues very prolific writers The mystery is merely a very short side plot used as a vehicle to get our m c s together There is no real suspense or anything The BDSM is a theme, but it s expressed as a need then shown It is kind of like an introduction One coul [...]

    Readers Roundtable
    Jaymes Review The Cowboy Poet is the brilliant and sweet tale of a relationship not many understand Claire Thompson has a way of showing the D s world in a caring and considerate way She makes all the aspects about it comfortable not only for the characters but for the readers.Clint and Tyler s relationship begins by chance but love quickly follows, even though neither is aware of it at the time Tyler has left his home for the big city because he doesn t truly understand himself It takes meeting [...]

    Kind of a mediocre readSPOILERS AHEAD I had several issues with this story I did like the initial meeting and learning about a Cowboy Poet Never heard of it before and it sounds like an awesome tradition The overall story was okay The little mystery was okay, even though it was nothing but a way to keep the characters together Clint s explanation of D s was very good and clearly explained a proper relationship His character went a little off the rails for me when he initiated a threesome He knew [...]

    Claire Thompson is one of those authors I pick up when I want something safe and entertaining to read, and The Cowboy Poet fits that discription.The book gets going pretty quickly, as the MCs start out as a one off Ty and Clint are both into BDSM, but where Clint is okay with being a Dom, Ty struggles with his own submissive side So, not exactly groundbreaking as far as storylines go, but it did provide some angst to a story that would ve been too fluffy otherwise There is a barely there mystery [...]

    This is a great dom sub book If you enjoy pain in your sex you would want to read this book It is very erotic the way Clint gives Ty just want he needs and when he needs it Ty is a little confused and thinks he is not a man to want the pain but Clint knows it s what he needs to be the man he has been longing to be Clint needs the dominance too He gets as much pleasure giving as Ty does receving.There is a third person that comes into play I am not really sure about how I like it when they do thi [...]

    O HOW I LOVE SEXY COWBOY DOMS So sweet, the wounded sensitive dont abuse me sub characters always pulls at my heart strings This was a great one by Thompson, the story was not typical by no means This was in my library for so long because I thought their was going to be cheesy poetry through out the whole book but to my surprise their wasnt Loved the sexy cowboy dom MC, he was super sexy Thompson did a wonderful job portraying him as dominating and sensitive to his timid sub.

    I really enjoy Claire Thompson s writing, even though I am not a devotee of BDSM or its lifestyle InThe Cowboy Poet, Claire created very likeable characters in Clint and Tyler Clint had found a way to be a Dom cowboy in West Texas, no mean feat I especially liked the fact that Tyler was trying to deny being attracted to BDSM, due to a previous bad experience His gradual understanding and acceptance of his sexuality was quite believable and greatly enhanced the love story between the two main cha [...]

    This was a good cowboy story Tyler is a reporter wanting to write a story He never thought that he would find Clint Clint is a cowboy poet There is some shady stuff going on as some ranches and Clint wants to get to the bottom of it, Tyler want to tag along for the story Tyler didn t expect to fall for Clint Now Tyler has learn to deal with is past or he may lose Clint forever This was a good book, it kept me wondering with a little bit of whodunnit and will they get their HEA and what will he s [...]

    Wonderfully written story about a cowboy and the reporter he meets during a cowboy poet and music festival I really liked both protags and enjoyed the course of their sometimes emotionally charged relationship There are elements of BDSM, or rather D s, in the story but it s fairly lite dealing with the protag coming to terms with his need to sexually submit than heavy scenes I enjoyed the setting and learning about cowboy poets which I d never heard of Interesting and entertaining story.

    Crear Laymes
    I thought this story was beautiful one that i keep in my library very often Clint is the cowboy poet and Tyler the reporter brought together from an interview although Tyler has problems with being a submissive he has no problem being out of the closet though Clint wants to help Ty and give him what his mind and body desires even if he is not truthful to himself This story was amazing it didn t start boring but cool to amazing to wonderful then finally awesome Even if Tyler left Clint would drag [...]

    Lois - Who Reads
    I just did not feel this one and I really did not understand how these two men fit together Tyler was so ashamed of who he was he literally ran away from home as an adult The was the whole insta love tripe that was not done very well, followed by the tying up of all the loose ends in one fell swoop There was a strange Scooby Doo type mystery was easily solved by the MCs with a few phone calls and standing outside a barn while the local sheriff was not able to see the connection between the theft [...]

    Book Red
    I love cowboys and I love BDSM books so I was expecting to like this book Claire Thompson usually writes heavier scenes and this book did not fail What I didn t expect was the truly heartfelt way she wrote about a D s relationship and the spirituality of SM Both MC were just passing through life but hadn t really embraced living and in finding each other they moved beyond companionship to balls to the wall passionate love 4.5 5 stars

    Vfields Don"t touch my happy!
    There is a difference between Claire Thompson and most of the other authors in this genre She takes the time to create a history for her characters We have a fuller view of them in general compared to others Yes there is ample sex but there is enough story that it is not monotonous This is a story that is based in having faith in yourself and accepting who you are Well done Thompson

    I really enjoyed this book It s D S story with good written bdsm plot Both main character were good together and their instant attraction was totally hot The story was great till the end I really liked how Tyler didn t submit to Clint instantly but with trust and time This part was really awesome.

    I really enjoy this book Clint is an amazing man who is able to teach and show Tyler that you have to be proud if who you are and what you want That there isn t any shame in being honest with yourself.It s a very well written story based in the West Texas ranch country So, cowboys are prevalent and they re all pretty darn hot.

    Very nice read Again nothing special, but I still found myself interested, especially with the whole thing with the old friend The stolen sperm mystery was sort of meh, though.The family stuff was fun too Enjoyable read.

    Well this book was beyond sexy But I feel like it was lacking quite a bit in plot We had a great mystery at the beginning but then that was solved fairly early on and the rest though good, didn t live up to the hype that came with the mystery.

    I really like the title Sometimes the dialogue was a bit too flowery but I figure that Clint is a Cowboy Poet after all Some of the book read like a how to manual, other parts like a self help manual The story itself was good and well written I liked the realistic ending.

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      Claire Thompson